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I Found the GREATEST Roblox Strategy Game Ever…

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Rise of Nations in ROBLOX
WW1 But In A Countryball Strategy Game…

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  1. They are also reccomended becuse they have alot of money

  2. Tip: if you see a shovel next to a units name which means they’re entrenched and have a defense bonus

  3. as a decent player of this game drew's choices make me wanna cry

  4. no way drew played as my country in a game for once

  5. 1:40 And sudenly Azerbaijan and Armenia subscribers Be like: <-< hmmm…

  6. USA: * gives him 5 billion dollars *
    Him: idk what im doing

  7. druu wont play this. the average ron youtuber doesnt get enough views for his standards

  8. YOOOOO I am a noob in this game but Mexico or Nigeria are the best for me

  9. For people wondering the game name: Rise Of Nations

  10. Right now, I am trying to form Spanish Empire with only tanks

  11. Day 1 of asking drewuu to play roblox iron assault

  12. Trenches is a game about working with your team to achieve victory over your enemies. You and your team will have to fight in procedurally generated environments and utilize unique weapons to come out on top. You must build fortifications to hold your ground or assault the enemy with armor to conquer the battlefield.

    [Attention] Trenches is still in beta. Expect bugs as well as a lack of features and polish. Anything in the game now may change. Please have patience as the game continues to be developed.

    Shovel – Build structures.

    Pickaxe – Destroy structures.

    ATG – Anti-tank gun.

    Engineer – 2X work speed.

    Artillery – Shift to aim.

    Tanks – Shift to aim.

    Tanks – Left click for MG / Right click for main.

  13. kinda surprising that egypt wasnt in the top 10 in this game of rise of nations tbh, would say it is a S tier considering that they can go south, east, west, so ez.

  14. If you want to play again (maybe as USA, India or china) I could give you my account because it has those countries unlocked! Also I love ur videos.

  15. I am happy to see my favorite Roblox game being played by my favorite YouTuber!

  16. There's a game that's kinda like your country videos it's called Dummynation and you play as a country and you can invade whoever you want it's on steam

  17. Why is the first video that comes up with my yt name

  18. Drew’s ranking literally being carried by his country and the others saving him

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