How could a war between China and Taiwan play out? | Four Corners -

How could a war between China and Taiwan play out? | Four Corners

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Tensions over Taiwan are the highest they’ve been in nearly three decades.

China has warned it will take Taiwan by force if necessary, while US military strategists are now mapping out war games to predict the impacts of a conflict.

They forecast it could become a brutal regional war, with casualties and carnage on a scale not seen since WWII.

It’s increasingly becoming a question of when – not if – China will launch an assault. Experts say it could be as early as 2025.

And Australia would play a key role in the conflict as it spills across the Pacific.

The investigation reveals how the US has been quietly building up its military assets in northern Australia, including plans to deploy nuclear capable B-52 bombers south of Darwin.

There are now fears that relationship could pull Australia deeper into any future conflict.


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  1. And dont forget, the nucleart submarines of the US, UK, France. Added to this wld be the blockades china.

  2. 😊😊our crocodiles will eat the chinese yum yum, our snakes and spiders will bite em .😂 . Seriously the corrupt c.c.p are bullying alot of pacific nations , take all the fish , got no respect, we gotta stick together.

  3. I think its black powder magic revamped, i have never seen one single hit from there rockets, it seems if you can launch a rocket over a couple of miles your a threat.
    I think they would have more chance of blowing themselves up than Tiawan or anyone else for that matter

  4. i find it hilarious (although without underestimating china) that china currently thinks it could have a significant impact on Australia if war broke out. China is unable to project force beyond its coastal waters and in no way currently has any ability to transport a significant enough force to invade Australia let alone cause significant damage to our strike capabilities. china will lose against Taiwan and thats only with US support. think of India, Philippines, Vietnam, NZ, Australia, Japan, Canada etc

  5. video shown the reheasal talking more than fightings…..bound to lose

  6. As an aussie, about to go into recruit training, I'll gladly fight for Taiwan.

  7. US hegemony and agression might be the end of us all….

  8. Xi needs to take the PLA to get drunk feel democracy not hate love Taiwan

  9. The real importance of Taiwan, aside from the lives of its people, is that it represents a vision of how prosperous and influential the Chinese people and culture can be when not ruled by a totalitarian, genocidal cabal who preach Communism for all but practice the absolute worst form of Kleptocracy serving only themselves. We in the West … we have our problems with corrupt and dishonest governments too (some worse than others), but these pale in comparison to the lies, burdens, and terrors visited upon the Chinese people (Han as well as non-Han) by the CCP.

  10. Australia needs Patriot and Tomahawk etc. Long Range fires and GBAD have been shown to be critical in Ukraine

  11. If war breaks out over Taiwan, what are the chances troop carriers get Marines or Aus infantry into the fight on the Island itself?

    Wont Chinas first step be to surround Taiwan with its Navy under cover of military exercise?

  12. Victor Goa more pravado BS and bluff by China. We have seen the paper bear in Russia and maybe we will see the paper tiger in China

  13. Shoutout from a pinoy in Scandinavia ❤. Russia 🇷🇺 China 🇨🇳 North Korea 🇰🇵 are the same animal authorities dictatorships authorities zombies systems. I would rather live in the moon 🌙 than be brainwash . The freedom nations should always work togethe❤❤❤ God bless the freedom nations….

  14. How could humans just ignore of what the government doing? Humans has a limits unlike animals. How can you say by force when you don’t respect other nations and you get rich because of the WEST. Do you have any thankfulness due to the WEST you got rich. ❤❤❤

  15. Unlike the Ukraine war, where Ukraine seems for all tactical purposes to have given privileged sanctuary to Russia, Beijing – which now has had practically uncontested rule over mainland China since the end of 1949, would have to contend with Taipei retaking the mainland. Keep in mind that the people of the mainland have been increasingly dissatisfied with the dictatorship in Beijing, and might rally to support and welcome any actual or attempted gains on the mainland by Taiwan. For this reason, and others, no predictable scenario is in the cards. Taiwan would probably win a war with Communist China, and drive out the Communists.
    Beijing is really pushing its luck.
    I believe that what Beijing is doing in all this is primarily testing and measuring the American response. Chinese espionage in the United States has been so unopposed by our government that American complicity with Chinese espionage has made China very audacious. Chinese subversion and influence in the United States has been SO SUCCESSFUL – beyond China's wildest dreams at every stage of the game – that the Beijing intelligence assessment of the USA is basically this:
    "It would be SO EASY for the Americans to stop our spying and our subversive attacks on AMERICANS, and THEY AREN'T LIFTING A FINGER to help their OWN PEOPLE targeted by our obvious scams. If America is allowing itself to be this defenseless in the wake of our easily preventable subversive challenges, how can we believe that the Americans have the resolve or clarity of mind to defend Taiwan, which would take much more effort?"
    The American renegade officials who have been VERY CO-OPERATIVE with what I call "Beijing – associated subversion" in the USA, need to think about cutting deals with the FBI to provide testimony in exchange for reduced sentences. Either that, or they need to relocate to towns having no lamp-posts.
    The US needs to counteract the mendacious propaganda of Beijing. The idea that Taiwan is a breakaway province of China which needs to be "reunited" with the mainland, is absurd. (Taiwan never broke away from China. It is Communist China which broke away from the Kuomintang government, and usurped it, whereupon the Kuomintang government of China, under Chiang K'ai Shek, fled to Taiwan. The Beijing propaganda about Taiwan is the exact opposite of reality. The entire version of history taught and ballyhooed by Communist China is delusionally fake, self-serving, and eerily similar to Hitlerian whining about the Versailles Treaty.).
    A plebiscite would show that practically no one in Nationalist China wants to be governed by the Communists in Beijing. Taiwan's people have seen how arrogantly Beijing has behaved toward the people of Hong Kong.
    The people of Taiwan have a right to hold a sovereign plebiscite under international inspection. Puerto Rico has held plebiscites wherein the people of Puerto Rico are free to choose between three options: independence, Statehood or continuation of the status quo.
    If Washington doesn't object to such plebiscites in Puerto Rico (and pledges to respect the results as well) then Beijing can be courageous enough to recognize that the people of Taiwan and its associated territories also have the same right, as described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If China will not adhere to these principles, then it is time to expel Beijing from the UN, and reinstate Taiwan as Nationalist China, in the General Assembly and as one of the five members of the UN Security Council.
    Scott Davis
    Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
    PO Box 877
    Edgmont PA 19028-0877

  16. Taiwan is NOT china, it is a sovereign separate nation. Get that thur your chineses heads, it is not yours and there is NO liberation required.

  17. The south should've won then maybe the world would be different.

  18. No wonder we can’t find aliens they don’t want to be found because man we’ll go to war with them.

  19. Ronald Dumb Biden Burisma Ukraine Soros Invader says:


  20. China belongs to Taiwan. Taiwan government is a true democratic government for China. China CCP government is a revolutionary government, not a democratic government.

  21. It cannot end. These are superpowers we are talking about. The scale would be unimaginable. So I would triple the projected outcomes. God forbid atomic weapons are considered.

  22. 中國武漢病毒生化武器東亞病毒夫助紂為虐小粉紅S全家 says:


  23. Why do Australian news networks and documentaries feel like they need to add dramatic music to every aspect of their programs lol 😂 so stupid.

  24. China cannot "reunify" with Taiwan if its CCP has never controlled it. One China, One Taiwan.

  25. The discussion of military assets and locations is paramount to treason by jeopardizing national security.

  26. I would make sure Victor Gao was one of the first casualties of war.

  27. China is not battle battle tested like the US . No doubt they are a formidable force but would not last in a war with the US . Hopefully it wont come to a conflict.

  28. The US military is very presumptive to think that White Conservative males are going to fight to the for them. Who would fight for a system that openly hates them.
    The Chinese are going to win because they will be much more motivated than the US military.


  29. As a developer I’m forced to start thinking about building homes with bunkers this is the wonderful state of mess our “intrepid” political leaders have brought us too!

  30. This is not a Game of Thrones by the way which happens have a really sucky ending over sexed and fake as hell and not in keeping with History at all (unless you happen to be Donald Trump) In real life there are real life consequences – I vote for NO NUKES OR World War III and motion towards another international disarmament!


  32. China will be devastated not only militarily but also economically

  33. I would suggest that Australians consider the bombing of Darwin and the fight for New Guinea during World War II. If the Chinese break out of the "first island chain" by taking Taiwan, there WILL BE a much larger war later which will threaten Australia and the USA. Consider defending a fellow democracy, Taiwan, and a free people. Better to counter a threat when it is relatively small than try to counter a juggernaut later.

  34. We have a President who has been bribed by the Chinese government. Do you really believe he would do anything, Dream on.

  35. Cute desperate efforts of Aussies to seem relevant to international Geo-politics. It's adorable.

  36. China is going to use its SECRET WEAPON General TSO!!!!

  37. It is interesting to hear from people who think that not having Pine Gap and its capabilities and in effect being more ignorant and disadvantaged somehow make them safer against adversaries notorious for taking advantage of weaker nations. Ok Australia, buddy up with China and see how much better it goes for you. Blame the US for having to take sides as if China is this passive nation that hasn't been exploiting every South east Asian country that doesn't agree with its claim to the entire sea. Or that China hasn't brutally persecuting its own people for hundreds of years over ideological differences. Lets pretend they didn't enslave Taiwanese and sell their land to Hun Chinese during their escape from the mainland during the civil war.

  38. If the CCP wants to give up power in china and Taiwan were to choose to join them then fine but otherwise the CCP has no claim to Taiwan and Xini the Pooh is acting like an authoritarian dictator and a bully,and is trying to provoke a war.

  39. Building up military in Australia is a strategic retreat not advancement. The US knew that China already broke the first island chain therefore unable to hold Japan and Korea.

  40. The United States will only create war and chaos in this world to maintain its hegemony, provoke a war between Russia and Ukraine in Ukraine, and use Taiwan as a bargaining chip against China! He does not want the peaceful reunification of China, so their agents in Taiwan clamor for Taiwan independence to provoke China, but when the real war comes, the United States must be watching from the sidelines!

  41. China has nice parade soldiers but are they fighting soldiers?

  42. China has nice parade soldiers but are they fighting soldiers?

  43. 中國應該向全世界宣佈,像美國和俄國那樣,不承諾不首先使用核武器,中國本土受到攻擊,核打擊將是反擊手段之一!😅

  44. 中國應該向全世界宣佈,像美國和俄國那樣,不承諾不首先使用核武器,中國本土受到攻擊,核打擊將是反擊手段之一!😅

  45. There’s no need to asked the outcome of War between any country.. The only question we need to ask ourselves is what do we fight for?

  46. There’s no need to asked the outcome of War between any country.. The only question we need to ask ourselves is what do we fight for?

  47. truth is US and its allies can only bully small nations like iraq and afghanistan, the possibility that US will not fire even one bullet when china attacks taiwan is more likely.

  48. truth is US and its allies can only bully small nations like iraq and afghanistan, the possibility that US will not fire even one bullet when china attacks taiwan is more likely.

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