How to Make a Miniature War Gaming Table -

How to Make a Miniature War Gaming Table

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In this video Miniwargamer Dave shows you step by step how to make a miniature war gaming table used for warhammer 40k, warhammer fantasy, warmachine, flames of war, hordes, lord of the rings and just about any other war game you can think of.

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  1. So thinking of building a table. Only thing is I don't have a truck or easy access to one. Could I have the top board cut into two 3' x 4' sections and just join them together on top of the frame, or is that a really bad idea?

  2. Like if you're watching in 017.M03!

  3. nowadays you just need a table and 100 $ to buy a gaming mat

  4. Why do you think 3/8" has worked better than 1/2"? Thanks for the vid!

  5. That's 7 years late, but we actually have a life-size Space Marine Figure in front of our store

  6. Serious question: Is the imperial mesurement system practical? I have no problem converting everything to metric. But if you add 3/8 of an inch to 5 feet you get what? How do you add and subract? If I add 12mm to 1m i get 1012mm, can you do that with Inches?

  7. don't ever quit wargaming… your woodwork is questionable to say the least…

  8. This was the real thing. I miss these videos.

  9. Shouldn't accelerate and slow your car that much. Hope it's OK. Also watch out for the short warp jumps

  10. I dont even understand what this fucking man says

  11. Too much effort. Got to be an easier way when you aren't DIY savvy.

  12. Yeah…You forgot screws at the ends of the boards…

  13. A string line is also helpful for seeing where the brace will be under the top.

  14. YOUNG DAVE!!! oh I miss thee with short hear too

  15. Hahaha this was in my recommended vids after 8 years?!? It’s 2018! Hahaha the relevance is real 😂🤗

  16. If you ever plan on makeing a advertisement for your store make it one character for each day chaos and such or make it simple imperial guards or…. whispers in others ear and not let Dave hear Tau

  17. I live in vermont so im basically canadian

  18. It is hard to make a video without a cat in it for sure

  19. I find it funny how warhammer being made by a British company uses the imperial measurement system to play and build shit.

  20. So I am going to be building this like this weekend or next! Thanks for this video!

  21. Damn this quality is some butt but, the memories are what matter

  22. DIY novice here with two questions to anyone who might see this and is able to help me
    A) Is MDF suitable for a gaming board? Some Googling gave me some results that seemed to indicate MDF is better than plywood for tables, but just wanted to see what others thought.
    B) What do you use for the table legs? I can see you have some there, but I don't know what they would be called and can't find anything similar online. A lot of the stuff that I can find online are A-stands or very thin looking rods that I don't think would be suitable for a table like this.
    Thanks to anyone who can help 🙂

  23. i made one like this long ago with a friend. for people just now seeing this vid like me. i find that a ping pong table picked up at a 2nd hand store. the cheapest i ever scooped one up was 20$. gives you room for the revolutionary game mats AND room for unit, dice boxes, the various tools for gaming. cool tip, shop for the biggest game mats, even double sided, tape off the game size. love your MWG vids, never stop.

  24. anybody watching in 2020 and wishing it was 2010 again?

  25. anything I want on it?

    Ok I'll cover mine in cake frosting.

  26. Hmmm… I finally followed Ann's advice and took Woodglut. It's great for beginners and has some advanced stuff too.

  27. It's a great video but all the measurements are in enchanting table 😂😂 I might need to figure something more metric out so I understand it 😂 very noice vid but yeah

  28. I'm commenting 13 years on wondering if Dave ever got his Space Marine standing outside MWG HQ

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