I think this is the most BRUTAL WW2 SIMULATOR I have ever played... - nzwargamer.net

I think this is the most BRUTAL WW2 SIMULATOR I have ever played…

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Q What game is this?
A: 8:47

Q Have you played?
A: Check the channel.

Q: You should play (Game Name)!
A: Join the Discord and leave a suggestion in the game request tab!

Q: Is this game on/do you play Xbox/PS4?
A: I play on PC mostly. Check Google quick to see if it is on console

Q: How much is this game?
A: Due to sales, currency differences, and different online stores, prices vary. Check online for info.

Q: Why are you wearing sunglasses?
A: I did it a few times on stream and it became a thing. It matches our emotes so it fits well.

Q: What is your favorite _________?
A: Doesn’t matter that much. It’s always changing with new experiences and things available.

Q: How long is the stream?
A: On average, about 2 hours – more if there is time.

Q: When are you playing (Game Name)?
A: Check the video release schedule in the links above.

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A: Check the channel, if there is a video on it then I have and you can watch!

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A: Daily.

Q: Do you know (YouTuber Name)? You should play with (YouTuber Name)!
A: I am usually fairly busy with my own channel and other things, I watch others, but hard to co-op.

Q: What did I miss?
A: No one knows how long you were gone for or what you have seen, so it’s hard to recap a stream.

Q: Does he read chat? Why are you ignoring me!
A: Typically there are hundreds watching and chatting. While gaming, it’s hard to get to everyone.

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A: YouTube is broken. Notifications don’t always go out or they are late. It gives people time to join.


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  1. This has heavy Red Orchestra Vibes from the early 2000's Nice

  2. I was not aware of the colored HUD they had in WW2.


  4. Hell Let Loose beats any version of Battlefield or COD. I wish they didn't allow squads to be locked as this prevents good team work. You don't win this game without team work.

  5. Battlefield is so much better the this game.

  6. when u r killed and still give information to the team is epic:)

  7. NKVD a Google employee – gods that got me in the stitches XD

  8. This game looks like an attempt at staying true to history, but I wish they would remove all the name tags and other interface elements on screen. It would increase realism not only visually, but also by increasing the the risk of friendly fire.

  9. I'm one hour in and still haven't seen single enemy soldier

  10. Waoow!
    So many progresses have been made in design and gameplay since Medal of Honour Airborne.

  11. OMFG!!!this game has me ducking down in my seat yelling at the screen, its absolutely incredible how far these games have come I can't get enough of it!!!

  12. i love HLL but its just too slow. ww2 simulator is a good way to name it because its hardly a game

  13. Why R the guns sooooo old? Don't we have M16s?

  14. Did you see the enemy even once? How is this a good game? All I see are tiny specs on the horizon.

  15. What game is this? Answer in words please!

  16. 18:40 this game seems so realistic, that the troops are even teenagers. Holy crap man. very accurate

  17. I knew it was hell let loose just by the title. This game can cause ptsd. You can still hear the sounds at night

  18. If you really want a good WW2 Shooter, skip HLL arcade sim and go straight for Post Scriptum.

  19. The graphics on this game are AMAZING. Thanks for uploading!

  20. Is this game the spiritual successor to red orchestra 2?

  21. This game reminds me of WW2 Online. One great game even though you had to pay a subscription fee.

  22. This game seems look like old red orchestra but with new bettr graphic. What is the title ?

  23. Ah, a battle before the US decided to join us yet the nation is a choice! 😂

  24. This game is full of cheaters, its really bad

  25. "Bradford I don't think you're immersed enough I need more screaming," Hilarious.

  26. John 6: 47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."

  27. I didn't know ww2 soldiers had blue markers floating over them.

  28. Go to 29:15 if you wanna feel what its like when the Stalin Organ start striking your position 🙂

  29. crappier RO2 with better graphics, sick…. Boring. I wanna see something like this but more large scale, like Planetside or something. Now that would be epic.

  30. maybe realistic – but fucking boring.

  31. Hi hope everyone is doing great if you’d like to see some of my gaming please check me out on Higherthan let me know what you think.

  32. Battlefield trying to be more like Call of Duty
    Call of Duty trying to be more like Battlefield
    It's good to see there are games trying to be more like reality (real historic warfare)

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