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I thought this Roman Army Battle Simulator was DEAD

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Shieldwall just got a big update! Yep, shield wall! It added more missions so we can lead a Roman Centurion army in Testudo formation again. Roma Victor! – Shield Wall Roman Battle Sim. Relive the glory days of arcade gaming with golden axe game. Play online!
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  1. Get the unlimited soldiers thing and then make a battle with 300 of the max upgraded Spartans/hoplights

  2. It has been so long finally some new og game vids i always watched this and many other of and new vids of you

  3. Как се казва играта😊

  4. I’m a big fan of you taking me to my tablet go back❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. As soon as you saw purple and orange fight just take purples base. Even if he wins you can just kite back to your base to get more troops. Rather than blame the AI you didnt change your approach for the whole game

  6. Barry play more shield what I want to see my shield wall bro I want I want more should

  7. legio aeterna victrix!
    (Legion, internal victory!)

  8. Btw, the blue i believe are the parthenogenesis

  9. I was so excited for the new update when i saw it, but this mission is a pain, i hate it

  10. What password do I need to enter in steam

  11. Did he take the “ your mothers a hamster, and your father smells of elderberry” from bleeding blades ?

  12. hey bro how do you get hat game i am a kid and I LOVE YOUR CHANLL I SUSDSCRIBED

  13. Why not add a link that can lead you to the app store and you can download this game why don't you just play store in the comments

  14. Tell the developer to reduce the strength of the gate on level five and don't add reinforcements

  15. having defenders have their own pop count would help. also making it limited to three and then upgrading it to five or six would be nice. this would allow them to at least hold out to give you time. next is having more upgrades period so you can have something to spend your money on. like a hundred gold for a little damage or something. also having different units like a skirmisher with more javelins and range, or a heavy unit who can deal with shields. mainly it's the fact that it's a free for all but the computers still focus the player and there's barely any room for error as it's a two vs one and you don't have very many options or ways to overpower two enemies.

  16. this game reminds me of another game u used to do such memories

  17. I wish I could play the game with you it seems really fun❤

  18. as long as you are above orange. You are victorious and that's the win in my book.

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