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I spent an entire day in the most immersive war game

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0:00 Intro
0:49 Infantry
3:54 Logistics/Building
5:50 Naval
10:07 Outro
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  1. Eren Yeager always fighting for his people freedom

  2. Ugh . Why can’t they just be the axis and the allies ? I hate it when they do this crap

  3. I do like the funny joke about the entire player base joining the axis, but I do really like that the developers created entirely new factions, with new weapon names and completely fleshed out immersive countries

  4. the factions are not one to one to the real world, the colonials are a ameerican and russian mix with allied themes, the wardens are a rough mix between the germans in terms of vehicles and french

  5. "Which one of us ran" fucking killed me😂

  6. 1:10 Angry lore man noises

    Jokes aside, the Wardens are actually the defensive faction in the lore. While the “Warden = Germany” jokes usually aren’t too much of a problem, the issue is that we usually have to deal with neo-Nazis more often because they come in thinking we are the Germans (which isn’t too common but still). Ironically, most of our influence is French, which most do the Colonial influence is Italian (at least without going too much into the lore)

  7. 3:06 For context, these defenses are actually AI (you can tell by the size of the flag whether or not the AI is active or not). But there are also people who will sit on defenses for hours on end lmao

  8. I take it you enjoyed your first time recruit, this is typically how it feels to be first introduced to the game. My first was a man with a bus rolled up to the back line name Mustachio and said "Get in" and drive us up the road to the front line and a guy asked "Should I wear my seatbelt?" To which he replied "You don't need a seatbelt where you're going!" Now I'm a Second Lieutenant and war hasn't gotten easier after that. (2Lt)

  9. As a warden man it's great to see the collies having fun. At least until we start knocking in Therizo or anywhere in Kalokai

  10. Great video!! Foxhole is one of my all-time favorites.

  11. Funny how ppl think wardens are germans when they have blue french uniforms and most of their tech looks french sure some german stuff but and the collies are a mix of US and USSR looks

  12. Hey man, I was the guy in the turret of your legendary gunship. You were lucky because we managed to take him back before they took it away. 😊
    I wasn't expecting to see me in one of your video 😂

  13. Because of this video I just bought the game.

  14. Man it makes me cringe when people try to use irl historical exemple to describe the factions… Rhaaaaa…

  15. Accusing the WW1 french inspired faction to be the german one.
    The irony

  16. I will ALWAYS be a logistics boy – nothing more satisfying than hearing the cheer of your comrades as you drop off supplies or build a fortress – well done boys

  17. The wardens are just fighting against the colonial invasion

  18. Choosing colonials is based my brother told me that I believe fully into that sentiment suck it blueberries

  19. 1:17 actually I’m pretty sure the wardens are based off ww1 france

  20. It's even worse than people choosing the wermacht. They're choosing the french

  21. Wardens are french and german themes with some celtic naming. Colonials are greek and roman themes with similar themes. Each have a dash of other infulance too.

  22. For people who is planning to buy the game and start playing it, I recommend to play in the Charlie Shard/server because it is intended for beginners and seems like very chill server to play in. Able shard/server is where the sweaty tryhards are playing. The queue there is horrendous, but it is what considered by many "the war that counts". it is totaly different experience, which may improve or worsen your experience. But the main thing about Foxhole is to communicate, which is one of interesting main points of Foxhole.

  23. Yo bro it's me BRUH from RAW régiment the guy whot bringue to you your legendary boat 😅

  24. you know, regards the opening meme, its wild how Infinity Ward and Sledge fumbled the most financially climate (russo-ukraine war) towards Russian bad guys again in CODMW3

  25. Foxhole and Battlebit had the same vibe of community

  26. Bought Foxhole like two or three years ago, but haven't played it till december 2022.
    Hell, this game is just something else that ya can't only describe by words, ya need to play it, experience it and feel all of that stuff by yourself. Sadly, cause of life situation, I can't play rn for literally whole frickin year, but any content about game just warms my soul.

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