Inside A Real-Life War Game: China And U.S. Square Off Over Taiwan -

Inside A Real-Life War Game: China And U.S. Square Off Over Taiwan

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The briefing: It’s 2027. China is poised to invade Taiwan. This is the scenario of an unprecedented war game produced with the Center for a New American Security to envision a war between the U.S. & China. Watch “Meet the Press Reports” tonight on NBC News NOW & on demand on  Friday on Peacock. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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  1. The technology is kinda ruining us socially.

  2. I just can’t see China invading Taiwan. Why? Because Nancy Pelosi stopped by to say hello? Let them have their temper tantrum because that’s all it is. They’re too intelligent to instigate WW3 over this.

  3. Thanks Pelosi for your visit to Taiwan. Let's take another look at this… I'm not quite sure why a house law maker should be on a diplomatic mission and not the State Department.

  4. It's going to be so hilarious when the Stoopid Americancer Society realizes that its modeling was flawed due to the biases of its designers, who will only realize too late that their assumption of US technical superiority was inaccurate.

    The end of the "American Century", and the Evil Empire itself, can't come soon enough!

  5. A multinational base on Taiwan manned by US, Australia, India, Polynesia, S Korea, and Japan would put a stop to it permanently.

  6. Are they serious with this?. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. China needs to take Taiwan in 12 hours. Small Nuclear first strike against southern Taiwan. Send a message to the US. If any US warships attack China's planes/ships, China will immediately hit Guam. Next they will hit Hawaii and Alaska. They will ask Taiwan every hour to surrender. When they say no China will hit another city in Taiwan. This scenario would give China the best chance to get Taiwan with the least amount of Chinese casualties. If they wait longer then 12 hours then the US and allies will enter the war and it will take months for China to win.

  8. Deplorable & despicable, who are you monsters?

  9. Play war games when all the players are roundeyes ?
    Seriously ?
    The Chinese with a higher national IQ than US will use a different strategy.

  10. China: 100x DF41s >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> US mainland !
    Game over ! You lose.
    Even if US nuked back, China will still come up on top !

  11. Even WW2 battle hardened generals could not defeat the PLA and these women and men think that they can take on the PLA ?

    It is most likely US will suffer another catastrophic and humiliating defeat again ….

    "I flew up over the reservoir on the east side, I could see every movement on the ground. The Chinese were coming down the ridge line, and attacking this army unit on the road. Then I watched them gradually being overwhelmed. I'd been to World War 2, I'd see all kinds of battle but I have never seen US forces being destroyed like that. "

    "Chosin Reservoir – Epic of Endurance | KOREAN WAR", 1h3m40s

  12. China will not strike US first !

    As long as China is still holding USD 970+ billion of US treasury notes, there will be no war.

  13. Russia and China are 2 different rodeos. Sanctions alone would cripple the Chinese economy. The CCP knows this.

  14. If we have to choose between aiding in Ukraine (a part of the greater Russian Empire since Catherine the Great vs. the Chinese government giving the island of Formosa/Taiwan to the Japanese Emperor i 1895) and saving a much more economically important nation like Taiwan we should let the Europeans worry about Ukraine (and the Biden ties to the corruption that pervades that country) and we should throw everything against China.

  15. Total waste of taxpayer money. Spend the money to resolve domestic problems such as healthcare inequality, overburdened middle class, failing infrastructure, climate change, income inequality, racial inequality, etc.

  16. Good to know. I'm on a US aircraft carrier in Japan meaning I will be in this war. I want to know what could happen so hence this video. As this could be my life, I know yall don't care tho lol.

  17. We Filipinos don't want to participate to any craziness and warmonger activities of the United States.

  18. We got to war with China, we go bankrupt, china gets bigger military, we lose.

  19. China will incite revolt in US domestically prior to any missile or invasion to Taiwan SHOULD they think it’s necessary to fight US. The amount of spies and under covers in US soil sent by China will be enough to render the country. No weapon can seek them out in-time. Communists wins by ideology and espionage, not necessarily through theatres of war. Vietnam war was a great evidence. South.V was in denial till the day their capital was captured that war was even happening. Prior to militaristic manoeuvre carried out by US, the first to realign patriotic US to defend by mindset is necessary. Doesn’t matter how many are trained with a gun in their hands if none believes to defend their home is necessary. And definitely correcting those who causes internal strife amongst good Americans is vital. All this wargame is assuming the entire US nation has considered to set aside petty differences and defend allied nations against communism and fight for democracy. Otherwise it’s all board game bs.

  20. how can you be smiling about simulating world war war 3?

  21. Why would the USA realease this. I think this is just fake news reporters trying to make sense of what china can actually do. Like stop this bs propaganda. I’m started to get so tired of this sht

  22. U.S will never square up with China, just as it didn't square up with Russia..
    Taiwan is in serious trouble and no nation will help it militarily.

  23. Bunch of people talking about things they know nothing about.

  24. The third world war would be faught over resources, Or the peoples minds? They can't destroy the idea. So they will try and destroy the spirit through systematic destruction.

  25. The really big danger lies beneath the waves. While the air battle rages overhead Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and American submarines will be engaged in the largest undersea battle in history. Multiple nuclear submarines will be destroyed on both sides. With each loss there is the potential for the entire contents of nuclear reactors to be split open and spilled over the sea floor. In some cases, submarines with damaged reactors could go critical resulting in undersea nuclear explosions.

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