I invited my black friend to play a racist civil war game... (DISASTROUS RESULTS) - nzwargamer.net

I invited my black friend to play a racist civil war game… (DISASTROUS RESULTS)

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  1. There's a reason why Vanoss wasn't in this vid!! Lol keep up the good work, but don't get canceled… Just wanted to make it clear..

  2. When Scotty said kill those liberals I just facepalmed. It was the Liberals who Created the Confederacy and The Republicans were the Union.

  3. Drums were more than used for music on the battlefield they were used as a way to communicate with other commanders and armys

  4. Heck when I could f*ck my sister and beat her only question in at all-

    This is the song that Nogla sing😂😂😂

  5. Can marcel change his account name from basicallyidowork to basicallyiamunclerucus

  6. The chat at the end of the battle💀

  7. Its even better when you find out the CSA had a LOT of Irish regiments, volunteers and militias

  8. This was hilarious! I wish I could hear the rest of that song!

  9. At 6:12 everyone turned on that commanding officer lol.

  10. Rare footage from the south side of the civil war😂

  11. Man now i really wanna buy war of rights this looks fun

  12. "Hes not gonna take the cotton dipshit"-wildcat 2022

  13. Video was so great wildcat, I played it back for the second time

  14. 4:53 found it wholesome that the other players where dancing lol

  15. "This is how the light skin brother was invented right here" best phrase about history in my life 😂

  16. 2 years later this vid still has me laughing great content🤣

  17. homie really sang that shit to the Red Dead house build theme lmaoo

  18. "There's no slide canceling wildcat good luck" I DIED😂

  19. The devs must have known what would happen 😂😂😂😂

  20. I love how he calls the union the libtards, but the union was republican fighting for slaves freedom, the liberals wanted slavery.

  21. Probably one of the best videos you guys uploaded to YouTube hands down 😭💀 when I say I was cackling from start to finish 😂😂

  22. With the amount of shit talking, it reminds me of the cod world at war days.

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