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I Made The BEST WW1 Stickman Game EVER! | Stickman Trench Wars

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Welcome to Stickman Trench Wars!
Stickman Trench Wars is a challenging Real Time Strategy game in which you need to manage your men and weapons and build up your defenses in the brutal trenches of Stick World War 1. Balance focusing on attack and defense. Build up your army using numerous infantry types and powerful war machines like tanks, while also upgrading your trenchworks to better defend your men and protect your base. Remember soldier, if your base gets taken you lose. So charge across no-mans land and take the enemy’s base first!

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  1. You should make it so that if you upgrade a trench enough it gets a turret

  2. in stickman trenches only stay in the trench in front of your base and you can only buy riflemen and if they do not attack attack them and go back to the trench in front of your base.

  3. Bru this looks like a stick war but modern version

  4. Note: there are movement buttons at the bottom of your screen! please press udner the trecnh if you can't see it

  5. Definitely wish listing! I love this game and really want to see it develop. You are doing amazing work!
    My advice (if warranted) is to have the 3 upgrade options show up in a different way.
    I feel the way it is currently pulls you out of the action when my main focus is to see the outcome of the battle.
    Maybe have an button pop up on the bottom that once clicked pauses the game and gives you the upgrade options. Other than that I love everything about this game and can’t wait to see what new units and abilities you implement!!!!

  6. I am not a historian but i do love history and know a lot about ww1.

    This game is great I played the demo and love the artstyle and mechanics there isnt many games like it and this one is a masterpice in the making and i want to make a few suggestions to add that will make the game more historically accurate and make the game more interesting,

    (i know this game is not ment to be historically accurate but it will make the game mor imersive, more detailed and fun)


    LIGHT MACHINE GUNS: Madsen light machine gun for the germans and Lewis gun for the british and Chauchat for french (if added)

    FACTIONS: french, americans ….., by adding factions there would be more diffrent playstyles and diffrent units special for that faction

    SPECIAL UNITS: shotguns weren't really common and germans nor the british used them, insted replace them with stormtroopers for the german, and tanks for the british. Americans used them.

    STORMTROOPERS: they can be equipped with eather the K98k that was much shorter than standard issue Gewehr 98, which would enable them to short faster or they cam be equipped with mp18 for close range when storming a trench. They can also be equipped with grenades. They will replace the current shotgunner for the gemans and will have the same role of storming a thrench.

    BATTLEFIELD: add explosions in the backround, more destroyed enviroment, mud, explosions in the backround, suttle screms, rats, dead corpses and things like that that will make the battlefield look like there is an actual war going on for years.

    WEATHER: such as rain, fog, snow, sunny, cloudy this would effect troops movment, there accuracy, field of view and overal atmosphere and imerision

    TANKS: add Mark IV for the british, A7V for the germans, Saint Chamond for french or Renault FT17 (if added)

    Germans didnt use tanks very much instead focusing on infantry tactics, they where the first to make an AT rifle (Mauser 1918 T – Gewehr) so instead of germans having tanks they coud have and AT unit (or having a tank but much more expensive)

    ARTILLERY: more options such as light mortar fire, heavy artillery, and gas

    VOICE LINES: it would be very imersive and cool to hear suttle conversations form the troops in the trenches (in a native language), screaming GET DOWN or TAKE COVER while there is and incoming barrage, screming CHARGE, GAS GAS and such

    ANIMATIONS: an animation of soldiers breath in a cold weather, footprints in the mud, muddy feet, cartridges dropping by a muchinegun or reloading a rifle.

    STATIC MACHINE GUNS: upun having an full upgradd trench there will be a static machine gun implacment that will suppres infantry (making some of them duck or crawl and alo kill some), Vickers machine gun for the british, MGO8 for germans and Hotchkiss Mle 1914 for hte french (if added)

    BIGGER MAP: wider map, with wider trenches

    DEFENCES: being aible to build a bunker, barbed wire, mines, flares that will activate when somone steps on them in the dead of night, little bells on the barbed wire that will alert you and your troops of an incoming attack in the night or if its out of you field of view

    UNITS: adding a flare gunner, flamethrowers, rifle grenadires, AT rifelman

    FOG OF WAR: having a fog of war will make the game more interesting and will enable for better mechanics such as element of suprise (charing on the enemy trench just to see an emplaced machin gun)

  7. I've played like 2 hours of the demo and love it… cant wait for more

  8. Veteran was not a thing until after Nam

  9. I feel like this would be more popular as a mobile game, but that's a personal opinion

  10. Ideas:
    Build your own trenches.
    If you have any remaining troops some of them carry over into the next battle.
    Different areas with effects like in swampy areas you move slower, colder areas deplete your stars, foggy/polluted areas due to artillery makes it so your vision is limited, jungles have tunnels you can build to other trenches etc.
    Morale/Desertion chance basically after it hits a certain time milestone without nothing happening There's a chance a soldier can frenzy and charge on their own or ignore your orders or straight up leave the battle.
    You should have more sides and teams you can be on with different troops and specialities for each one.

    Just some Ideas that came in my head while watching.

  11. Please make it so the rifle men do trench charges when it fully comes out

  12. or even an engineer to upgrade trenches and a radioman to call better reinforcements, longer artillery and other cool stuff you might want to add.

  13. I like the idea of having Veterancy for units, it would add an extra layer to strategy, if you play the long game and allow your units to grow that gives you an innate advantage as your units have combat experience. However if you lose these units, you feel the losses much more and it places you in a vulnerable position.

    I also think attacking the HQ would be a better way to wrap up a battle, to give both players a chance to come back from the brink.

    As for the German Tank design, you could give the Germans an LK I or LK II in place of the A7V.

    On a final note, you could give the Germans a slight variation of the Shotgun unit, as the Germans never used Shotguns in WW1 and even went as far as to diplomatically protest the United States' use of them; you could give their Assault/Shotgun unit MP-18s to represent their "Sturmtruppen"

    Edit: Another idea I think would be handy, would be, the ability to choose who advances who does not in a trench, and perhaps even pulling units back to a previous trench.

    As for extra units, you could make a "Trench Raider" type unit who is armed with a Handgun and Grenades designed primarily to break through heavy defenses by throwing grenades into Trenches, at the cost of having low range and a lack of stopping power from his handgun or alternatively a Flamethrower type unit with the same idea in mind.

  14. You have to add selecting characters to send in front or in the back otherwise all ur troopers attack even if u don’t want them to

  15. Sick game!!
    I tried it and managed to go to moderate (completed allied and german all the way to map 1 and 2 on easy and moderate difficulty)

  16. you can put the mortar but it can be overpowered even if where the mortar hit is random because they stay in the trench. make them like the sniper and also limited in number.

  17. Somethings I think would be cool if you added. The ability to retreat from a trench. A way to make more stars. A way to block artillery fire on trenches. A health system where each unit can take different amounts of shots. A medic to restore health. Defensive traps like barbed wire and mines. Trap removers to remove enemy traps, example minesweepers. Grenadier throws grenades into enemy trenches but slow fire and inaccurate. Flame thrower shoots a long stream of fire into enemy trenches. A supply system where you have to bring supplies like ammo and food to the frontline. An ability that infests a enemy trench with rats that eat supplies and forces soldiers in the trench to fight them so you can ambush them. A fog of war system that you have to gain line of sight. Spy unit that allows you to gain sight of the enemy base for an amount of time. Towers for defense that have to be taken down by explosives. Smoke grenadiers that keep a smoke screen to make defenders inaccurate. A unit or defense that lowers enemy fire rate. Conscription ability makes soldiers able to be bought twice as fast for a short period of time.

  18. Fun game idea! One concept I thought of while watching was to not just have a linear battlefield. What if there were multiple, parallel trench systems that you had to send your troops through? For example, at its simplest, there would be a top path and bottom path, and normal troops could not shoot or attack except on the path that they were on. Perhaps soldiers could switch paths at very specific junction points.

    You could get some really interesting map layouts that way, where maybe a large no-man's land in the center had two flanking complex trench systems that needed to be actively fought over very intensely, or even something larger and crazier!

    Perhaps each path could provide specific bonuses and a reason to capture different trench systems? An artillery dugout, tank supplies, a hardened bunker, etc. Just a thought, but would really up intensity and decision making.

  19. A 1v1 multiplayer with an invite system to play with friends would definitely benefit this badass game. 🔥

  20. I really like the whole idea of a defense upgrade system for the home base.

  21. You should ad anti-tank cannons to destoroy Tanks if they get added

  22. Make a machine gun implacement that you can put a machine-gunner in but that unit has to stay there.

  23. You should try playing Trench Warfare 1917: WW1 RTS

  24. Can we get this on mobile please🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  25. Would be cool if you could use the medals to upgrade the "card" of the unit on the bottom left

  26. maybe the addition of a small skill based things that could be a risk reward system like having a granade lob mechanic that you have to click your spacebar at the right time and it throws into the trench and if you get it to far off it could be dropped and blow up in your trench, the timing thing could be like the dead by daylight skill thing. Sorry about the poor wording, just letting my creative juices type for me. ALSO veterancy would be sick!

  27. make the officer able to command different groups of units like some units will defend others will attack

  28. It reminds me a lot to warfare 1917

  29. Looks great. Would be awesome if you had the option to retreat if a attack is looking bad

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