India joins Russia’s Vostok ‘war games’; U.S concerned over military drills amid Ukraine war -

India joins Russia’s Vostok ‘war games’; U.S concerned over military drills amid Ukraine war

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The White House press secretary, when asked about India’s involvement in Vostok 2022, said that the US is concerned as the military drill in Russia comes amidst the Ukraine war. However, the White House press secretary further added that every participating country will make its own decisions, hinting that the US won’t interfere. India will take part in the multi-nation military drill hosted by Russia but will stay away from its maritime component to avoid hurting the sensitivity of Japan. The Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) will take part in the drill in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan as part of the Vostok 2022. India, however, will not attend the sea drill, which triggered protests from Japan. The Vostok drill in Russia from September 1-7 is being closely tracked globally as it is the first major such drill to take place after Russia invaded Ukraine. Watch this report for more details.

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  1. India needs an independent foreign policy. No country should be telling India what to do after 75 years

  2. Neutral for India is not an option. Conducting military exercises with both USA and Russia won't gain anything for India.sooner or latter India will have to choose side. Look China and Russia are getting closer. And on the other hand Pakistan is china's small brother (let's say china's tail)

  3. 🇮🇳dia❤❤🇷🇺ssia, Russia fought for India in year 1971 war with NATO/Pakistan. American gave best weapons to Pakistan but India won.

  4. India is no one where there is profit chapter end it wil be there
    America 🇺🇸✝ NATO 🇪🇺 or Russia 🇷🇺✝ balanced by india 🇮🇳🕉

  5. India 🇮🇳 back to the big brother 🇷🇺 farm 😁😁 Others might say anything but can not break the inside relationship of both country.

  6. That's a very odd combination going on in that area of the world, especially India, China, and The Russian Federation. I say nothing more.




  8. The Russians are in partnership with the Chinese, and the Indians, who are at odds with the Chinese, who are at odds with the west, who are now at odds with Russia over the Ukraine, Russian supporting Turkey who is a NATO member. Looks too much like the WW1 central powers with Russio-Turkey against the Sino-Indian alliance. India hasn't forgotten how the west destroyed it in the British Raj period and starving it during WW2. A temporary truce exists between Russia and China that will dissolve. The west is disintegrating under the influence of liberalism and losing its position, leaving a power vacuum for all to fight for. Look for Israel's existence to be challenged from the east to solidify the world land bridge.

  9. But if Chinese invaded India will Russia come for their support ?

  10. India should show its film in Ukraine taking down USA power

  11. * Get ready to rule 1000 years back again on earth by repenting your sins before Lord Jesus Christ immediately..
    Holy Bible says to Humans:- Today we appear and tomorrow we disappear, our life is like shadow on Earth.
    Holy Bible Explicitly says to Humans:- The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand, please repent from all your sins before Lord Jesus Christ, thou shalt be saved and thy family members from eternal Hell to eternal Heaven Amen.🙏🙏🙏
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  12. USA has to understand certain basic current geopolitical situation and India's predicament !US and western alliance partners of USA have done little or nothing to mitigate India's security issues with China and Pakistan and also address its economic problems, including high oil prices ,etc !!In fact ,America tries to use every opportunity to armtwist or issue veiled threats or warnings to India for its ties with time tested friend and savior ,Russia!The immediate help is available only from Russia at present and America has to understand and appreciate this !This is the absolute reality ! As India's EAM Dr Jaishankar has enumerated and articulated in different forums ,"Other countries cannot decide with which country India will have relations and on what basis !India's actions are directed towards securing and benefitting the best deals and interests for India and her citizens!There is no either my friend or my enemy case for India . We are not enemies of the USA snd the west because we are friends with Russia and vice versa !You cannot look everything from your perspective alone !"

  13. Its amazing that India participating in a 4 nation drill in Australia , then one along LAC with USA, and now with Russia where independently all those countries are rivals between each other. No other country on planet can maintain such extraordinary diplomacy. Thats why the world sees India as a balancing factor and a backdoor to talk to their rivals and find peace and reduce tension. Great India . Its posibble because we are currently the only continuous civilization that exists and thriving on the planet that has absorbed many human races throughout its history. India is the final hope for mankind to eliminate conflict and find peace. Let rest of the world make use of India to find peace for their future generations. Long live Sanatana Dharma.

  14. It's a shame really seeing the World's largest democracy India mingling with the worst dictatorships!

  15. For the US, India is a playground to tackle China, just like Ukraine is a playground for them to tackle the Russians. But India is not Ukraine. Not until now. And the US should know that India will not be so.

  16. Russia India friendship is longstanding friendship. Our friend Russia is the only country transferring full military technology to india. I love Russia and India ❤️

  17. When Some one uses the work UNPROVOKED too strongly you know they PROVOKED it.

  18. Well then send in our troops and end it. India would lose mass troops , russia would lose war, and everybosy just go home. Stop your pathic nonsense wars and worry about climet change.

  19. India will do things that benefits India. There is no country in the world which does not look for it's own interest

  20. Sad how india has become a tinpot country and plaything of dictators. It has never been able to stand up on its own feet. Putin and Xi laugh at India

  21. Usa It's none of your businessIt India is a free country💪

  22. I hope Russia will stay a good true friend forever.. With India… China wants to rule the world just like USA and UK… Don't trust either of them

  23. Omg… Game set and match for Modi can't believe the Indians are acting like Pakistanis Modi been playing a great poker game with the world but now he's shown his hand… And the chips are down… Good luck Mr Modi you just picked the wrong side….

  24. And you are not concerned doing military drills in south china sea and passing taiwan straits?

  25. Sometimes when I'm sleeping I can feel God drawing a map on my body. "What city should I blow up?" I always beg him not to. He reassures me it's just a war game. "I'd blow them all up for you." When I wake up and go outside I patiently wait for the sky to rain fire.
    -Mary ❤️

  26. Nothing to concern. US does it all over the world

  27. But does India learning from Russia and then go westwards

  28. 💪❤❤❤❤❤PUTIN❤❤❤❤❤💪

  29. Russia doesn't care about hurting Americans feelings.They're only cautious about hurting Japanese 😀😀😀

  30. And then there were some fools who believed India -us military exercise and India's recent vote will turn russians into our enemies….putin is a politician as well…he understands us, russians understand us and so do we for them ☺️

  31. Mind ur own military drill huh USA heheh😊😁


  33. GOD BLEES Rusia and China and INDIA

  34. "US concerned…"?! For what? This is not their bussiness. Or because they are used to be "world domination police officer"? 😄😄😄

  35. it is considerable for yhe U.S to stop helping india againts the bully china. modi government is useless

  36. If US is worried, should India also worried?? Not at all. 🙏

  37. I wonder who is going to win between China and India?

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