How to play War -

How to play War

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Learn the rules to the card game War quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of this 2 player game is to collect all the cards. Setup. Suffle a standard deck of playing cards, with jokers, and deal out all the cards. Each player picks up their deck and simultaneously flips the top card face up in front of themselves. Compare the two cards and the player with the highest ranking card collects both cards in a personal face up discard pile. Joker is the highest rank, followed by ace then king all the way down to 2. If you run out of cards in your deck, turn your collected cards face down, shuffle and continue playing.If you both flip over identical cards of the same rank, this is called a “war”. Each player lays 3 cards facedown, staggered on top of their faceup card, then each player flips 1 card face up. Compare the new face up cards played and the player with the higher rank wins all the cards in the war, including the face down ones. If, however, the cards tie again, then you have another “war”. Place down another 3 cards, and continue the process until there is a winner. If a player doesn’t have 3 cards to place down because they ran out of cards in their deck and discard, then they lose the war. The first player to collect all the cards in the deck, wins!


  1. I used to be really good at as a kid at daycare. I played cards a lot because it was the only fun way to really kill time.

  2. I came from that king of the hill clip of the buff dudes playing this game, and it looked so fun

  3. Alternate version of War:
    It's the same thing, but instead of flipping cards from the deck, you each draw five cards. The youngest player goes first, putting down a card from their hand, and then the next player puts down a card. The card with the highest one wins. Both players then draw a card from the top of their deck, and the winner of the last round goes first.

    The rank remains unchanged.

    If two players put down the same ranked cards, the same thing happens as normal, except that the final card in a war is taken from their hand, not from their deck. If they do not have enough cards in their deck, they must select cards to place face down, with the final card being face up. If they lack the cards to do so, they lose the war.

    If you cannot draw a card, you must play the cards from your hand until you acquire more, or run out of them. If you have less than 5 cards and you acquire more, you must draw as many cards as your hand has 5 cards or you run out of cards.

    The player with all the cards wins.

  4. I always new it as I, de,clare, war. So when you go to war you say out loud I 1st card, de 2ndcard clare, 3rd war which is the one facing up. I didnt know joker was the highest not sure why it is never played with it. And we made the 2 the second highest card next to the ace.

  5. Thanks a bunch! I was trying to remember how to play so I can play with my grandchildren. My brother couldn’t remember, a said look it up on YouTube.😂

  6. Played this during the real war. Ah, childhood memories…

  7. I don’t remember Joker ever being the highest rank. It was always Ace for me. In fact, Queen actually beats Joker from the rules that I played.

  8. thanks, im now ready to declare war on another country

  9. Thank you for this easy explanation and VISUALIZATION!!! IT WAS SUPER HELPFUL!!! 👏

  10. THIS IS A HOW TO VIDEO. 1:30 long and straight to the point.

  11. I thought this was called I D Clair War-

  12. Card game for Calvinists. The winner of the game is predestined as soon as the deck is shuffled.

  13. Hiding pertinent info to my bias life until I find out literally on my own with no help until 2020 is exact same as lying literally. It kills relationships

  14. My trailer is full truth I literally have that's real without psychiatric head games before I moved to city of green bay wi and met some humans not good. Then they have audacity to get mad to my face and on their high horse cuz it's a problem I know now and karma will come back to them years later done by their own selves.

  15. You'd expect a LOT better card game from its name, but it's basically the card game equivalent of Candy Land. In both cases the outcome of the game has already been determined after shuffle of the deck and there's no strategy of any sort. 🙁

  16. actually if you dont have enough cards for war you flip your last card (unless the card you flipped for the war was ur last card i guess u loose lol)

  17. The Joker isn't used in War, so why does he say to use it?

  18. In the caribbean, DEUCE which is 2, is the highest card.

  19. Cool version, when I used to play we didn't use joker and 2's were able to beat aces but still lost to every other card

  20. Also known as "The Longest & The Most Boring Card Game ever"!

  21. I called this game flicker and my friends and I liked it

  22. Thanks for your explanation but the game sounds really boring, because you cant do anything. Its only luck no tactics. You could play it alone against yourself, because no one has to think what is the next step 😀

  23. You mean the original title of a famous book, war, what is it good for

  24. Wow this game is so nostalgic I used to be pretty good at this

  25. Thank you. Seems a lil different from when we were kids but for the life of me I couldn't remember how to play. How did this come to me so easily as a kid but as an adult I'm like "wait, talk slower…"

  26. War how to play:

    First of all, have a reason. Put yourself in the moral highground, that way the public will not be angry

    Second of all

    Dont, it's the 21st century, nukes are abound. MAD remember? Mutually Assured Destruction

    Next, adv- oh wait not that war

  27. A variation I made up:
    Literally just poker but with one card per hand.

  28. I had a question,
    in the end my friend got into WAR and both of us were out of cards.

    So is that a draw?

  29. Teaching some young children this game use to play when younger.

  30. How about:

    After the shuffle:

    Each player draws 5 cards from their pile.

    And they choose a card to see if they can win.

    Same rules, but you can choose cards.
    More Strategy!

  31. Flipping a coin is faster and is the same thing.

  32. we did that the lowest beats the highest and when you reshuffle your deck you will remove 1 card from play

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