Introductory Solitaire Wargames Examples and Advice - The Players' Aid -

Introductory Solitaire Wargames Examples and Advice – The Players’ Aid

The Players Aid
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Here’s some advice on some introductory solo wargames, and what to look out for when purchasing war games for solo


  1. RAF Battle of Britain is definitely not for beginners. I ended up giving my copy away. In my opinion, all DVG solitary games totally sucks. I play solo on games that are not intended for solo play and works fine.

  2. Shout out to Castle Itter and Pavlov's house by DVG, great solo war games.

  3. The only issue I have with the video is that the word "introductory" suggests that these are games you would try before going on to "real" or "serious" solitaire war games. However, games like "The Hunters" and the similar "Raiders of the Deep" (which came out after this video was made) are study-level simulations. They are as realistic as you can get. They're only "introductory" in the sense that they're easy to learn and quick to play.

  4. This was exactly what I was looking for to get into the hobby, thanks for the video!

  5. Alexander, do you know if the expansions for '65 are compatible with the solo gaming system–meaning Hue City, USMC/ANZAC and the Action Card expansions?

  6. Games look really interesting. Also appreciate you opening the boxes up, and showing us the components.

  7. Thanks so much for this. Some really good info.

  8. OH… didn't realize you were a zip-lock bag guy! I use them in smaller games, but I guess I'm a Plano box guy… a bit more expensive but much easier for game set up.

  9. Alexander…I realized I haven't checked in with this video for a good long time. I AM a solo player… DUH! and had forgotten which games you reviewed. I LOVE Flying Pig games and really like Armageddon War. I've thought about "65" for awhile, but after watching this review, am warming up to it a lot more. Your review also gave me some second thoughts about Victory Point games… I was impressed with "Keep up the Fire" (Boxer Rebellion), but will look into Zulu and Ottoman as well. In terms of DVG… LOVE all their games! I guess I can't use the excuse that "The Hunters" is out-of-print anymore, and it did come highly recommended. AGAIN… thanks for the info… HERE"S A THOUGHT…. I'd love to see this video updated in 2020…

  10. I'm new at wargames and I find this video amazing for starters. Thank you!

  11. Could you make alist of all the games you talk about here?

  12. Just about to watch this. hopefully it's not just a list of "you'll never be able to find these in a store unless you pay $300+ on ebay" games XD

  13. Really nice video, all the best Garry

  14. Hi
    I was looking at Waterloo 200. On their website it states that it can be played solo but i do not see how….Since i am going to play both armies on my own…So i will just be both player A and player B?
    ……how can this work out?????

  15. Iterested in getting some of the chit-pull activation mechanic games. Can you suggest a few good ones for me. Cheers.

  16. Im home alone listening to this in the middle of the night and when i heard the voice in the background at 5:02 come through my headset i thought my house was haunted for sure.

  17. I'm quite surprised that the classical wargame editors didn't publish app-enhanced games for solo gaming. Looks like the obvious solution to me for solo wargaming.

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