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I Played War Games in WWE 2K23 – FULL MATCH!

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Sam Roberts plays WWE 2K23 and shares the full War Games match he played.

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  1. WarGames and NXT 2.0 is the main reason I'm considering buying this one even though I have 2k22.

  2. Sam struggled early because he was the babyface waiting for his comeback.

  3. Fire tables only in WarGames? I wouldn't be surprised if you could do it in any mode, now that Cody is officially in it.

  4. Why is WarGames 3 on 3? Is 4 on 4 not an option?

  5. 6:50 that animation of Roman being thrown over the table is brutal

  6. One thing im interested to know is if you do a normal match at the arena will it still have the two rings

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