How to play War -

How to play War

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Learn the rules to the card game War quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of this 2 player game is to collect all the cards. Setup. Suffle a standard deck of playing cards, with jokers, and deal out all the cards. Each player picks up their deck and simultaneously flips the top card face up in front of themselves. Compare the two cards and the player with the highest ranking card collects both cards in a personal face up discard pile. Joker is the highest rank, followed by ace then king all the way down to 2. If you run out of cards in your deck, turn your collected cards face down, shuffle and continue playing.If you both flip over identical cards of the same rank, this is called a “war”. Each player lays 3 cards facedown, staggered on top of their faceup card, then each player flips 1 card face up. Compare the new face up cards played and the player with the higher rank wins all the cards in the war, including the face down ones. If, however, the cards tie again, then you have another “war”. Place down another 3 cards, and continue the process until there is a winner. If a player doesn’t have 3 cards to place down because they ran out of cards in their deck and discard, then they lose the war. The first player to collect all the cards in the deck, wins!


  1. How could this game be reimagined to be not bad

  2. • {𝓝o𝓽_𝑷h𝒐e𝒏i𝒙-!} • says:

    So I once played this with my neighborAND SOMEHOW GIT A TRIPLE WAR IN A ROW

  3. So if theres a war but one of the players cant put down 3 card they lose the game?

  4. This game is completely based on luck. There is no decision making.

  5. "War, how to play. The object of the game is to kill soldiers until the enemy(ies) surrender"

  6. Wow, a card game where you play The Joker card 🃏 & its higher than the Ace.♣️

  7. Kinda remembering that you did this video before, is this a reupload sorry if not

  8. I haven't played it before and I wish I'll teach one of the members of my family how to play it. It's may be simple in my opinion.

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  10. I saw a different tutorial and they said that you must put down only one card face down during a War.
    Can you explain this?

  11. 1:15 What happens if both players don't have enough cards for a War?

  12. I wish I had the card game war just like Triple S Games

  13. I love this guy! I have a teen program in which I show the teens how to play various games and his videos are always the best!!!

  14. Hardly a game if you have no effect on the outcome…"how to watch a movie war"

  15. Thank you! I hadn't played this game in years and totally forgot how, but now i can again ❤

  16. Great game again n the explanation was so clear n simple to understand 👍your doing a great job keep posting new games

  17. Thank you! This is an excellent clear & concise explanation. I can use this in my classroom.

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