How Microsoft feeds gamepass -

How Microsoft feeds gamepass

Greg Renko
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Gamepass is the greatest gift to gamers, but will Microsoft ever be able to fully satisfy the gamepass beast they created? lol

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  1. Funny but not wrong. Before they added perhaps 4-8 and 4-8 left, now they add 6-8 and 1 game leaves.

  2. Game pass doesn’t have monster hunter world though it has shitty ass monster hunter rise.

  3. As a fallout fan i just heard fallout new vegas

  4. Explains why I have Bedrock Edition, Java Edtion, Pocket Edition, Cghdfhghgfxgfzgfatewtcghmcyjtchgrcj…………..

  5. This aged like ass. Making fun of something that provides a shit load of free games is insane

  6. Haha I kinda like it too. I got a shit load to play for a monthly transaction I don’t ever notice being deducted.

  7. Well if we ecer get there and Microsoft buy Sony they literally become the peak of Consoles. Literally everithing under Microsoft. They are the Disney of gaming

  8. Seriously I got game pass thinking I'm saving money but all these options are a nightmare! Like as soon as I get remotely bored or confused by a game I just start thinking: wait I can quit there is a thousand waiting!

  9. Call of duty ww2 is only staying with activision:/

  10. Mojang:
    Minecraft and minecraft dungeons in game pass.

  11. "quantity over quality" seems to be the motto for gamepass/marketplace. no, I don't wanna play a japanese indie game or glorified flash game, thank you.

    "hundreds of channels, but nothing to watch."

  12. Fr though people who think the same thing

  13. Even Microsoft Hates Their Gamepass
    In This YouTube Short Only

  14. We don't need more old games we need refreshing new exclusives

  15. I love how Phil is the hunchback of Notre dame 😂

  16. Xbox feeding companies to gamepass love it but for real gamepass rocks

  17. Why did I grow up on Playstation? Microsoft really gets its player base.

  18. Bro made a whole video to flex his PC respect, lol.

  19. forze him to eat 55555555566555555566889988776656667

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