India joins Russia’s Vostok ‘war games’; U.S concerned over military drills amid Ukraine war -

India joins Russia’s Vostok ‘war games’; U.S concerned over military drills amid Ukraine war

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The White House press secretary, when asked about India’s involvement in Vostok 2022, said that the US is concerned as the military drill in Russia comes amidst the Ukraine war. However, the White House press secretary further added that every participating country will make its own decisions, hinting that the US won’t interfere. India will take part in the multi-nation military drill hosted by Russia but will stay away from its maritime component to avoid hurting the sensitivity of Japan. The Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) will take part in the drill in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan as part of the Vostok 2022. India, however, will not attend the sea drill, which triggered protests from Japan. The Vostok drill in Russia from September 1-7 is being closely tracked globally as it is the first major such drill to take place after Russia invaded Ukraine. Watch this report for more details.

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  1. I wonder who is going to win between China and India?

  2. Concerned for what's, one of your kid.

  3. The clear message is India won't participate in any military alliance on either side.

  4. Brutal unprovoked war against Ukraine??? That's pure western Propaganda. So Hindus were blind when ukrain murdered russians in donbas and broke its neutrality pact due to its Nato puppetry

  5. Why America still think india gulam hai uska.
    Jo wo bolega wo karega
    Apni aukat bhool gya America
    Bure din shuru hone wala America ke 😁

  6. Big nations should think wisely and should show maturity. Not waste money in arms race. There is no use in our missiles and nuclear bombs. Even an accidental triggering can cause havoc and probably wipe out all life on earth.

    Our atmic explosions are nothing compared to nature's black whole and white whole. Even to reach a nearest star we need a spaceship traveling at the speed of light( which we still don't have) would take 30 years! So we are too small in this universe and there is no point in our arrogance. Even the best rationalist or a yogi or a scientist( leave aside the most powerful politicians ) doesn't know where he was before birth and where he will be after death. So we are controlled by a power whether you call it God or not it doesn't matter.

    We should resolve issues like territorial disputes through dialogues. Religious differences should be accepted except for Islam which preaches violence on others. So Muslims should educate themselves on their religion by reading their religious books in original or translations and become aware how dangerous is Islam to mankind? They may watch the videos of David wood and Apostle prophet which would save them a lot of reading. They should not simply go by convenient lies fed to them by their religious leaders or clerics. Muslims should finally come out of Islam for their own upliftment and for the sake of world peace.

    All modern technology cannot bring back to life the killed citizens. Also the weapons don't cause direct death but torture us for hours before death is given by God. After effects if we survive wars are also miserable with all disabilities. We still don't have cure for many diseases. Even now there is no solution for calamities like flood and draught. So what is the use of our flaunting dangerous weapons and threating each other ?

    So our energies should be directed to improving the life of mankind. Cooperation with each other is better than one upman ship and killing each other and that is the final message. If we are looking for a readymade solution to the problem of the world probably Gandhism meets most of the requirements. Those who mock at Gandhism as anti-technology should know that it is our technology that has polluted the God's world and has caused global warming which is irreversible. Anyway Gandhism is not against technology.

  7. US should not align with India against China .

  8. India think rats are gods that’s why they are with putin

  9. India backstabbing the US and the West…as always and the West always being duped…

  10. What? India not sending the Vikran…lol

  11. East United ( excludes Israel & Japan ) vs. Wild West

  12. Bad news coverage. Where is this based on?? Proof please.

  13. To every Russian and follower of the evil in the Kremlin. You know Russia invaded a sovereign European country. Your confidence, hubris and arrogance however will not last for long. The free democratic world, and that are many countries, will support Ukraine as long as needed till the Russian occupier and the megalomaniac dwarf in the Kremlin with his inferiority complex, is defeated. This military adventure will be a disaster for Russia, specially economically and that for many years. Don’t forget Russians, your GDP is only 4% of the GDP of the Eurozone + USA, equal to the GDP of the small countries Belgium + Netherlands. Well, that is far to low for a long lasting war. So, be wise and withdraw your troops immediately from Ukraine and kick out the evil from the Kremlin, before it is too late. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦

  14. The U.S. has absolutely no leverage with India. 😂

  15. Semi- senile Biden should by now understand that the then Nixon administration had created a monster in China that not only threaten the security and sovereignty of Bharat but the whole world. Bharat has to conduct military drills with the US, Russia and with other like minded nations to protect Bharat's national interests.

  16. Instead for opting for some peace treaty between russia n ukraiin ..india is jumping in the lap of russia.

  17. India needs to step away from Russia and breathe where future lies. India paid billions to buy S-400 which proved to be ineffective against HiMAR. In case, China invades ladakh again, India has to rely on US. Russia can't help India as it does not have capacity. In war, timing and effectiveness matters. Like Ukraine kicked Russian butt with javelin, Himar and drones.

  18. India playing the double agent role out in the open?
    Chanakkya techniques?
    Divide and rule the enemies?
    But one needs to be in the position of strength.
    What are the strengths?
    Who has the strengths?
    How are they deploying?
    Can they sustain economy ?

  19. Mr Biden can simply go to – h-ll. India decides own future, not Washington.

  20. 🇷🇺💋🇰🇵💋🇮🇳💋🇦🇫💋🇮🇷

  21. Yes.. US is naturally anxious… India is playing well in a play safe strategy to boost its economy.. and indeed it is effective and getting better..I hope India can also say, Please Putin stop your war that causes sufferings in our world🙄🙄🙄🙄

  22. Why also blaming n taking name of India always USA……. India know what is good n bad


  24. India should be fighting against the climate change instead of being so preoccupied with the army and flirting with russia

  25. Russia's army is a big fake. We can see what they do in Ukraine. It was planned like three days operation. So today is 192 day of war instead of 3. There is no strong and big Russia's army. Fake, fake and fake was built on bloody oils money. The only truth is Russia – terrorist state. No one from civilized world will do business with them. They are toxic and absolutely insane.

  26. rule's concern war genocide is demilitarized conflict record. act outside policy's due to lack of fight in parliament (u.n.) why can Russia say no to world 🌎🌍🕊️ dove Ukraine special operations use of drone army we want no a mandatory conflict we to took a lie s evil One, Putin's

  27. Big helicopter to Carry one troop administrator or pak neo Nathan 🦍🌎

  28. Putin is powerful 13 for everyone one we wanted to fight too

  29. I am from INDIA…..but….I am proud of AMERICA…..Hats off to USA….👍👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️

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