Iron Crown Recolor Event: War Games | Apex Legends -

Iron Crown Recolor Event: War Games | Apex Legends

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April 13 / Mini Event / Playlist / Shop takeover in Apex Legends. Prices not able to be datamined.


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  1. At the start i thought it was the gaming merchant

  2. How much would the bundles cost, specifically the wraith one? I already have that charm but im looking to get that skin

  3. I was wondering, can you buy these skins with crafting materials? I have 3500 saved up and nothing to buy.

  4. The original skins shouldn't ever come back as they were marketed as limited time skins it would b bs if my rare skins are brought back for people to get a second chance

  5. Respawn after giving ous the worst extra mode since the game came out. AND I'LL DO IT AGAIN

  6. I’m sure they will return the original skins tbh bro. I mean we are talking about EA here man! They would receive a lot of money if they do so, they won’t turn down this opportunity.

  7. You and the gaming merchant have a similar accent and voice

  8. why does everyone i know or find hate maggie? i think she’s kinda cool apart from the fact she has the need for fuse’s arm, yet to find anyone who actually likes her and isn’t annoyed by her

  9. So are the OG skins coming back or what??? I really want the the centurion skin for bloodhound and the recolor bc I main Bh. I wasn't lucky enough to get it the last time it came out.

  10. They better not bring back the original iron crown skins then everybody will have em n they wouldn't be OG anymore. I have the lifeline and path ones

  11. I’m one of the few people who don’t find Maggie that annoying so i’ll be alright if she comes back as a temporary announcer. Super hyped for the event!

  12. I have 5 iron crown skins so I really hope they don’t bring the OGs back cuz then they’ll be really rare

  13. Now I'm underage and can't use Twitter but my stats got rested on my ps4 I still have all my characters and coins and skins but my stats are gone and all my badges are tone as well. Which I'm pretty pissed since just a few days ago I got 4k dmg with horizon. Just got into a game and got a 20 bomb badge that I really don't deserve

  14. G. Dark fantasy ARPG – She Will Punish Them (Beta.HD)

  15. What will be the next store rotations?

  16. Hey shrug when is the China town skins coming out?

  17. We literally just complained and begged Apex to remove Maggie, and now they're bringing her back. I think the Apex devs don't give a shit about what we want at this point

  18. Maggie? Returning? FAN-FAVORITE? Who told you that?

  19. OMG!!! I NEED THE WRAITH SKIN!!! 😱😱😱 i love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️ i need it 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  20. Can u craft the skins or is it just AC bundle?

  21. Wraith queens guard priceeee pleaseeeeeeeee

  22. Has there been any word on the Killer B skin returning for Bangalore?

  23. Will you make a video about the system override recolors for season 9?

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