Iran fires missiles, torpedoes and suicide drones in massive war games in chilling threat to West -

Iran fires missiles, torpedoes and suicide drones in massive war games in chilling threat to West

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IRAN has launched a series of extensive war games – firing missiles, torpedoes and suicide drones, in a chilling threat to the West.

The annual exercise known as Zolfaqar got under way on Sunday in the south of the country near the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

As part of the exercise a number of missiles were fired on Monday, including Qader, Qadir and Nasr anti-ship rockets, as well as the 15-Khordad and Mersad.

The submarines IRIS Tariq and IRIS Qadir also fired Valfajr torpedoes.

Suicide drones were also used to destroy simulated enemies.

One drone model, known as the Arash, was seen in footage released by the Iranian military, which flew a long distance before it crashed into a predesignated target on the side of a mountain.

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  1. Pentagon: Mr President Iran is attacking American soil
    Joe Biden: hold my dream

  2. Meanwhile….USA preparing its lasers and stealth technology🤣🇺🇸

  3. Lies! See, I told long ago. The show must go on.
    Always the same keys, global warming, terrorism, insecurity…The world doesn’t revolve around the West.

  4. But why you don't post what israel just launched at them!! Hhh the hypocrisy

  5. 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩There’s a very scary Spitfire with my name on the side, the whole of parliament will watch a demonstration of its firepower against midlands police targets, if Parliament does not have £5000 Trillion for Baron Gilbey by Midnight on Christmas Eve 2021. Prove your tower block police have the dosh to play games with kings or face the Spitfires awesome Firepower from its Weapon systems. ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️Parliament gypsy twts

  6. If push comes to shove, the Iranian military will desert, as they've nothing to be loyal to.

  7. With the crappie outdated equipment n rust bucket ships

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  9. Look at those old F4 Phantom jets. Amazing they'll still get off the ground since they bought them in the late 70's. They were great in Vietnam but any modern air force can blow them out of the sky now.

  10. When are they going to deploy the flying carpets?…. Threat to the west?………….. Don't make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. VERY DISTURBING to see The Sun “advertising” fat people in its columns as being “happy”, “normal”, that there’s “nothing wrong” with them, etc. when at least 78% of patients suffering from severe Covid are overweight. The Sun telling us that being fat is worthy of being “celebrated” would be irresponsible in normal times, it’s bordering on the criminal now that Covid’s around.

  12. A lot of falsehoods and unscientific beliefs are being peddled in The Sun’s article about the “happy and fat” women. One of them say : “I don’t have time to exercise”. So what? What’s got to do with being fat? Nothing. You gain fat because you eat too much of the wrong things. Similarly, having children is no “excuse” for gaining fat. Plenty of women who continue to eat normally (= healthily) during their pregnancy and after stay at a healthy weight throughout.
    It is very disturbing to still read all of those inexact beliefs about weight gain in a time when being obese can mean a trip to hospital (if not worse) because of Covid being more serious for overweight people.

  13. These exercises mainly used the army and air force personnel. Which at best the regime keeps in near ok state but never too advanced or powerful. It's the IRGC exercises that demonstrate the latest innovations as well as practice scenarios that any NATO army in the region will struggle to manage e.g missile attacks, drone attacks and militias in the region.

  14. Was going to mention the Phantom jets, but many have already stole my thunder…🤥

  15. That equipment would be great in the 70s, but today in 2021

  16. they see Brandon as what he is , a puppet and his deputy , whatshernamewhoseneveratthesouthernborder isn't something to cringe at either – so let's hope the military can operate without a figurehead/commander in chief if push comes to shove

  17. If Biden hadn't taken away the U.S's capability of being self sufficient in oil , these threats would be worth nothing , BUT there ARE ways that Iran COULD threaten the West , even with their antiquated air force

  18. What you mean by the West? Could you state please the countries precisely rather than using the word "The West"?

  19. Chill my ass an f4 phantom this isnt vietnam

  20. Iran couldnt fight its way out of a paper bag
    How are they a real threat to anyone with no AIR COVER EGYPT WILL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE NO AIR COVER

  21. The funny thing about a "red line"… it isn't always clear you are about to cross one…
    But once you have…you sure as hell will …

  22. Well they keep getting cyber attacked and provoked by Israel.. the west wouldn’t be in a problem with Iran or anything in the Middle East if it didn’t serve Israel’s interests. What interest do we have in anything there?

  23. Americans are learning gender pronounces and painting their tanks pink, lmao

  24. "Chilling threat" what about the few hundred bases and nuclear warship carrier in their neighborhood

  25. Communism was born from imperialism but we no longer have militarization conquest as our goal. Military conflict is a naiussance to the west. Conflict is not a proud venture.

    The east is invested in conflict as its primary economy due to the communist machine.

    They need to pasify and socially develop in isolation.

  26. Sorry for the people, But ITS ABOUT TIME, To PUT IRAN ON”ITS” KNEENS!!!!

  27. I thought I was watching top gun back in the day, that old school stuff is like a ferrari v a push bike in today's weaponry

  28. War is coming near you …unless everything goes underwater before it happens.

  29. They have the right to protect their borders Solidarity with Iran from Tunisia 🇹🇳🌹🇮🇷

  30. suicide drones, what are you going on about the sun, total BS , sentient suicide drones do not exist . what idiot wrote the headline

  31. Meanwhile on Tatooine as the bar-scene villains gather their vessels and weaponry………….

  32. Not games, they really are trying to hit something but keep missing. Don’t worry, someday.

  33. Ahh the old Phantom jet from the U.S. Brings back fond memories of the Vietnam war and Cold War era.

  34. This message was brought to you by BAE Systems and Lockeed Martin

  35. “Chilling threat” that’s how you know it’s propaganda

  36. Hang on hasn't the isreali and usa regimes threatened to bomb Iran for the last 40 odd years.

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