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If The U.S. And China Go To War, Who Loses?

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As tensions have been escalating between the U.S. and China, the Philippines announced it will allow American troops more access to military bases in the country. But what’s at stake for this island nation, which was once a U.S. colony, if the two superpowers go to war?

Dena Takruri travels to the Philippines to watch the annual combined military exercise held by American and Philippine troops, and hears from Filipinos who oppose a bigger U.S. military footprint in their country.

00:00: Intro
1:11: Dena watches combined military exercises
2:42: What’s going on with China in the Pacific?
5:12: Why Filipino fisherfolk are protesting
7:42: What’s the U.S. doing in the Philippines in the first place?
9:57: Why this Philippine governor is against increased U.S. military presence


  1. US always at war but never in their own territory. That says it all. B*stards.

  2. Jesus Christ, a women of course, this isn’t a game. Nobody wins in war.

  3. They demolish what they build 👁️👿 USA the real demon

  4. Funds of anti-American organizations come from the CCP,They are happy to be anti-American。

  5. Let them ask Afghanistan and Iraq what have become of their countries.

  6. Isnt crazy when woke channel use things from 100 years ago to cause divide in the present day.

  7. Even without US military personnel the red light districts still exist.

  8. So if they don't want us there, simple, leave. Let them deal with it and don't dare go back when they call for help.

  9. Freedom is your right. If you make that request, we will honor it. But before your president decides, please ask him this. What if we leave and you're wrong.

    – Optimus Prime

  10. Without the United States, Japan would not have been able to launch World War II. Japan’s metals, parts, oil, and cotton during World War II were all provided by the United States. At the same time, the United States also provided Germany with the help of these two fascist countries to launch World War II, and then the United States made war fortunes.

  11. China "invades" Taiwan would be like saying the US "invades" Rhode Island, or Manhattan Island.

  12. Past colonialism really brainwashed the Filipinos well, didn't it?

  13. The United States are doing these third worlders a favour and they still doubt us. Thank goodness we already have bases there to prove a point. They don't know what they want until we give it to them.

  14. Tangina puppet to c Marcos.. sabi na eh nd to kcng galing ng tatay nya .. balik nyo c duterte

  15. The US is all talk. We only care about Taiwan because of the Semi Conductors and electronics. That will be resolved with money and deals. The US absolutely will NOT fight a war with China. We know we would lose OR take severe casualties and damage.. both options are not acceptable. The US public doesn't have the stomach for a real war anymore. It has to be on TV and 10000 miles away. America has gone very soft.. we care more about our money, sports, Social Media and music.. we have had enough with war and death and guns and all that.

  16. To sum up the video: Most Phillipeans approve the US presence, but a couple don't, so lets focus on those couple of people and not the majority. Great work AJ+

  17. These white people are overrating their equipments which is exactly the reason why Russian soldiers are laughing.

  18. If there is a WW3, the entire mankine will lose, period!

  19. We would all lose but China would lose far more in the long run because they want to control their neighbors and their neighbors aren't going to behave.

  20. Everybody loses, except some arms dealers in the US.

  21. Sincere Sentinel of Sentience and Sapiens says:

    I'm not fighting an entirely unnecessary war for dim witted politicians in D.C. If there's a war & a draft, I'm out of here. And yet they wonder why recruiting levels are so low- Morons. 🥴

  22. recognizing Taiwan as part of China. what kinds of logic is that? is that a domestic affair ? lol…..that means what?

  23. EDCA is a practice that can help to strengthen our troops to defend our very own country… China should acknowledge the law

  24. China no kill or harm Philippines. So many American soldiers in phillipine one day will be like Russia invade Ukraine. Good luck Philippines.

  25. Ang ibang pilipino na ayaw sa balikatan o ayaw sa amerikano, cla kaya Ang humarang sa mga intsik na gahaman at mangunguha ng d sa kanilang area,

  26. That fisherman has abused woman’s syndrome. He is siding with. China which is the very same person who has their boots on his neck

  27. No winners in war? You exist because the US stopped gennoacide twice on your islands, first with Spain and second with Japan. No winners? Tell Hitler that. Tell To Joe that. These people want there nation to be destroyed


  29. So, Philippines offered a place for a war of 2 superpowers. US is happy to get what they want, China is happy that no talk is necessary. Guess who is the loser.

  30. Not again, the Philippines is a very gold pedestal for a strategic naval base. It's the center of the fight since ww2 that severed the "big lost" for the Japanese empire.
    Now it will be the center point against china, to protect taiwan and the gate for the American navy.
    Dang, why would our Geographic location be so much of a mess?
    From the topography and weather, it's the Ohio of Asia I'm pretty sure.

  31. Parang hindi nagiisip ang mga Pilipinong na interview. You displayed dispatriotic behavior against our cery own nation.

  32. Bobo ung mga kontra sa presence ng us forces dito sa pinas,. Ano papalamon kayo sa china? Wla nman kyo magawa sa china

  33. Yeah that American flag being burnt rubbed me the wrong way. I guess they don't teach history in the Philippines. Remember when the Japanese invaded your lands and slaughtered over a million of your civilians and took thousands of your women for "comfort women" for the Japanese solders? The USA cut off Japan's oil, essentially stopping their advancement into the rest of Asia and provoking the Japanese to attack pearl harbor instead of letting them commit a genocide on your people. Now the Chinese are your enemy and the next most likely country to occupy your lands and slaughter your people. Yet here we are preparing to protect your lands again with American lives. What about Taiwan? Do you want the US to move out of your lands and let China take Taiwan by force? no doubt costing an ungodly number of lives in the process? more slavery and work force intermit camps? Your country literally wouldn't survive to regret it's decision.

  34. What a question? USA or you mean 31 countries (NATO). USA wont stand a chance thats USA created a club

  35. I am amazed how US actually doing wars around the world.
    But still uses like Ukrainians or other nations for there Interest. (i guess it's called "Proxy wars")
    Feeling bad for Ukrainians and other nations in the future that gonna fight and die for the US.
    They really collected alot of experience in there 300+ warfare history.

  36. The Philippines is a democracy. The people elected a government focused on defense from a growingly unpredictable and hostile China.
    While there are some that would like to gamble their way to submission at thd best case or invasion at worst – it seems like the majority want a strong Philippines able to defend itself – and cooperation from other democratic states who share common ideals is part of it.
    The US would not be back in the Philippines had the majority of the population did not fear Chinese aggression and call on friends for assistance

  37. If u.s. and china war the philippines is the one to be a loser…

  38. Chinese inbreeds were the one who protested… They've been raping Philippines economy even before Magellan… If you can notice, most of the large company and Tycoons in the Philippines were Chinese Or half blood, keeping those pure Filipino in the slums waiting for someone to pay them to join the rally. Often time, backed by Chinese Economic rapist.. Politicians were half Chinese if not a puppet of a Chinese… The don't want US to be there because it may affect their businesses here. If you notice, majority of those who were in the rally seems like they don't know why they were there, or even believe what they were suppose to fight for. LOL…

  39. this is easy to answer who won the war in Afghanistan not the US who has the latest and greatest weapons US and they still lost so who will win not the US

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