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I Got Destroyed By This Wrestling Chop

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WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze talks about chopping my chest hard at Flatbacks Wrestling School
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  1. I’m not really a chopper
    (Says the guy that is getting chopped)

  2. Fun fact-31,536,000 is the amount of seconds in a year

  3. Well i hate this dude a lot lets take all my anger out on him since its free 😂😂😂😂

  4. CVV was great on that one episode of Chopped

  5. Imagine taking chops from Gunther now, wonder how many it takes you to be blissed open!

  6. Imagine Gunther's chops!!
    Bet we can't go more than 2

  7. that " agrhhh" just sounds like ludwig to me💀

  8. G 5vt v t bt bt b t bt t bt btb tb t bt btvv tv

  9. Idk what this is but it sure is fucking gay

  10. So is no one gonna talk about the picture we’re looking at in the beginning

  11. Now imagine how Hard Prime Ric Flairs chops would be .

  12. I agree with Bret heart wrestling isn’t supposed to hurt the chop is fuckin stupid

  13. Good sir, I sincerely apologize for any negative comment I have ever made about you. I've been chopped also but not THAT bad. Respect sir.

  14. I know it's instinctual, but your chest muscles tensing up a split second before the chop happened made me lol.

  15. That’s also not how chopping usually works…

  16. Fk the chopper. Do people dont know how back hand hurts?? Try a flat hand chop to the lower back

  17. I got 3 Bronson reed fusions in a row to start

  18. Imagine being chopped by the naitch in his prime

  19. so think about ring general Gunther chop 💀

  20. Your chest looks like Samoa Joe's did after he fought Kabashi in ROH.

  21. Bro wouldn’t make it pass 1 chop if it was Gunther or the Big Show

  22. That sound gave me heart burn 😢😢😢😢

  23. 👇🏽If you jumped when you heard that chop

  24. Wasn't expecting the chopper to be Tyler Breeze

  25. That would suck if it was gunther giving the chops

  26. Gunther to sheamus an drew 😳😰him to what Gunther sees 😈🤫🧏🏿‍♂️

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