HUGELY IMPROVED: Could US Really Destroy Iran's Entire Navy In A Single Day? (WarGames 195b) | DCS -

HUGELY IMPROVED: Could US Really Destroy Iran’s Entire Navy In A Single Day? (WarGames 195b) | DCS

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Today we ask take another look at the question whether a US aerial strike could wipe out the entire Iranian Navy in a single day. We start with a flotilla of US Arleigh Burke Destroyers firing SM-6 missiles, then two flights of F-35 Lightning 5th Gen jets with AGM-158C LRASM anti-ship missiles, then send in the FA-18, F-16 and F-15E jets to mop up.


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1:34 Scenario Details
6:56 Predictions
7:49 Battle


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  1. The Cajun navy could take the Iranian navy

  2. I'm disappointed with you for the first time.
    This was like fox hunting with rifles, dogs, horses and drones too.
    Event at one million each those missiles, LRASM, SM-2, SM-6 leave the fleet exposed to other treats except under water ones and empty magazines of weapons we could desperatly need in short time!
    I would be surprised at use of laser bombs that cost hundred of thousands dollar.
    I would probably expect some good tactics (air superiority, few frigates escorting Expeditionary Sea Base or an LHA with a special air squadron of MH-60S armed with laser rockets costing tens thousands dollar attacking leisure crafts and something more for bigger boats without emptying the warehouses of valuable and costly weapons!
    That's what I expected. Not another Hollywood scenario with American Punisher (live it at CAS mission with A-10).

    Go ahead with your wonderful work!!!
    I love yours Independence day, Top gun, Black Hawk down, Ok Corral and all your "Oscar winner movies" you gave us.
    Thank you

  3. Typically, the USN would also have at least one CSG in the vicinity (accompanied by 1 Ticonderoga, and 3-4 DDGs, and sometimes 1-2 SSNs) with about 12-24x Super Hornets for CAP/Strike, 4 Growlers for SEAD, and 24x F35s (ideal). There also might be an ESG (Expeditionary Strike Group) with a large deck amphib with about 12x AV8B/F35B. All that firepower alone would make things very "proportional".

  4. Yes they absolutely could, but the real question is: could the US navy enter the gulf without having a irans gazillion rockets and missiles pointed at them? The US navy can defend against most navies entire arsenal but the sheer amount of (mostly low quality but plenty of decent ones too) missiles Iran could launch is pretty ridiculous. Their estimated amount of missiles is massive and they exist for the singular purpose of overwhelming defenses. A navy just cant match the amount of missiles a landmass can carry.

    Iran knows this and has specialized their military for this purpose. They would certainly line up thousands of rocket launchers, missile launchers, rocket artillery on the coastlines, in bunkers, in trenches etc. If the US navy would enter the gulf during war with Iran a wall of 5000 missiles would come flying. No amount of defenses can handle that concentrated on a single fleet at the same time.

    Now obviously the US wouldnt enter the gulf to let this happen so Iran would lose a war, nobody is doubting that but i dont think the US would ever get the opportunity to do something likes this (with their navy, with air its possible). There would need to be some massive operations with air and land based forces to thin out Irans missile and rocket systems first.

  5. We war gamed this a lot in my 21yrs and a squad of 22’s did without a single loss every time

  6. If was in command of Iran's naval defense. I have a into flotillas lead by a frigate or corvette. then uses by lighter FAC a defensive screen.

  7. could america destroy the entire iranian navy in 1 day…..

    wouldn't be the first time.

  8. This already happened to an extent in the real world. See the FatElectrician for the source. Episode is called "Proportional Response".

  9. "I dont wanna wait for our lives to be over!!!!" That sounded like a reference to me Lmao! Love the vid

  10. Kinda disturbing to see all of the imperialist Americans in the Comment section. Although, I guess I shouldn't expect much else seeing as the demographic who watched this video probably think that war is exciting and militarism is awesome.

  11. Iranian speedboat crew: 😱

    American SM-2 missile: 😎

  12. US Navy could take out the entire world's navy. Maybe not in one day. But eventually.

  13. Fun fact USA couldn’t defeat housis yet 😂😂

  14. This would create lots of beneficial artificial reefs for sea life. Let’s do it!

  15. Yes it was dome back in the 80's look up the 24 hours US Iranian war!

  16. What is the cost of an SM-6 vs one of those little patrol boats with an MG? lol

  17. Something just occurred to me. In previous DCS games, I think I've seen the LRASM being taken out by Ruasian air defense in DCS and I'm wondering what the RCS of this missile is etc… Can the S400 or the Kortik actually defend against it in reality? I am pretty certain the capabilities of these systems is vastly overblown in DCS while the capabilities of US equipment is understated officially by the US military to protect what the actual capabilities are. DCS is set up for better game play and I can understand that, but it would be interesting to see what the reality actually is.

  18. If I become president imma build A clanker army


  20. ik the double taps are annoying, but the other time wasn't there's like 5 harpoons on a single, poor Iranian ship just doing their mission?

  21. Why would Iran send its whole Navy out in the open like a big set of bowling pins, just waiting to be destroyed? Couldn't they foresee the inevitable armageddon and use thinking to avoid the naval erasure?

  22. I think it would take a few days as Iran will hide some of their naval assets in other countries.

  23. Any plans to add the AARGM-ER to your F35 mod? It would make it the ultimate SEAD platform

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