How could a war between China and Taiwan play out? | Four Corners -

How could a war between China and Taiwan play out? | Four Corners

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Tensions over Taiwan are the highest they’ve been in nearly three decades.

China has warned it will take Taiwan by force if necessary, while US military strategists are now mapping out war games to predict the impacts of a conflict.

They forecast it could become a brutal regional war, with casualties and carnage on a scale not seen since WWII.

It’s increasingly becoming a question of when – not if – China will launch an assault. Experts say it could be as early as 2025.

And Australia would play a key role in the conflict as it spills across the Pacific.

The investigation reveals how the US has been quietly building up its military assets in northern Australia, including plans to deploy nuclear capable B-52 bombers south of Darwin.

There are now fears that relationship could pull Australia deeper into any future conflict.


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  1. The United States will only create war and chaos in this world to maintain its hegemony, provoke a war between Russia and Ukraine in Ukraine, and use Taiwan as a bargaining chip against China! He does not want the peaceful reunification of China, so their agents in Taiwan clamor for Taiwan independence to provoke China, but when the real war comes, the United States must be watching from the sidelines!

  2. The majority of the people of both countries are just trying to live their lives…………

  3. Hmmm, there is one simple that the US can do on a simple game, although an extremely dangerous. Recognize Taiwan as the recognize government of China. As China is one, or the five in the UN, allowed to have the nuclear weapons, the US can provide tactical or even strategic nuclear weapons. As international allows supplying any of the the five allowed to carried nuclear weapons. So the US can have nuclear weapons on Taiwan but only to allow Taiwan strike China. If Taiwan hits, with strategic weapons, Beijing, Shanghai and Gangzou. It would scare China, but more important. The US cities are more spread out, so an attack on the US will be response with more damage (in terms of civil deaths). The implied data is a 3 (Chinese civil deaths) to 1 (US civil death)

  4. i actually dont have a strong belief in iron sharpening iron and i have a pretty strong hunch this is a myth. im not sure or not if i saw this on mythbusters.

  5. As an American who has served, I believe we are extremely fortunate to have allies like Australia, Great Britain, Japan and many more. Yes the U.S. is very powerful but I believe the greatest strength comes from fostering powerful alliances between free nations.

  6. The Chinese are not equipped to take on the USA at this moment

  7. War is inevitable. In the history of mankind, there has never been any time where there wasn’t a conflict somewhere on the globe. Let that sink in.

  8. The fact that Taiwan is part of China is bone fide. Otherwise, the Taiwanese would not speak Chinese and the cumulative cultural heritage would not represent the history of China, would represent  Taiwanese art, Taiwanese history, Taiwanese linguistics.

  9. If you ever feel useless, just remember the USA took 4 Presidents, thousands of lives,
    trillions of dollars, and 20 years to replace the Taliban with the Taliban! 🤣😂🤣😂

  10. Not sure what taking to ‘Peace Activist’ Richard Tanter added to this documentary… Aren’t we all Peace Activists?

  11. One thing is for sure the PLA has better soundtrack

  12. Victor Gao is funny, he talks big talk with the arrogance of modern Chinese but doesn’t really say anything.

  13. Actually according to history, china belongs to taiwan. The revolution pushed out chiang kai shek. Now should be the time for taiwan to take back china.

  14. It looks China will conquer the USA in the future. We'll see.

  15. We'd take losses for sure, but have no doubts people, the US would destroy the Chinese Army without a doubt.

  16. This like ww2 again but much dangerous.thrn there 8s axis power japan germany italy. Today its china russia and north korea 😮

  17. Taiwan is the next Ukraine and Iraq. 😢😢😢

  18. If China chooses to launch pre-emptive strikes against US targets in the region, Japan or Guam…..

    Just know BOOMERS exist and if we feel our existence is threatened……

    It may be Beijing last move ever.

  19. Let Australia walk back it’s word. They lose out more than the United States. They will just find somewhere else. Australias only option will be to turn to China or be sitting in the middle of nowhere with no way to get goods in or out.

  20. Suddenly they think Australia is at danger? I mean it wasn't unitl they hosted nuclear bombers to attack, i mean "deter" the country is supposly now treating them…. what a tool.

  21. China is not being bullied or challenged by an outside country its the other way around.

  22. it about war between China and united states

  23. Sorry Taiwan (ROC) but when or if PRC invades, you're history. US and Co will protest but do nothing unless the Taiwanese pull off a victory

  24. They are 2 billion people…..they can make a bridge of bodies to Taiwan if they want to. Good work on making China this rich!….. I actually believe that in 50 years we will be speaking Chineese if you dont do something NOW!

  25. Why would China need spies when they have 60 Minutes?

  26. ⚠United States Of America 🗽 "Never Tread On Me!" Means “to Step, Walk, or Trample so as to Press, Crush, or injure” And so, with its Tongue Flicked, Fangs Out, and Body Coiled in Defense, the Rattlesnake (and U.S.A. motto) Warns: “If you dare put your foot down on Me, I Will Strike You Down!!!"⚠

  27. Is it really worth risking nuclear war for the PRC to try to attack a colony that was ruledby Imperial China, and has never been ruled by the PRC at any time? To try to imitate the imperialists that the PRC claim to hate so steadfastly?

  28. I don’t even want to think about a war with china, we are not ready and our partners are not ready, we need to do more, train better,smarter, harder, we need better tech and more ai

  29. 'when two elephants fights it is the grass that suffers and aligning to any of the two giants will be futile particularly to the small nations that will only be utilize as pawn by an intruder to the asian region.

  30. If US was unable to defeat Taliban militia after fighting them for over 20yrs! Does US actually think they can actually take on a fully equipped military like the Chinese?

  31. I love intellectual types that can't comprehend the military ensures their ability to voice contrary points I view and not have to die for them

  32. Watching the world begin to slip into the depths of hell

  33. The US couldn’t give less of a flying F about Australia if it wasn’t in their political interest.

  34. I know Aus troops would not mind helping fight off China.

  35. if china lost this war, china will return back to the stone age. their economy is already suffering, western companies are moving out of china, their population is dying; a war is what china needed.

  36. Rev. 16:13-16.
    Coming soon to a home movie near you…….Armageddon

  37. Oh we know the consequence. Do you think the US wants to give up monetary and military supremacy?

  38. Victor Gao is actually telling the truth. China made supersonic drones , hypersonic missiles, and 5 gen jet plus more navy fleet. Their power is very underrated

  39. It would be like Washington DC taking bribes for everything under the sun from China

  40. Australia (island) can't even put a fire out without asking 4 other continents to help.. Pfft

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