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I Platinum’d Every PS3 God of War

Nick AR
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I Platinum’d Every PS3 God of War game! In this video, I got the platinum for every God of War game that came out on PS3! That includes God of War, God of War 2, God of War: Chains of Olympus, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, and lastly God of War: Ascension. I didn’t play God of War 3 in this video cause I already had the platinum from years ago. This is another rendition of the series where I platinum every game from a specific game series. Which series should be next?

Here’s my PSN if you’d like to see my trophies: Energenic-
Make sure you type the dash there at the end. If my name doesn’t show, I’m not sure why, it just doesn’t show for some people, in that case look me up on the PSN profiles website and it should work.


  1. Picked up a copy of the HD collection but honestly too intimidated to go for the trophies, much respect my guy

  2. I Platinumed GOW1,GOW2,GOW3, GOW2018. Getting ragnorok in a few weeks or months. Should i do Ghost of sparta and Chains of olympus? ( Im skipping Acension because 1. Horrible gameplot 2. Crappy story )

  3. I am facing this same challenge!
    At the moment I got platinum only on God of War 2018 on Steam and now I’m on first run on God of War I.
    Could you please link us the trophies guides you followed?

    Thanks and great video!

  4. Huh what happened with the translator


  6. Man i love the gow games i got my first platinum ever on gow 3 and I'm currently on 20 platinums and I started about January time last year would you say that's decent or nah?

  7. Can u beat and get platinum trophy on re4 remake

  8. Why does every trophy hunter say "Let's goooo" every trophy? Ffs

  9. Nick looks like the kind of guy that will meet folks at a Starbucks and be happy to retell his stories of Platinum chasing. Just an all round nice guy.

  10. اضغط زر الدائره على افعه سوفه تطلع السم ❤

  11. Dude i like your video while i watch this it made me to do the platinum all ps3 gow 🤣 i already did gow ragnarok and gow 3

  12. Man i remember going for all the GOW platinums a few years ago. I had a great time despite how frustrating they can be, the only game I need to platinum is Ragnarok but I'll get to that eventually.

  13. Me lembro do meu primo jogando esse 1° jogo na sala da casa dele, e eu pequeno achando muito maneiro os gráficos que "pareciam" um filme.

  14. I'm gonna plat the ps3 gow games and rn im almost done with ascension and I gotta say that even though the game is not really that great, I love these kind of plats, fair challenges and no mindless grinding

  15. Hello sir , I hope you'll see my comment , I was wondering how u got to play the psp games on ps5 , I can't find the games on premium , or store , how ? Thank you

  16. Love binge watching every video you have you should platnium every saints row

  17. Hi nick I got a question please help me out! How did you record ps3 gameplay did you use capture card? If so which one?

  18. which ps3 are you playing this on in order to play ps2 games, the slim or original one?

  19. BROOOOO when I did this one, it restarted each time I failed but I still got all the achievements.

  20. Hey man, I just discovered ur channel, I really like your videos, continue what you are doing!👍👍

  21. If anyone can answear me how many of these can you play on ps5? And if can i get trophies when i play on ps5?

  22. I have only platinumed god of war 2018 and ragnarok

  23. Guys can I get platinum in ragnarok in ps4 version and ps5 version too?

  24. I always come back to your videos bro LOL. You are HILARIOUS when you get mad at games 😂😂😂😂😂 sorry to laugh at your pain but it’s so funny cause I feel your pain LOL

  25. Yo bro just wanted to ask can i still do gow ascension tutorial multiplayer trophy or did the servers shut down or smn?

  26. Just curious did he download the game through ps store or did he use PS3HEN?
    ps store sucks and I think it's off
    anyone please??? I really want to get GOW trophies

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