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I have the High Ground Scene in Star Wars Games

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It’s over Anakin I have the High Ground! I have recorded all the Anakin & Obi-Wan Final fight in star wars games and regrouped them in this video edited in a sequential manner. I have recorded the raw footage using emulators (DS, GBA, PS2) from Star Wars revenge of the sith DS, Lego star wars Game Boy Advance, Lego the Video Game, Revenge of the Sith PS2. I have also included footage from Star Wars 2 Angry Birds. All footage are recorded by me. The audio is muted in some parts due to copyright. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. 8:55 That alternate ending in Star Wars Episode III the Game….. What a shocker.

  2. Creiste que te sería fiel sidius cuando lo mate tú me mentiste ahora que ya no estorbas la galaxia me pertenece a mi y alos jedi para traer la verdadera paz usted está sentenciado a muerte clones ya olviden la orden 66 son libres ahora ya no necesitan más estar en el ejército

  3. That DS scene is hilarious, Anakin is clearly jumping towards Obi Wan lightsaber

  4. ROTS 2005 was quite enjoyable, idkw but the game producers had an obsession with killing people while facing the opposite way around

  5. It literally just feels off to have Episode 1 Obi Wan against Episode 2 Anakin in the GBA Lego Star Wars game
    So off……

  6. Bombi wan kenobi:It’s over ranakin! I have the high ground!
    Ranakin skywalker:you underestimated my power
    Bombi wan kenobi:don’t try it

  7. Damn the first one was almost better then the movie

  8. Redkin I have the high ground obi wan don't try it arya oof

  9. What's with the muting? I don't see any copyright in here

  10. clones: we still getting paid right?


  12. Obi-wan: That's not the High Ground way I mean Jedi Way

  13. I personally don’t think that Obi-Wan liked the high ground. Think about it, he destroyed Darth Maul, General Grievous, and Anakin from below. He tempted Anakin to jump which gives him the low ground, causing him to easily destroy him from BELOW. Kenobi is really just a master of trolling.

  14. Other Anakins : actually has emotions
    Angry Birds Anakin : A N G E R Y

  15. Where is angry bird!
    You have greatly disappointed me!

  16. Am I allowed to ask why the audio cuts out at random points

  17. Lego Star Wars is definitely a good game and seen as a classic but not having an actual high ground scene is a big weakness of it. There's no emotion, at all. Obi Wan is immediately leaving after striking Anakin down.

  18. Lego Star Wars: hey master pls save me I’m sorry.
    Obi wan: I hate you!

  19. And soon we’ll get to see how it happens in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

  20. I like how in the GBA Lego game it's just Episode 1 Obi Wan vs Episode 2 Anakin.

  21. Boys remember Lego Star Wars
    Men remember the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith video game.

  22. I couldn't hear all scenes just some brief and I used earbuds but it works other videos but this video doesn't so I put 👎 on this video it would be better video without Muted Video.

  23. Babies crying blue bubbles
    Nothing strange about this, yes?

  24. In the second game why does obi wan still look so young? Also in the third game there is a mobile version that is similar but different a little bit.

  25. Is it me or the lego psrodys of star Wars make more sense


    The Game: I'm sorry that I have hurt you

    Lego: I have chopped your legs off. You shall now perish.

  27. 5:23
    Anakin has red saber? I’m not wondering bc that’s not how the movie works but where did he even get it?

  28. It's over Anakin! I have the high ground!

  29. It's over Anakin I have the High Ground! I have recorded all the Anakin & Obi-Wan Final fight on Mustafar in star wars games and regrouped them in this video. I used emulators to record the footage in some cases. I am sorry but had to mute the audio in some parts due to copyright. Hope you enjoy!

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