I think this is the most BRUTAL WW2 SIMULATOR I have ever seen... - nzwargamer.net

I think this is the most BRUTAL WW2 SIMULATOR I have ever seen…

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  1. looks coll but im not sure if the game has longevity

  2. I'm a medic in the Army and I like the concept of this Game, but the actual medical stuff is really bad, I hope they consult with people to make that aspect more realistic! I think then this game would be really good!

  3. "Quick lets take cover behind the fuel truck!"

  4. Need to work on the voice acting and military terminology. Medics are the Army, Corpsmen are Marine and Navy. I didn't see any officers so "Sir" wouldn't be used it would be sailor/seamen for the navy (solider for Army) or if a NCO their rank (Petty officer. Staff sergeant, Private etc.) Overall pretty cool premise but some basic research on terms would just add a nice layer to the realism but I think my vet status is starting to show through now lol.

  5. Guy In dress whites speaking

    Game: unknown soldier.

    : navy rage intensifies

  6. "Hacksaw Ridge" is the movie you where looking for

  7. Hacksaw Ridge was the movie, btw great ass movie

  8. Not a perfect simulator. There should be a 15 year E5 who critiques the wear and appearance of your uniform.

  9. If only we had a simulator like this at Ft. Sam Houston for 68W combat medic training when I went through back in ‘08.

  10. It needs more drama, more screaming, more crying…

    They all just sound… high xD

  11. this game exists
    Desmond Doss: hold my gauze..

  12. the movie your thinking of is hacksaw ridge

  13. Why would you use battle field over arma 3 for realism on medic things ? Battlefield is no where near real lmao

  14. Well who told you that world war 2 was just another war…

  15. Not going to like call of duty: World at war felt the most accurate for its time.

  16. 『ちぇっリュ 科挙医の』 says:

    Fun fact: if medics dont attack they must not be killed due to war rules

  17. Okay… I am just going to say what thought is lurking in the backs of everyone's minds. This game looks fucking stupid.

  18. this is a cool idea do it in augmented reality it could be fun

  19. You might be thinking of Hacksaw Ridge thats the only thing i can think of

  20. Hacksaw Ridge with Andrew Garfield playing the main role that`s the movie you can`t recall. Awesome movie. This game looks great, keep up with the good videos.

  21. question is the game going to be free?
    i really want to play it

  22. He is good at helping people……'s legs

  23. the most BRUTAL WW2 SIMULATOR where you dont even shoot once?

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