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I Found A FREE World War 3 Simulator Game…

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How WW3 would happen if it continued until 1 left
World Battle Royale SIMULATIOR Until Only 1 Left…
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  1. It's called earth royal but you have to buy it on steam for 6$

  2. It would be nice if you linked the game in the description so I don't have to suffer in depression never knowing the game or getting to play it

  3. Nobody:
    Everyone: game name
    By the way the game is called earth royal.

  4. what is the make of the simulation

  5. If anyone sees this please tell me the game name

  6. Can someone tell me the name and can you play it in iOS

  7. finally some who respect my country the Philippines

  8. I like how my country got eliminated instantly

  9. I am from Bangladesh. Nice to see BD dominating the south asia here.

  10. The game is called earth royale but it isn't free anymore.

  11. you have to buy the game you liar its not free!

  12. The only American who knows his geography

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