Iran's recently concluded war games in Persian gulf sparks fears of escalating tension with Israel -

Iran’s recently concluded war games in Persian gulf sparks fears of escalating tension with Israel

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Iran’s recently concluded war games in the Persian gulf have sparked fears of an escalating conflict between Israel, Iran. Iran launched 16 ballistic missiles on Friday at the end of its 5-day military drills.

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  1. Why machine all too fast…..we are human here

  2. china created new border law so that will implement 2022 and Pakistan started terrorism against India. And last nuclear deal tacks will happen today. If it's failed then Israel and Iran will start war. And Russia will start annex ex-Soviet union country and china try to annex Taiwan. So before starting 2022 many wars already reserved.


  4. Whatever you've trying Iran
    You can't take Israel in real combat situation
    So you used warnings and used militias
    Cause you fear to take invasion in Israel soil

    Israel defeat you and 5 other Muslim countries in real war

    As for now israel become more high technological term compare you
    Iron beam was ready to used for you

  5. Hahaa 😅😅, that range is too short to fight US, Iran will hit US bases in the region and US gonna hit them from their country and from the region. Who will suffer more??

  6. Lets save their knowledge and their wisdom. Then let Isreal and Iran destroy one another. Humanity is growing tired of this stupid cycle brought on by religious furvor and superstition.

  7. Israil will get response from Iran un expectedly israil will be attacked from different directions hundreds thousands missiles will be fired to defeat israili deffence system it is expected may be nuclear weapon can be used against Iran by Ameria and Israil

  8. Iran 🇮🇷full respect from Somalia 🇸🇴

  9. Iran is good only in threathening Israel


  11. Iran is like a barking dog, it can't bite Israel albeit the Israelis attacked their nuclear facilities many times including killing their scientists.

  12. Red line and use your strategic asset to defend all your asset

  13. Ive been waiting this war 4 long time só lets them fight now we africans we dnt Care

  14. Deutsche Islamische Vereinigung e.V. says:

    the only reason why Israel does not want Iran to have Nucleus is because theiy are not afraid of the United Devils and its allies dogs.
    Another reason is they have pure love for the al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine and are willing to help the Palestinians against the ter-ror state.

  15. Why do we see these shows in tv
    Anything in real life I doubt it 😅

  16. Iran's weapons can't crash Israelis weapons

  17. Ubahs ap agm gnatup ani oyin!!!
    Agm lapuk oyak!!!

  18. I hope Iran 🇮🇷 become better in the world 🗺

  19. Good iran ……funking think u s regime &Israel think for what Israel

  20. Bravo Iran✋✋✋✌✌✌✌💯💯💥💥💥💋💋💋💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😍

  21. Iranian ever onward
    No retreat !!!!

  22. let's start a war because the neighboring countries refused to live together in peace

  23. Iran all talk but no action,,Israel talks and bombs iranian militants action Spears lodder than words

  24. Iran full support from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇮🇷

  25. I'm an Iranian and I hope we remain in peace but if some day a war happen I wouldn't support this regime.

  26. Iran is getting stronger and bolder with each sunrise.
    The Western & European counterparts are getting weaker and frustrated with every sunset.

  27. WION is a world leader in news. Isn't, point blank, reporting what news is supposed to be about without the politics being thrown in?

  28. بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم. دروغگو دشمن خداست. دروغ فرجامی جز رسوایی ندارد. امضاء امام زمان

  29. Iran Can't defeat to Israel.
    Israel more advance compare to iran.

  30. Recent war games should have the opposite effect. It will make the other side shut up, at least temporarily.

  31. تصاميم حسوني توماس(³¹³) says:

    Greetings to the Iranian people

  32. Israel – Defenseless against Smiles

    It has been nearly since the conclusion of Operation Guardian of the Walls, the latest round in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. On the surface, things have been quite calm since then. But nothing is ever truly quiet in the Middle East. Israel's enemies have gotten smarter and understood that they can destroy Israel much faster and without firing a single shot by simply smiling and pretending to want peace. Because we feel we always feel guilty of some sin, we fall for anyone who gives us a friendly smile, even if we know there is a knife behind their backs. That's just the way we are; the smartest people on the planet are absolute fools when it comes to matters that really matter.

    Our enemies across the Gaza border have learned their lesson. Through diplomacy and pressure on various political entities, they raise funds and promote government decisions in Israel that enable them to take over the country from within.

    Their ultimate goal has not changed. They strive to rid the country of Jews. The only thing that has changed is how they intend to achieve that goal. They have realized that they cannot defeat us on the battlefield, so they will fight us with words and smiles instead of guns and rockets.

    Israelis, who always feel they have to justify their existence, cannot resist a non-Jew smiling at them. It is an affirmation that "we are OK." Even if the knife is hidden in plain sight, we do not want to see it and believe in the sincerity of our "partner." Because we always feel guilty, indebted to the world, we are utterly gullible and all our business skills and acumen fly out the window as soon as someone eases our perpetual guilt trip.

    There is no cure for this malignant folly except to understand why we feel guilty and what we should do about it. Every Jew feels deep inside that we Jews owe something to the world, and that sensation causes us to make mistakes. Therefore, we must understand the nature of our debt, which is really quite simple: We must stop setting an example of division and mutual derision, and instead become a model of mutual responsibility and love of others.

    Over the generations, we have given numerous "gifts" to the world. Jews have been responsible, in whole or in part, for the development of almost every ideology, religion, and technology over the past two millennia. Yet the world has not been grateful. The only legacy that the world truly sees as meritorious is our social legacy, which advocates mutual responsibility and love of others to the point that one loves one's neighbor as oneself.

    Everyone agrees that these ideas are commendable. However, everyone equally agrees that they are unachievable because human nature is evil to the core.

    This is where the justification for our existence comes in. The Jews are the ones who must prove that "Love your neighbor as yourself" is not a lost cause, but an achievable goal. If we demonstrate the merits of love of othe

    rs in our own society, the world will not doubt our right to exist as a sovereign nation. On the contrary, it will preserve and cherish our sovereignty since it will see in us an example to follow, and it will want to learn from our example.

    The future of our country does not depend on sophisticated defense systems. These are necessary for the time being. For a permanent solution, the guardian of our wall can only be our unity, our love for one another. It will protect us not because it deters others, but because it brings them closer to us and shows how they, too, can acquire today's most required commodities: mutual responsibility and love of others.

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