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I Bought the Computer from WarGames

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Dave takes you on a tour of the IMSAI 8080, from history to setup and configuration to running Microsoft BASIC and CP/M. For my book “Secrets of the Autistic Millionaire”:

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Primary Equipment (Amazon Affiliate Links):
* Camera: Sony FX-3 –
* Camera Lens: 50mm F1.4 Art DG HSM –
* Microphone: Electro-Voice RE 320 –
* Teleprompter: Glide Gear TMP 100 –
* SD Cards: Sony TOUGH –

TCP Server command-line on the Mac, for the curious:
tcpserver -q -H -R -d 6400 lynx frogfind.com


  1. Oh wow, walk down memory lane, back when most people did not know what a computer was, and even if they saw one they had no idea what to do with it. It was pretty amazing exploring what you could program, and the internet was mostly text, no tic-tock or youtube. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Built mine and added two floppies and a teletype. Wrote program to optimize commodity future contract trading. Followed 14 commodities. Made an important amount of money. This video brought a tear to my old eyes…

  3. So were the microcomputers of STAR TREK the classic series 😯😯😯😯

  4. Thank you for making me feel like a relic. ;P

  5. My first computer kit. It was $750 at the time, and included a whopping 4K of static RAM. I added Microsoft BASIC on paper tape and a manual (pull the tape by hand) paper tape reader card. After adding a $1100 ASCII terminal and a serial interface card, I had a machine that couldn't save a program. It was still fun though.

  6. When this movie was released I remember it was said that each one of the NORAD screens was driven by a single MORROW SYSTEMS Z80 based Pc. Altho before the IBM Pc, who coined the term Pc, it was called something else. Home Computer?
    I cant recollect.


  7. Strange game, the only winning move is not to play…


  8. That was great! I never saw how one worked!! Thank you so much!

  9. 8:00 Who else thought there was a fly on their monitor and tried to swat it off? lol

  10. No Speech ? NO SPEECH ??? We really have regressed … 👍

  11. I was hoping for moment you had the WOPR…

  12. I have absolutely no idea what you just did, but I loved it!!!

  13. Good luck to anyone that wants to check out your browser history 😛😂

  14. This brought back so many memories, thank you

  15. Loved this movie when it came out! It's what got me into the computer industry.

  16. I assumed the only language use on the altair / imsai was machine code. Did contemporary users actually use BASIC? I would have wanted it even more.

  17. It amazed me that they chose to use an outdated computer even for 1983 instead of a more common computer of the time like a Commodore or IBM.

  18. What a piece of S–H–I–T! Like almost anything before the 1990s. I started computers in 1985 and it all was just one huge S–H–T–H–0—L–E! I will never choke up these cozy warm feelings about computers past so many people do today because I'm more based in reality and see it like it was back then – and it was mostly C–R–A–P!

  19. I used too own Commodore 64 and running BBS Image v2.1 and on the CCGMS dial-up

  20. I was indeed unsubscribed for some reason. Thank you for the reminder to check. Another great video. Brought back memories of running Zork on a DEC.

  21. IMSAI 8080 One of the first computers we had at my junior high school.

    Then TRS-80s

  22. That was cool. I don’t know much about computers and even less about programming, but I had to maintain a mail list for a small computer font company back in the late 80s and remember floppies, MS-DOS, and all of the otherwise non-intuitive stuff you had to know to run mailmerge, etc. Talk about flashbacks…

  23. MY father had a 8080 as well too funny , there Hand made very cool 🙂

  24. Just re-watched War Games a few months back. I took programming in BASIC when I was a pre teen through my local college in the 80's. I'm 47 now and I still use a PC daily. I'll tinker with the registry here & there but hate working in BIOS…..it makes me nervous. I no longer do any programming or code but have learned to build my own PC (for gaming). I run a full tower. It's a 14 year old Lian Li PC-P80 I bought new, old-stock for $600 with a custom painted interior.

  25. I learned BASIC on a TRS-80 color computer with 4K of RAM and a cassette tape for SAVE and LOAD. Good times!

  26. a few years after War Games came out, there was an article about WOPR. The WOPR was purported to be a bunch lights, resistors, transistors and basically junk to build up a shell

  27. I was done when I have to type in Binary for everything.

  28. WarGames…the movie that got me into programming

  29. At first I thought you mean you bought the WOPR.

  30. This is all above my pay grade on the tech side, but the cool factor is beyond 💯

  31. I used to use both an Altair as well as the old Digital PDP 11 amongst the myriad of other systems of that era. Great stuff lad. The first time I saw War Games I was immediately taken with the fact that most of the scenarios were possible. Outlandish in theory but as it has happened in the past where there were a few early system integration problems and false alerts with the systems at NORAD. We came close, very close in 1979 as I recall. Great stuff lad. Big thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  32. Ah, back in the good ol´ days, when computers had the word COMPUTER on them, and floppy dis[ck]s had the (two!) words FLOPPY DISK on it.

    Just so there was no confusion, you understand, in case someone tried to use the former as Christmas lights and/or the latter as a toaster.

    (I´m not kidding about the toaster scenario; it actually happened, so I´m told. More people are generally aware of the anecdotal call to technical support from an user complaining about the cup holder — You know, the cup holder! ).

  33. I always thought it would be fun to program using the register switches. I think I will download an emulator and learn the ASM, it must be very minimal.

  34. Love the movie when I a awbitbin the early 90s .nice to see how primitive microcomputer were back then. And we're designed for nerds and engineers.

  35. That bought back memories thanks.

  36. The old memories are coming back! My first paycheck in computers was in 1964, prior to "Electricity" LoL, . IBM, Control Data, and Honeywell were my toys to play with. Loved your Video!

  37. I got my hands on an old CP/M computer when I was a kid, it had 2, 8 inch floppies drives, and a 10Mb HD. It had no software except basic OS commands, I didn't do much with it at the time because we already had a 286 with Ms DOS, Monochrome screen, and there was copies of Zork I, II, and III. The timing of this movie, I grew up in the same time period, I remember all too well the tensions of the times. Read some of the declassified stories and this scenario actually almost happened.

  38. We had the prop at our artist loft in L.A.. The facility was baught by tremell Corp and demolished to make those ugly prison block style condoes you see everwhere now and we believe they destroyed the prop and tossed it in a dumpster.
    The Llewellyn apartments in "loss" Angeles

  39. OMG nerd nostalgia I havent thought of kermit or Zork in decades. I haven't seen basic in decades. used to go to Sears and make all the pcs say you're ugly. LOL

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