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If The U.S. And China Go To War, Who Loses?

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As tensions have been escalating between the U.S. and China, the Philippines announced it will allow American troops more access to military bases in the country. But what’s at stake for this island nation, which was once a U.S. colony, if the two superpowers go to war?

Dena Takruri travels to the Philippines to watch the annual combined military exercise held by American and Philippine troops, and hears from Filipinos who oppose a bigger U.S. military footprint in their country.

00:00: Intro
1:11: Dena watches combined military exercises
2:42: What’s going on with China in the Pacific?
5:12: Why Filipino fisherfolk are protesting
7:42: What’s the U.S. doing in the Philippines in the first place?
9:57: Why this Philippine governor is against increased U.S. military presence


  1. The japanese feel the same has the philipinnes the want the usa out of their country too. USA loves war i cant help but feel that the time has come for USA to fall like all empires before it like the greeks and romans

  2. We lose. If we don't have a MINIMUM of 32 countries to jump down their throats at once, then we don't stand a chance. Don't let the media keep lying to you.

  3. Seems like phillipenes is willing cannon fodder of USA.

  4. Those Pilipinos who are opposed the presence of American forces here in the Philippines are communist they are full of lies and propaganda.

  5. Philippines doesn't have a chance of winning but surely we will make it deadly fight just like what happen during WW2 when japan invaded pH.

  6. cina doesn't have the logistics to win .. usa camstatve china ny cutting off all shipment to china by sea

  7. Soldiers are meant to fight in wars let them do the job they signed up for. World war 3 is knocking and soldiers want to kill humans.

  8. Those activists in the Philippines are Maoists/Communists. Never be fooled. They cover their faces. They're paid individuals.

  9. Those protesters would probably protest harder if the Chinese were there


  11. If we count in that china's people are really not happy with their leader then well you can picture it out.
    if china goes to war with another global Superpower than none of them have any win.

    why? because of countries are on the edge of collpasing then..

  12. Uwon kok.. pingin nikahh,, cocotte, cak stm n smk….,,, !!,, tekann.. gta f gpa, ,….!!,, ,,,,!! Trah tubrukk kae mung…..!!@@,,,

  13. Hopefully you will never have to hear a missile being launched.
    Yes I understand that people need to be protected and defended. I just wish there were non violent alternatives.

  14. The leaders because ppl will overthrow them

  15. The world will loose there’s no winning on either side millions of people will die

  16. You wanna see the whole Pacific Rim go Communist.

  17. Send all. USA troops from around the world, back home. Wtf are they doing still colonizing when it's 2023

  18. They lost against taliban so china will ran over them like a train 😅

  19. That will bring an end to the imperialist domination of the us. This time chaina will swallow the usa with it's fire of lake.

  20. War is a racket –read the book

  21. Its all about empire nothing more. The USA neoliberal capitalism model or Chinas communist capitalist model. Who will be your daddy 😂😂

  22. In the Asia-Pacific, the U.S. military cannot go to war with China, and it is impossible for a superpower to fight a war. At most, a proxy war is when China fights the Philippines, and the U.S. military sells weapons behind the scenes. See Ukraine. That's all, even in the Korean War, China and the United States are tied. It is the Filipino land, the people who are hurt. U.S. Army fighting for the Philippines? It's a joke.

  23. While I can totally understand the perspectives of the Filipinos who oppose and are concerned about American presence in the Philippines, there’s some very important details that have to be brought up.
    1. China is aggressive to the Philippines. that’s a fact. mainly in the form of territorial waters. the Chinese navy regularly harasses civilian fishing boats that are within Filipino waters. and then there was the time a Chinese navy ship flashed lasers into a Filipino ship temporarily blinding the crew. it’s clear China doesn’t respect Filipino sovereignty, and that’s reassured by China’s ridiculous claims to what is almost the entirety of the S. China Sea, violating UN-recognized territorial waters belonging to the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam.
    2. China is making it perfectly clear that they are willing to outright attack and invade other nations. they’ve outright said they’ll invade Taiwan. they’ve invaded Vietnam, Mongolia, Tibet, India, and have several border disputes with tiny countries like Nepal and Bhutan. what honestly makes you think that China wouldn’t consider the Philippines as a target as well? especially if the Americans were not willing to defend the Philippines.
    3. a complaint some made is that having American bases will make the Philippines a target for China. the Philippines is already a target for China even if it weren’t for the American bases. it’s strategically important geographically and the Philippines military isn’t exactly weak, and it is an American ally, willing to defend it. having US bases as far back as Guam and Hawaii only ensure that China will likely succeed in bombarding the Philippines (and this goes for Japan too) without the Philippines really being able to fight back against Chinese fire power. and by the time American forces can reach the Philippines, it may be too late.
    4. some argue this is a continuing of American imperialism, as the US had the Philippines as a colony, and some people seem to have resentment for that. and to an extent that’s understandable, HOWEVER, USA in 1901 is not the USA in 2023. it’s a very different country now in a very different world. it is the country that pressured Europe into decolonizing after WWII, and it’s also the country that regularly scolds China for its debt trapping campaign abroad, because it is essentially soft colonialism.

    now some may say “well if we’d just communicate and stop provoking each other than this wouldn’t be an issue” and they are absolutely right. however, once again we need to dive into some more details. the US ambassador to China and the US secretary of defense had repeatedly tried to set up meetings with Chinese officials to talk things out, but they are unresponsive. on 60 Minutes and interview with a US general i believe, talked about this. and he answered a question with “we can only hope they pick up the phone” and currently they aren’t picking up the phone. it’s a clear message of unwillingness to communicate which is the most important thing right now above all.

  24. nice content.thankxz for covering our country

  25. I cant believe this question is even being asked. Doesn't recent history show us anything that America touches turns into a shit hole. If the Philippines kick off with China. The fishing industry is the least of your concerns.

  26. These philipinos are whining the us is here well see how there whining when china come and take over there country and they have no us defence

  27. this is not good for the Philippines or anyone, these idiots who want to keep making money from war need to go.


    China will teach the Americans how to be Human 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  29. What most Filipinos don't understand is that this is being done to show the world that we are preparing and we are very much willing to defend ourselves. If push comes to shove, someone will come to help us defend our country from potential threats like a Chinese Naval Incursions or war. The key world in this is DETERRENCE. Hindi pa ba tayo natuto? Diba nung panahon ni Digong pinaalis young mga US troops as pinas tapos nagpakatuta sya sa China? Anung results? diba mas lalo tayong na bully at naabuso? Diba mas lalo tayong natakot? diba mas lalong di makapangisda ung mga mangigisda sa wps kasi binubully ng mga chinese militia disguised as fishing vessels? Nakapag patayo sila ng mga artificial islands at nabubully ang kahit sino na mag try mangisda jan. Bakit ba napakakitid ng utak ng mga pinoy? nakakatawa na nakakaawa. As much as gusto natin depensahan ang sarili natin on our own, realistically hindi pa natin kaya. Kaya dapat makipagtulungan tayo sa mga potential allies like US para hindi tayo maging sitting duck at umasa lang na hindi tayo atakihin ng CHina kasi aatake ang China kapag nakita nilang hindi ka papalag. Imagine umalis na naman yang mga US troops? Lalo lang gaganahan sumugod yang mga nanakop sa wps. Common sense naman sana. Habang lumilipas ang panahon, dapat maginvest din tayo sa sarili nating defense capabilities para sa hinaharap, hindi na natin kailangan umasa sa US para madepensahan ung territory natin. Madali maging nationalist at sabihihing kaya natin sa sarili natin pero ang katotohanan sa ngayon ay kabaliktaran. Gising na. Wag lang sarili nyo isipin nyo. May greater purpose ang mga military excercises na yan.



  32. I can't say who will lose. There is though, one certainty. And that is that the arms dealers will win.

  33. The Philippines which had been invaded, raped, tortured, killed and colonised during the Philippines- American war, once again raised its bum to be screwed by the americans again! No dignity! Bah!

  34. China suggests “leave along conflicts and develop South China sea together", but Filipinos wants to bring in US force who is an absolutely foreign country. Think about it, if there is a war between CHINA and US, the war will be in Philippine lands. Guess which people will suffer?

  35. Is this the same US troop whom the taliban kicked out of Afghanistan, so they are now in Philippines right

  36. ..morning dated 16.7.2023 from me LOVE FOR PEACE pls say No WW3..

    Your vedio Title is on the  +ve Notes…My 1st encounter of a vedio Title caught my attention..

    Syabas…terima kasih ari aku d Pulau Borneo…

    Dated 16.7.2023…China never will invade Taiwan.. Mexico will move forward at its own phass if it has not been influenced bu US NATO ..A SOVEREIGN NATION

    ..this 21st Century is belongst to China Golden Age…nor a Cold War with China between any established world power such as with US…Taiwan is not an issue to US but is a domestic domain internally in China…due to the later's complicated history…….but axially evili US digging support from world community to hate China by telling China is bad. US is enticing world support to liberate Chinese Taiwan by wanting to have WW3 by killing Chinese Mainland China …common US NATO league which Chinese do u want??

    .US has lost its status quo as an international reference and only talking…talking and talking sales on its human rights  and its other values trying to convince by applying refressions to any firms and nations that are not of US benefits…

    What US got now is itself being cooked spiced with its own  recepies and is expressing the taste bitterly to the world..

    ..US had lost its Christian values the source of THE US PRESIDENT's virtues where his-her palm was placed when ultering an oaths to lead US and  The World
    Order to the way of God…where is that palm marks on our earth… 😭😭

    US had done away with God…this is seriously the cause of US downfall to the abyss…

    My dad was with US England N Zealsnd Australia and the Commonwealth  in WW2…now his son (thats me) hating White House warlords and …..everyday hears US desperate call fr support

    Below is what US West NATO WW3 would b heroes DONOT UNDERDTAND :

    "Any nation  if got the might can declare any war against Taiwan but Chinese China will  protect Chinese Taiwan people…

    .. any nation invades Chinese Taiwan ..the mainland Chinese China will fight alongside its Chinese Taiwan brothers…"

    But..but siblings rival is best leave the fight fir thrmselves to decide.. not our affairs to pursue fr WW3…….

    Mainland China Chinese vs Taiwan Chinese has been US NATO power point  fr instigating WW3…

    A war between these 2 Chinese will ONLY ERUPT IN THE OPEN SEA atkin to Falkland s war England Argentina…

    USA NATO mind ur own economies…jangan kekacau cau tepi kain orang

  37. Everyone loses short term and long term. It would be catastrophic.

  38. The US fights dirty. They guise their wars with moral reason, but at our backs they're just there to get the rich richer. Proxy wars started all over the world should be obvious by now.

  39. The US spent over 20 years on Wars in the Middle East . And started the proxy war in Europe with Ukrainians

    as the cannon fodder. Will it start another proxy war soon with Japanese and Filipino as the cannon fodder ?

    Are there too many Warmongers in the US who try to wage Wars around the World ?

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