Huge Russian war games under way - BBC News -

Huge Russian war games under way – BBC News

BBC News
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Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, has been inspecting a huge military exercise involving thousands of troops.
Ukraine has joined some Nato member countries in expressing concern about the true purpose of the drill.
The BBC’s Steve Rosenberg reports.
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  1. I am europian and believe we are they one provoking Russia NATO became a shame to us all

  2. A Jewish reporter war mongering again? What a shock.

  3. Limey propaganda, and cheap at that. It is the Anglo-American banking cartel that is the belligerent. You fool no one.

  4. So the big bad Russians are the enemy again..Don't make me laugh BBC.

  5. The Russian troll factories are strong on this post.
    Russian withheld information on numbers in this training operation. Nato always gives correct numbers.
    And to name the operation "west" is a open threat to the west.
    The only thing the world fears is Russian nukes. And the 1s they supplied to North Korea!

  6. Designed to waste as much taxpayer money as possible. The BBC

  7. Best thing to do is stop The middle-class Propaganda that's been going on since World War II and realise we are on the same side as Russia against illegal armed groups such as Islamic state

  8. The stink of kremlin troll is heavy in the comments.

  9. Fuck of BBC most people see right through your lies…and people of the west have no problem with Russia… fuck off bbc

  10. Wow, how many Kremlin's ass lickers is here? Where is your Churchill ?


  12. Why is this being posted now when actual war games happened in September last year??!! Zapad 2017, did Russians hack BBC?

  13. Dear BBC, the 'B' in your namesake stands for British, not Bullshit. Plus, aren't you supposed to be engaging in unbiased reporting? Stick to the Natural History and Period Dramas my lovies. You've got those down, but unbiased fact-based news reporting is not your forte.

  14. this war games happened months wtf bbc (Check before saying anything)

  15. God bless Russia for saving the UK from freezing and selling us cheap gas feck USA they screwed us on price

  16. UK citizens are forced to pay BBC or face criminal record NO SUCH dictatorship IN RUSSIA

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  18. Aaaaargh the Wussians are coming – everybody leg it. lol – the bbc are fake news central.

  19. Russia is not a threat to world peace let alone the west, Zionist controlled USA on the other hand…

  20. Last country standing is Russia, their best of defense due to its machinery and its own unique technology. Russia basically owns space. US had the power to get to moon long ago and now what silence. This message to all people who thinks that Russia is the dark force.

  21. It sure doesn't look like a defense of exercise. It sure looks like an offence of one.

  22. So what's the deal? It's just typical regular military exercise… Deal with it Zionists chanel

  23. Russia – muscle
    China – money

    These two combined! The whole world to its knees.

    USA is loosing along with its western allies.

    Now UK is begging for gas form Russia along with Germany!

    Turkey is about to go on a war with USA in Syria.

    NATO countries are planning to buy Russian S-400(s).

    USA is loosing market.

    Good luck with sanctions against Russia.

    They can’t even handle North Korea. 😂

  24. NATO criminals. In Serbia they call NATO (North Atlantic terrorist organization). Needless to say why.

  25. People are generally monstrous. And the more power they have the more monstrous they become.


  27. To me in my opinion Russia and China are getting ready for war with the USA and NATO.

  28. Damn.. I guess when the US sends some of its troops to Australia for war games it is actually an prelude to an invasion of Australia or neighboring counties.. not just an exercise to test tactics and encourage allied cooperation. Seriously wtf. Why do we judge other countries for doing in their territory what we do in our own. Well actually I think the question is why do news companies like to provoke fear.

  29. 13,000 troops in the exercise and NATO estimates 120,000 to 150,000. Now why would Russia lie about that?

  30. Ask yourself two questions? Is is NATO or Russia that is invading its neighbors? And secondly, why are som many countries wanting to join NATO and no one is trying to join with Russia? These are the only two questions to get through the propaganda and Bullshit Russia is spreading. Why is it Little Putin, that no one wants to align with you and everybody wants the protection of Democratic countries? It’s because of you Putin, you just make one mistake after another. STOP INVADING YOUR NEIGHBORS & learn to trade with them and watch your country begin to flourish. Instead of another missiles system, how about you build a working tractor for farming, or a car of you citizens or a university where you could come up with he next internet, iPhone or something useful for mankind. How about a hospital, or new drug to cure some disease? But you have no interest in improving mankind because you’re a little man trying to compensate, not unlike Hitler and Stalin.

  31. BBC which is actually a propaganda outlet for British deep deep state which is not working for the best interest of the British people, is so annoyed with Russia 🇷🇺 simply because Russia destroyed British deep state projects of fake jihadi islamists. If it wasn't for Russia ISIS would still have been a strong organisation carrying out major atrocities, seriously damaging my religion. Thank you so much Russia, I love you Putin. 🇷🇺

  32. Why is it when Russia does anything literally anything the bbc has to misinterpret it. this video is simply showing Russian army training like any other army but you just have to add the title “war games” to make it seem as though they are up to no good. The us has loads of huge trading activities just like this but they are never titled “war games” on the news.

  33. Modi coming to Russia on victory day parade

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