Irish Fishermen Plan To Disrupt Russian Naval War Games: 'Our Presence Is Our Protest' -

Irish Fishermen Plan To Disrupt Russian Naval War Games: ‘Our Presence Is Our Protest’

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Rachel Maddow reports on suspicious activities by the Russian Navy in waters off Ireland that have added to concerns about Russia’s planned naval war games in Irish territorial waters, and the intention of Irish fishermen to disrupt those war games and protect their fishing territory. 
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  1. Well if they dont like western societie and after their genocide special mission they shouldnt be allowed into our water or airspace basically are we next the scottish n irish ???? Also thats them cutting wires also poisoned people on our soil why are we as British not already involved in this after all this makes zero sense for Russia to use our waters like this definitely why ireland Scotland have always wanted to be independence. Sick of theys deals were roped into without consent

  2. And this took place before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
    Éirinn go Brách!

  3. Why even mention Fox,stay on topic ,girly!

  4. Ever heard of Satellite Communication. I'm sure the Royal Navy will know what's going on.

  5. Are Fox news cheering this Ukraine invasion on for more news drama?
    God bless those Irish fishermen. Smoke me a herring, I'll be back in time for tea !

  6. Omg, this woman is awful. Plus to go as far as saying another channel wants a war, is off pudding.

  7. Yeah, the real turning point there was the comment from the Russian embassy, don't lecture an Irishman on their own land/waters. And it backfired beautifully for the Russian ambassador who has lost all credence in this country. That excuse for a human being is currently basically under house arrest in the embassy and a pariah in the country. Priest threw red paint on the gates, the road was renamed to independent Ukraine road, as well as a lorry of church candles backing through the gates. Feck them, and all belong to them. The Irish don't like empires, we brought down one before and will do our bit to see the Russian empire imploded as well. Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦👍🇮🇪💚

  8. Obviously Putin has gone stark Raving mad and a united west will have to confront him sooner or later.

  9. she loses credibility when she claims Fox News wants a war.

  10. So what happened is after the russian embassy got in touch with Moscow. they Moved the war games away from where it was due to be held. And they let the fishermen know they were moving . So in a way the fishermen won lol.

  11. Complete stichup by the Russians
    1:Russia plans manoeuvres in Irish economic area
    2: Waits for Irish government to complain
    3: Say they cant/won't do anything
    4:let's fisherman meet ambassador and agrees to move
    5: Shows Irish their government is weak and useless, Russians are there to support them if required and willing to help

    Keep drinking the Koolade

  12. May the Good Lords' blessings rest upon these men's shoulders in their endeavors and keep them safe. Amen. ( Ya Do Not Mess with the Irish! ). Peace.

  13. In April 1945 Ireland sent to Berlin condolences on death of Hitler. Awful people!

  14. Ireland may not have a military nav but the men there have huge cojones! Those dudes aren't entitled like the people here in USA! Those folks are still hard working people … Got d bless them!

  15. Huurah for the fighting spirit of the Irish, but gosh, what's wrong with that narrator ? Is she high, or sitting on a vibrator or what ? That's a voice you use to tell funny or creepy stories to 4-6 years old children, not to a (more or less, depending) adult public. The worst is that she probably got the job exactly because of that "ability"… Terrible, terrible….

  16. The whole world should sink the USSR back to the stone age….fkn warmongers…Let it be WW3 then and get rid of the USSR once and for all.

  17. They should bring fishernets into the drive system of the ships or destroy the with sea mines.

  18. russia would rule the world if we let it

  19. we should send some nuclear submarines to near russia.and say we are just carrying out exercises

  20. Fishing special operations , of protecting their fish, wrecks made a good hiding place for fish , this ship would make good fish refuse and it would be free .

  21. And reason this weasel is this floating is? Why nobody "accidently" of course didn't "cut" a hole in it? You don't have to even explain yourself as ship opener you can buy every shop…

  22. Our undersea cable was cut about a 3 weeks ago,. . I live on Bornholm, a danish island in the Baltic sea. The distance to Kaleningrad is 365km.. The explanation was ,that a big ships anchor got caught in the cable. But listening to this story now, I have my doubts.

  23. Amazing how MSNBC can't help slandering Fox or the Right every chance they get. Like smearing is a part of their soul.

  24. Throw some fishing nets into the props of the Russki ships.

  25. They are right you can do all your war games at home.

  26. Our British Naval Military will be conducting Military exercises within that area! Definitely, Our brothers In arms in Ireland will never be alone! The Russians will be surprised if they continue to venture their Military exercises! They have No business maneuvering between our English & the Irish Coastlines.

  27. Any Russian that bothers an Irishman will definitely pay for it. Any Irishman will make mincemeat out of any Russian. Lol Russia has met their maker if they screw with Ireland in anyway !

  28. interesting…too bad I couldn't stand listening to Maddow long enough to suffer till the end…absolutely insufferable individual… 🙁

  29. Maybe Russia will send the ship to Ukraine, and then the Ukrainians can blow it out of the sea.

  30. Well if you just going to let them drive on in and look around…

  31. This woman is so patronising…the little Irish fishermen…almost laughing…no no lady..these men were worried about their livelihood… they acted sufficiently and it prevailed…the Russians acted responsibly and in good faith… there was no bravado from either side..

  32. Maddows gets it ‘fake news wrong’ yet again” Carlson of Fox News! Just check out his objections to dopey Biden’s rhetoric on war in Ukraine and it’s potential!

  33. They should be careful, the Russian Navy might mistake them for Japanese torpedo boats again… or something.

  34. Is the motivation for this war so great that this risk has to be taken, that people just carry on with it and keep making demands that make peace seem far away and is it more like America's backyard with the puppet Zelensky, who apparently not affected when entire cities are razed to the ground, but bothers us with his propaganda, let him first give an explanation about his own motivation, how he can justify allowing his country to be used as a training ground and not only sacrifices its own citizens, but tries to involve the rest of the world, it is a bit like the puppet, the shah of persia, who did not turn his hand to torture 20.000 citizens a year to death As long as you gave him a nice life and that Shah of Persia came to the Netherlands to be received with all royal honors and you can assume that Rutte with his behavior provides weapons and brags that the the whole world can perceive it is also such a puppet of America, who had to help Germany over the line. We have not yet heard a word about the relaxation policy.
    Ist die Motivation für diesen Krieg so groß, dass dieses Risiko eingegangen werden muss, dass die Menschen einfach weitermachen und immer wieder Forderungen stellen, die den Frieden in weite Ferne rücken lassen und ist es eher Amerikas Hinterhof mit der Marionette Selenskyj, der scheinbar nicht betroffen ist, wann ganze Städte dem Erdboden gleichgemacht werden, aber uns mit seiner Propaganda stört, lasst ihn erst einmal eine Erklärung über seine eigene Motivation geben, wie er es rechtfertigen kann, sein Land als Übungsgelände zu nutzen und seine eigenen Bürger nicht nur zu opfern, sondern zu involvieren versucht Für den Rest der Welt ist es ein bisschen wie die Marionette, der Schah von Persien, der nicht seine Hand drehte, um 20.000 Bürger pro Jahr zu Tode zu foltern, solange man ihm ein schönes Leben gab und dieser Schah von Persien dazu kam Niederlande mit allen königlichen Ehren empfangen werden und man kann davon ausgehen, dass Rutte mit seinem Verhalten Waffen liefert und damit prahlt Die ganze Welt kann wahrnehmen, dass es sich auch um eine solche Marionette Amerikas handelt, die Deutschland über die Linie helfen musste. Von der Lockerungspolitik haben wir noch kein Wort gehört.
    Is de motivatie voor deze oorlog zo groot, dat dit risico genomen moet worden, dat men er gewoon mee door gaat en eisen blijft stellen waar door de vrede ver weg lijkt en lijkt het meer op het achter tuintje van Amerika met de marionet Zelenski, die blijkbaar niet geraakt word als hele steden met de grond gelijk worden gemaakt, maar ons met zijn propaganda lastig valt, laat hij maar eerst eens een verklaring geven over zijn eigen motivatie, hoe hij het kan verantwoorden dat hij zijn land als oefen terrein laat gebruiken en niet alleen zijn eigen burgers offert, maar de rest van de wereld er bij probeert te betrekken, het lijkt een beetje op de marionet, de Sjah van Perzië, die draaide ook zijn hand er niet voor om , om 20.000burgers per jaar dood te martelen, als je hem maar een leuk leventje bezorgde en kwam die Sjah van Perzië naar Nederland om met alle koninklijke eer ontvangen te worden en kan je er van uit gaan dat Rutte met zijn gedrag het wapens leveren en het uitkramen dat de hele wereld het kan waar nemen ook zo een marionet van Amerika is, die Duitsland over de streep moest helpen. We hebben nog geen woord over de ontspanningspolitiek gehoord.

  35. Sink it now. Actualy most military data is via satellite. Well done fishermen. Good luck the Russians have a history of killing peaceful civilians.

  36. I Still can’t believe how bad my countries army is ! I think we should join nato because this doesn’t happen in nato territorial waters????

  37. There was an agreement that the Royal Navy would patrol Irish waters when Ireland seceded from Britain. The currant situation shows the UK is not up to that task anymore or is unwilling to carry out that task. Although neutrality does not guarantee safety or that there will not be an invasion or attack on the country, when asked who their target was, the Russian Navy said it was not Ireland. Even so, Ireland can be used by a foreign military force (such as Russia) as a staging ground for amassing troops for an attack against the UK (and NATO). Without any defensive capabilities (naval or army) Ireland is not in a position to repel an organised invasion by Russia who might want to say launch a nuke at London, for example.

  38. Love the Irish people ! God bless you all and may he keep you safe !

  39. Seize that ship and hold the crew until they talk!

  40. I’ll drink 🍺 to that‼️Go Irish ☘️‼️✅

  41. Go Irish ☘️ I’ll drink 🍺 to that ‼️😎

  42. wow fox is against all gov actions all actions they hate biden watch one video its there motto

  43. probably placing a Poseidon drone off the coast of ireland…

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