Introductory Solitaire Wargames Examples and Advice - The Players' Aid -

Introductory Solitaire Wargames Examples and Advice – The Players’ Aid

The Players Aid
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Here’s some advice on some introductory solo wargames, and what to look out for when purchasing war games for solo


  1. Liked and subscribed. I am trying to design tools to help people play solitaire and nullitaire (game plays itself using bots).

  2. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you. Enjoying your other content also. experienced gamer, but rookie wargamer trying to learn as much as I can and your channel’s helping out a lot!!

  3. Any chance for an updated version of this video??

  4. Love to get any of the States of Siege games but they are hard to find

  5. RAF Battle of Britain is definitely not for beginners. I ended up giving my copy away. In my opinion, all DVG solitary games totally sucks. I play solo on games that are not intended for solo play and works fine.

  6. If you can find them the old Avalon Hill B-17 Queen of the Skies is very easy to play but can be pricey,  a new version is coming from Legion Wargames called Target for Today.  Another great older solitaire war game is the Avalon Hill game Raid on St. Nazarine and Patton's Best are not to bad for older games but again can be a bit pricey  but if you can find they are worth it.  Thanks for the video it offers the solitaire player a lot of good options,  thanks again.  🙂

  7. On the very complex end of the solitaire spectrum, there is Enemy Action: Ardennes and the long out of print Carrier from Victory Games.

  8. Great video. Didn't know some of the titles you mentioned and they look really interesting. Many thanks for the heads up.

  9. Cool stuff. Summer Lightning: The Invasion of Poland has solo rules as well for the combat. And Advanced Squad Leader got fandmade yet popular solo bot.

  10. I think an important factor to take into consideration when discussing solitaire games is whether they offer meaningful decisions or if they are mainly story generators. I think the first game series presented in this video (States of Siege) or something like B-17 are most certainly in the second category.

    All the solitaire games that I am aware of that really offer some depth in terms of gameplay are super uber complex beasts like Carrier or Fields of Fire. Because of that I almost always find playing both sides of a two-player game much more rewarding.

  11. A solitaire introductory hex and counter wargame I heartily recommend is Invaders from Dimension X! It's a Hermann Luttmann design, and he has made many great solitaire games. Another great one from him is In Magnificent Style.

  12. Thanks for the video. Now I really want to get my hands on Silent Victory

  13. Great video, hope it entices some new people into the hobby. Just wanted to mention that if you're playing more as a history buff rather than a gamer, some CDG's can really be excellent for the narrative they provide. A solitaire capable example would be Labyrinth or even Barbarossa to Berlin. Maybe you can do a follow up with mid level rather than intro solo experiences. Cheers!

  14. Great video – thanks! Highly recommend Butterfield's latest solo masterpiece, Enemy Action Ardennes. The next title in the EA line will be focused on Kharkov '43. Also, check out B-17 reincarnation, Target for Today, as well as the complex but genius Carrier by Victory Games. Enemy Coast Ahead is great, if you're into the dambuster raids. And Finally, don't forget Patton's Best and Ambush!

  15. IF you haven't played / looked at Dan Versen Games: Warfighter WWII I highly recommend it.  I bought the Kickstarted and got all the options.  Great game; fun!!!; ESPECIALLY for solitaire play.  I've played thru it about 3-4 times now.  That is after all what it's specifically designed for.  Interestingly enough, it offers some options to play with cooperatively with a partner.  Note:  My background is an old time board game GROG back in 1970's thru mid 80s.  Squad Leader, Midway, Africa Korps, Third Reich etc.  In past 5 years or so started getting back into the hobby and loving it with advances that have been made in WWII and other military conflict board gaming.

  16. Alexander:  So near end of video you seem to pooh pooh CDGs a bit.  Hey, I get your logic.  But with that said I think there are exceptions.  Certainly GMT series Combat Commander games series; esp. given fact that the random events pop up and how they "flavor" the game outcomes is one of the more intriguing systems I've come across in the past 10 years.  And while it's NOT rated notionally "high" as a solitaire game, I've certainly enjoyed playing it as such.  2 player tho; it's an awesome CDG WWII system.

  17. Very interesting vid. I did buy Battle for Moscow by Victory Games a month ago. Its very solo friendly. I will look for the market garden game, it looks like a great solo game. Thanks for vid!!

  18. Nice video! I have RAF 1940 but have not yet played it. I am enjoying Thunderbolt Apache Leader very much which is a step up from Phantom Leader methinks. I think the Field Commander series can also be a good intro solo wargame. I will find out since I am waiting for my copy of Field Commander Napoleon to arrive.

  19. Received my first wargame for Christmas from a friend. War at Sea by Avalon Hill (1976). Excited to try it!

  20. All the wargames I present on my channel are solo designs, and most of them would serve as introductory yet there is no overlap between what you have presented and what I do. That just demonstrates the richness of the wargame genre for solo players. Great video and I am glad I just discovered it.

  21. thanks for your video, its very interesting to see such a different wargames to start, but for me most of them seems to be so simply and in 2-3 weeks, I hope to start my wargames series with DDAOB, I need something a little complicate, and I think I'm able to do it.
    PD: Children are still alive?
    Best regards

  22. DVG games are awesome! The Commander series is just as good as the Leader series! And '65 from Flying Pig is great!

  23. I know this is a rather old video, but I very much enjoyed it.  I am a wargamer that started playing AH Luftwaffe and Third Reich in the 1970s, but as the decades passed, my boardgaming buddies went to the four winds.  Just now getting back into the hobby, but I know little about solitaire games on the market.  You gave me a lot of good information and some good leads on games.  Very much enjoy your channel!  Russ

  24. I'm quite surprised that the classical wargame editors didn't publish app-enhanced games for solo gaming. Looks like the obvious solution to me for solo wargaming.

  25. Im home alone listening to this in the middle of the night and when i heard the voice in the background at 5:02 come through my headset i thought my house was haunted for sure.

  26. Iterested in getting some of the chit-pull activation mechanic games. Can you suggest a few good ones for me. Cheers.

  27. Hi
    I was looking at Waterloo 200. On their website it states that it can be played solo but i do not see how….Since i am going to play both armies on my own…So i will just be both player A and player B?
    ……how can this work out?????

  28. Really nice video, all the best Garry

  29. Just about to watch this. hopefully it's not just a list of "you'll never be able to find these in a store unless you pay $300+ on ebay" games XD

  30. Could you make alist of all the games you talk about here?

  31. I'm new at wargames and I find this video amazing for starters. Thank you!

  32. Alexander…I realized I haven't checked in with this video for a good long time. I AM a solo player… DUH! and had forgotten which games you reviewed. I LOVE Flying Pig games and really like Armageddon War. I've thought about "65" for awhile, but after watching this review, am warming up to it a lot more. Your review also gave me some second thoughts about Victory Point games… I was impressed with "Keep up the Fire" (Boxer Rebellion), but will look into Zulu and Ottoman as well. In terms of DVG… LOVE all their games! I guess I can't use the excuse that "The Hunters" is out-of-print anymore, and it did come highly recommended. AGAIN… thanks for the info… HERE"S A THOUGHT…. I'd love to see this video updated in 2020…

  33. OH… didn't realize you were a zip-lock bag guy! I use them in smaller games, but I guess I'm a Plano box guy… a bit more expensive but much easier for game set up.

  34. Thanks so much for this. Some really good info.

  35. Games look really interesting. Also appreciate you opening the boxes up, and showing us the components.

  36. Alexander, do you know if the expansions for '65 are compatible with the solo gaming system–meaning Hue City, USMC/ANZAC and the Action Card expansions?

  37. This was exactly what I was looking for to get into the hobby, thanks for the video!

  38. The only issue I have with the video is that the word "introductory" suggests that these are games you would try before going on to "real" or "serious" solitaire war games. However, games like "The Hunters" and the similar "Raiders of the Deep" (which came out after this video was made) are study-level simulations. They are as realistic as you can get. They're only "introductory" in the sense that they're easy to learn and quick to play.

  39. Shout out to Castle Itter and Pavlov's house by DVG, great solo war games.

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