How to Make Rocky Stepped Hills for War Games -

How to Make Rocky Stepped Hills for War Games

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In this video Miniwargamer Dave walks you through making rocky stepped hills. It’s a longer tutorial that misses no details. So sot back grab a drink and enjoy the show.

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  1. 174,385 views but the description still has spelling errors

    what if I don't want to "sot back" whatever the fuck that means

  2. instructions un-clear  got dick stuck in baneblade

  3. I don't even bother with miniatures, but that shit looks cool after everything is said and done

  4. When the rocks were painted they looked like marshmellows
    yum… marshmellows

  5. The never-ending soundtrack you picked is even worse than your condescending attitude. Thanks for the vid

  6. Dunno if he's arrogant on purpose or if it's natural, gotta check other videos… ^^

  7. What the hell do you wargammers do with these terrains you build when you're done? I considering getting back into model car building, but what to do with them afterwards is my dilemma

  8. I usually just set fire on my styrofoam and let Tzeentch determine what they end up like.

  9. How about using airbrush gun to paint it? Or prime it?

  10. I think the rocks look so natural to begin with. I think it would look cool adding them last. Then you wouldn't have to paint them.

  11. "Stick'em in far… Nice and far." DATS WAT SHE SAID!!! :O

  12. Sorry I tried to get to wach your video but you're just way too full of yourself

  13. this is very impormative i just hate him acting well full of himself,,,maybe he thought is posting for mans aftershave,lol

  14. So many sensitive people thinking Dave is sarcastic and condescending, makes me laugh :D.

  15. One tip, you should stir the paint cans instead of shaking them, shaking causes bubbles. 🙂

  16. What is that blue foam material you are crafting

  17. 57 of you sad bastards giving a thumbs down….
    Brilliant video, thank you very much.

  18. Goosebumps for the entire video…

  19. Tip: Use a serrated knife to keep your ears from DEAR EMPEROR WHAT IS THAT NOISE

  20. Maybe don't do it on a cloth next time lol, so it doesn't slip constantly

  21. Great job. Though I'm highly amused that you used super cheap latex paints for your base coats, and then the most expensive modeling paints around. I bet one of those reaper paint bottles cost more than your entire gallon bucket of mud. 😉

  22. The thumbs down are because watching this feels like you are getting a leture or something, a strange way to shoot a video.

  23. okay… I know why he did it this way… but am I the only one that found it comical that real rocks were completely covered and then repainted to look like real rocks

  24. wow, 2009. I remember these days when I started playing Warhammer 40K

  25. Music is very annoying ! Good tutorial though! Get rid of the MUSIC !!!

  26. should of just used a serrated knife or like a bread kinfe

  27. I would recommend a jigsaw for this

  28. I know this is 10 years old, but why does it look 20 years old? Did this come out right after Pearl Jam's second album?

  29. Dude that looks great! And you may have the video that inspired so many crafters!

  30. Great idea using the middle portion of foam that would be covered.

  31. The 4:3 ratio
    The mythical background music
    The ageless Dave
    The awesome tutorial

    10/10 classic video!

  32. Great video, lots of great tips but for the love of all that’s holy, turn the music off! At least pick a loop that’s longer than 5 notes for gawd’s sake.

  33. Does anyone know the soundtrack behind this video?

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