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Horrors Of War Shell Shock X All Quiet On The Western Front #roblox #shorts

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  1. They didn’t want to be there they had to

  2. Once You look at that German Soldier, you know he had regret having the decision of being enlisted to the army. Or he might've Thought that his confidence wouldn't let him give up or let him self down to The Hands of The Enemy, but he had never EVER seen anything that happened to his comrades being captured but all he would ever know is… Regret and Depression after returning Home. War is Terrible.

  3. i played this i pissed my pants when their were randomly popping in our trench

  4. The commander said:

    Heute, Männer, werden wir das Land erobern und unseren früheren Ruhm zurückerhalten!

  5. Soldier aren't numbers, they are husband,father, brother or son

  6. Sometimes heroes dont wear capes and sometimes soldiers see their comrades laugh innocently and it change because of the traumatic experience
    Respect all fallen heroes 😢😢😢


  8. Idk if i want to be a soldier after seeing this

  9. "Bravery is not the absence of fear but the ability to overcome it.”

  10. war according to children: fun tank shooting

    war according to adults: Deaths misfortune

    The war according to those who were already in 1: deaths, misfortunes, traumas, a 1000-yard gaze…

    me: war is not a game

  11. what kids think:
    Vs what veterans expirenced:

  12. This was actually the 1/2 update of shellshock with the bar being weird and loads of bugs and the trenches having low quality

  13. the movie is so good u can even see the different of face

  14. Aint NO WAY this is not Banned

  15. Only dead hace seen the end of war…(centaura)

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