Indian Army in Russia flexes military muscle at Vostok 'war games' despite U.S concern -

Indian Army in Russia flexes military muscle at Vostok ‘war games’ despite U.S concern

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Indian army takes part in ‘Vostok’ military exercises in Russia’s far east along with 17 other nations including China. This despite concern from the United States over India’s participation. As per reports, India has sent 80-90 armed personnel to Russia to take part in week long drills. Moscow has announced the Vostok 2022 drills will involve more than 50,000 troops from China, India and several other countries. Watch this video for more.
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  1. This is a real oxymoron, holding military drills in a nation, where the same nation is bottoming out militarily in the Ukraine. As Russia is losing troops and equipment in mass, so the idea of these drills is beyond truly laughable!!! I wouldn't expect much out of Belarus, as they're about done as well.

  2. Bien hecho por la India es mejor tener cerca a tus enemigos y ver lo que hacen y no tenerlos lejos y no ver lo que hacen

  3. If the Nazi west have not done the evil in the past to get to be in the position they are today, India would more than gladly be a 100% Asia, both economically and militarily. Once west start to collapse, Indian will reunify with Asia as in the Ancient of days. Indian and China have strong belief such as the great Dharma which why they both still here today.

  4. The USA gets jealous of everything smh worry about your own damn self

  5. I don't know why we're bothering to play nice with India. Just send more arms and money to Pakistan. All we in the West need is a single defensible partner in the South Asian region whose airspace we can use if necessary, and we have that already. Indian people don't care for us, I don't see why we should care for them.

  6. How many Indians reside in the west? UK, US, Canada, Australia? How many in Russia?

  7. India plays double heads to be friend with everyone. Russia will learn fighting technique from India that India army learns from American. American should be careful what it deals with. Teach a friend and a friend passes its secret to its enemies (Russia and China). American needs to put a firm with India. You're with me or with your undemocratic friend. Choose one, dude! If India gets involve a break out war with China, let Russia help them. Don't help India as American helps Ukraine with military hardware like HIMARS. Let India buy SAM 300 from Russia. Now those countries who buy Russia military hardware will think twice because it fails in Ukraine battle field. Then, HIMARS and Patriot missles will destroy India's SAM 300.

  8. India should focus more on BRICS rather than QUAD!

  9. India balancing out ,good objective move , fight your own wars ,only interests of the country matters

  10. So India is learning military tactic from a proven failed army and paper Tiger 🤪

  11. One word: NATO. If anything happens India would never see our (American) troops, our allies could keep them contained within India. Corruption ruined the Russian military. Russia is losing ground like crazy and really can't do anything about it, they've resorted to letting homeless people join and fight. Putin has used up his resources ✌🏻 the US and her allies are unstoppable when in all out war. We've proved it in WW1 and WW2.

  12. Who is US ?? Concerning sovereign countries rights and choice ??

  13. India china tricking russia to get more cheap gas,no major help for poor russia

    FUCK the US, who do they think they are

  15. When we're not scamming people out of their life savings we're doing military drills in Russia 😂👋Son… When the world is going forward we go backwards it's tradition 🤡

  16. Haha they gonna just scam russia, and the rest of old people. No respect to india

  17. Salió un vidio un soldado un soldado militar de estados unidos en la guerra de Ucrania esto para k veanl lo k hace Ucrania.el vidio fue hecho por la fuerza militar de ese país.que va decir Putin ,?????????🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺👈

  18. India no puede tener amigos diferente al otro podría en futuro traicionar su lealtad y ser traidor .está jugando con dos poderes muy peligrosos .india se cree ponencia,y no es .Putin tiene que tener mucho cuidado quienes son víboras ,es igual con turkia otra víbora,Putin en el camino tiene k ver son sus enemigos .🤔🤔🤔🤔😕😕☹️☹️🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺👈👈

  19. India tiene más de la mitad 80/ de su poblacion extrema pobresa y más 2 mil religiones ellos están perdidos en dioses.😭😭😭😭🙊🙊🙊🙊🤔🤔🤔😕😕☹️👈

  20. Mucho cuidado india es serpiente cobra 🪱🪱🪱🐛🐛🦂🦂🇳🇪💩💩💩

  21. Seriously. So India backs China. I am not buying this.

  22. When our army doing practice with other country army, they qear proper gear's and each individual soldiers looks similar even women's. But when in indipendance day praid all soldiers wearing colour full cap's, and they looks like in fession show, no one wear proper gear in praids.

  23. Watching from Canada proud to say that poor country India have strong arm force

  24. I’m an Indian and I don’t want India to go against USA

  25. flaunting military muscle with 90 personnel. The power of the agnipath scheme.

  26. 1/5 th of world's population, we are a side by ourselves

  27. War games with a failing military. I wonder how bad things can go?😂😂😂

  28. Lol their doing drills on a loser country oh well can't blame them

  29. The indian army contingent should attack on Chinese troops in this exercise

  30. The US always has a concern about something that has nothing to do with them lol

  31. Did US think about India when they provided f16 military aid to Pakistan?

  32. India🤝 Russia
    Le western countries – 🖕
    After helping to pakistan over $45 billions war equipments by USA

  33. The whole world got shocked by deadly Indian army special ranger black hawk forces.
    Proud to be indian.. Jail hind.

  34. It is all waste and air pollution. That is terror for humanity. War and killing innocent people on earth. Shame on politics and politicians for their terror for humanity

  35. Military training isnt Real Combat Situations it gives you a performance of a dress rehearsal. You will piss on yourself when bullets are flying your heart rate goes up and a numbness can set in. Ask any soldier who have lived it. "I have" Man ignorance leads to wars and history tells us no winners.🇺🇸🛰

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