Iran, Russia & China Soldiers to Join WAR GAMES in Venezuela; THREAT to U.S.? | Watchman Newscast -

Iran, Russia & China Soldiers to Join WAR GAMES in Venezuela; THREAT to U.S.? | Watchman Newscast

The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck
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On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down the show of force between Iran, Russia, China and 10 other nations on America’s doorstep. Those countries are set to run a series of major drills in Latin America this August. Should the United States be concerned by a gang of anti-U.S. regimes bringing their military games to the Western Hemisphere? Watch now on the Watchman Newscast!
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  1. Cool try it dictatorship leaders just try it and watch yourself be destroyed period

  2. By same logic why's Biden pushing for a hostile Palestinian state not ninety miles away but on Israel's doorstep?

  3. Enemies at the doorsteps? Enemies in the Whitehouse!

  4. I thought you said War Games is what Putin called invading Ukraine. Seems possible they are about to invade another country. Forget about Gog/Magog War, Revelation talks about a conquer who conquered the whole world in the beginning chapters

  5. I love Israel I'm American, Eric don't you think these other countries are tired of us we can cause problems near Russia,China but not expect it to happen here especially with this loser administration.

  6. N… What. USA UK.. Nato. We're. Tuntin russa n China.. 4.a..long.time…it..was allways. Going 2.happen..russa.n. China. Wood. B. Knocking. At USA. Door.

  7. Do u.. Know.. What your. Problém. Is. U.. Want.. Usa.. 2..have your. Bass. All. Over. The world. Play. War. Games.. On China russa n so on. Door. Step… N.. Get all. The. West. On your side.. But. Now. China n russa. Will b at.. Your. Back. Door. N. U. Don't. Like. It… USA. Is. No. Longer. The. Super. Power

  8. The US is in Ukraine supplying arms to defeat Russia and an exercise drill in Venezuela threatens America? Is this for real?

  9. I'm not even going to hint it would be easy, but any nation coming on American Soil would regret it. forget the organized military, we have the largest volunter militia in the world. We have well over 100 million with well over 300 million firearms and Billions, if not at this point possibly trillions of rounds of ammo. It would not be pretty.

  10. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  11. Latin American is not the United States door step or back yard they are in Venezuela

  12. Iran's not visiting just for the heck of it I'm sure they are securing their ties with their partners in crime 4A nuclear program against North America and Americans and they're allies in the Free World , America like I tell Israel don't wait till we smell your our own bacon burning, it'll be too late by then we need to put an end to this threat before it gets started, with our open borders it wouldn't be hard for these guys to come across just like immigrants and now we have military snipers inside of America and who knows where they're going and who and what their plans a r e, praise our Lord in heaven God bless us all we're going to need it says the Tin Man

  13. Long overdue. Next, freedom of navigation war games staged from Cuba off the coast of Washington DC during the next presidential inauguration!
    THIS is the only way to respond to a bully.

  14. Why u scared, nato dont do exercises near ussr border

  15. The answer is simple leave Russian backyard Do unto others what you want them do unto you.

  16. Venezuela is 3 hours away from Florida by plane and don't forget they turned off all FAA cameras Last week ..check it out folks…wake up and be prepared

  17. This was all planned out, now we have the 3 most corrupt countries getting together I saw this coming years ago an China stopped shipping its garbage to the west he ha , Russia an Iran never ever did anything thing for North America so let them deal with each other problem solved North America can deal with the rest of the world an maybe we can help the poor countries since we don’t have the 3 corrupt countries to deal with

  18. Americas relationship with South America is so bad right now. I wouldn't be surprised if Russia and China usurp Mexico from under us and really be in our backyard

  19. If Jesus comes to save isreal, then why don't you embrace Judaism leaving christianity ? Since they are the chosen people according to you. Then religion of chosen people is the truth right ?

  20. So what! Ever heard of the Darian gap?!

  21. Uranium dust was entered into water in US Florida

  22. It makes you tired hot cold like regular radiation sickness

  23. Weakness thats an understatement this clown who did not get voted in is steering America onto A Deadly reef get this fool gone yesterday

  24. The U.S. would Nuke Venezuela right off the map!

  25. "To every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction ".All nations that have nuclear weapons are the enemies to this world.We should have one big arena and let you guys fight for supremacy in there. Countries with nukes serves no purpose to the other nations on earth. All they are about to do is to spread misery and destruction. If nukes makes these or those Countries safe then all countries on this planet should possess nukes to make them safer. This world should be pivoted on equality. Such an unfair world, some people carry bad news wrongfully.

  26. This is bad,very bad.Amotjerissle crisis again.We are going to have to fight these nations but it needs to be on their soil not ours.

  27. Young man are soo hypocritical. If the USA can do war exercises all over the world on other nations front door step, why can't other nations do the same? Explain Ezekiel 36:5, Zechariah 9:6, Luke 21:24, Revelations 2:9 & 3:9.

  28. A very excellent news. I wish north Korea will join them

  29. If America can take weapons to the door steps of other counteies, what is so special about the US?

  30. America is creating the problem for itself. The US must stop bullying and dictating terms in the name of Democracy

  31. Thank you , Thank you so much . Love and hugs and prayers 👍🙏❤️🤗❤️🙏👍

  32. Testing the waters… Probing our weaknesses and reaction.. weakness invites war…see Ukraine. Biden weakness.

  33. I blame the Obama and Hillary administration for dividing USA 🇺🇸 and the world 🌍 Russia 🇷🇺 we’re going well with USA and europe but tough guys want to please the evil Soros ,Russia and China wants there boarders safe Turkey is doing the same on there boarders with nice people Talibans ,it looks like the big battle is coming in reality

  34. As open as our border is the enemies of ours all three can send all their soldiers into our country no problem. Hopefully the will go to their friends houses the demoncraps

  35. Americans have been enjoying too much luxury seeing their soldiers fighting wars in foreign countries. It will be nice to see first hand the consequences wars have on peoples lives in their homeland.Only then they'll begin to understand how their invasion in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria has affected peope's lives there.

  36. IRAN, RUSSIA, CHINA, AND THOSE ENEMY OF u.s. Could joint in to counter against the western power.

  37. It's was In the making…what goes around..comes around…

  38. When America do the same to others, it is for mankind, wops, now mankind hit back …

  39. Father god protect our borders from Russia iran etc please Jesus
    Your followers to go be near you very soon

  40. This is a month old but god help our usa please

  41. How much money does the CIA make and uses for the Deep State. Didn't we get Noriega for skimming their money.

    Didn't the US have nukes in Russia's backyard.

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