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I Found a World War SIMULATOR Game…

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I Destroyed 5 HUMANS in a Battle Royale for the USA…

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  1. They go by years, in the bottom right corner it says what year it is

  2. Narrating as if this was a football game in germany 😀

  3. please teach me how to rename countries and zoom!!!!!!!!

  4. Drew: This is really thin i hope Belarus does not declare war on Poland
    Belarus: attacks poland

  5. hey i played this game and after a lot of time, one of them took over the whole map. its name was oldcorner, and it started in the bottom left corner 2!

  6. Can you start playing fun free games I want fun games that are free that aren't parental controls blocked

  7. As a guy from Belgium in the begging i felt that

  8. 1:56 Germany aready looks like ww2 but without the poland parts

  9. 1:56 Germany aready looks like ww2 but without the poland parts

  10. I do have the same game as drew and one with country balls

  11. You got it right the irish city😂 and now

  12. Why is Türkiye’s kücapital is Istanbul?

  13. I wasn’t born in Italy, but I love Italy. It’s my favorite country in Europe and in that area.

  14. Ah, I wish this game was on Android 😢.

  15. 2:35 they better hope belarus doesn't declare war on them next frame belarus declares war on them

  16. Turkeys capital is ankara not istanbul

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