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Homeworld 3: War Games – Official Demo Announcement Trailer

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Check out the trailer to see what to expect with the Homeworld 3: War Games demo, available on Steam and the Epic Games Store from February 5 to February 12, 2024. The War Games game mode can be played solo or online with friends (3 players max).

Fusing Homeworld’s RTS gameplay with roguelike inspiration, commanders take on a randomized series of fleet combat challenges in Homeworld 3’s War Games co-op mode. Claim powerful Artifacts that augment your ships with more power, speed, and, of course, weapons. Rise through the ranks to unlock new fleets and power ups to shake up your strategy.


  1. Trailer looks clean hope game will be like that

  2. Just doesn't do it for me like the OG did. They also went from minimalist interface to totally maxing out screen space with UI too. Ugh

  3. Looks like the crews finally ran out of Xanax.

  4. I'll play anything with "homeworld" in it's name so… My only nitpick is the lack of campaign mode

  5. Not nearly enough space rts. And homeworld is the king.

  6. Curious if this will play well on Steam Deck…

  7. Is that Giancarlo Esposito narrating?😁

  8. Relic Studios, the master class in how to make sequals to beloved IP's

  9. Been ready for feels like 20 years!

  10. Would love to see Spear Of Adun in this game

  11. Stuck at loading screen and can't play the demo, what a joke

  12. This looks dope!

    Side note; there needs to be a Star Wars version of this game.

  13. Alpha Bravo to Carrier Delta, Incarnate forces position identified, they are hiding behind the shadow of the derelicts, we are now moving to engage, expect comms blackout

  14. It's a shame the game is extremely mediocre, it's no surprise they decided to delay the game a few months.

  15. this and broken arrow are the future broooo!

  16. is this like some space exploration game like star citizen or is it like stellaris ?

  17. do you reckon they managed to destroy this one as well?

  18. Yikes, farming exp to unlock stuff, just what homeworld needed.

  19. 20 years past and finally my favorites game Has got continu

  20. After all these years, Homeworld 3 will finally launch!!

  21. Can these guys make a game like this in the Expanse universe? You know, this time with inertia and other reasonable stuff?

  22. Ugh, another great series of games that took an unnecessary roguelike detour. First darkest dungeon, now homeworld

  23. It has been over twenty years since the last Homeworld game.

  24. Damn this year its banger after banger isnt it ? Helldivers 2, Broken Arrow, Enshrouded and now this ? NICE

  25. So it's just another multiplayer arena type "game". Just a call back money grab?

    Or is it a continuation of the story?

  26. can't wait for @mandaloregaming to cover this

  27. This is a massive disrespect to the originals

  28. Imagine how fast projectiles would travel in space. Battles would be fought at incredible distances

  29. ill get it when someone makes a Battlestar Galactica Mod 😀

  30. wish they had any of the games on xbox

  31. Really excited for the inevitable Star Wars total conversion mod for this.

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