Iron Crown Recolor Event: War Games | Apex Legends -

Iron Crown Recolor Event: War Games | Apex Legends

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April 13 / Mini Event / Playlist / Shop takeover in Apex Legends. Prices not able to be datamined.


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  1. Will the original Iron Crown skins ever come back. I know the r99 Iron Crown skin came back twice

  2. I actually listen to music while I play so I dont even have her in my mind hahaha. Gonna listen to her this time. Didn't even knew she was an announcer.

  3. there's gonna be a ton of incredibly angry people if they actually bring back the original iron crown skins. I doubt they'll do it because there will be outrage and they know it

  4. Maggie … as i said time to kill one of devs because they don't learn not listen

  5. Does anyone know for how long is the mozambique going to be on the game?

  6. standard " fun" event. "maggie" is returning. Shrug you realise that fun and maggie dont go together. right?

  7. I don't play apex anymore or care about skins, I genuinely just find your voice strangely enjoyable. What is wrong with me.

  8. I couldn’t care less about that lifeline recolor I wanted the original Judge Jury😭😭😭

  9. Bruh how many red colored trackers they gonna drop

  10. Oh thank God we’re skipping ahead to the Iron Crown mini event cuz those ChinaTown event skins look pretty lame ngl

  11. Shrugtal tell us did you win that game at the end

  12. F to my girl horizon for not getting any cool new legendaries in any event so far since her release

  13. Crafting materials should be just as good as premium currency, I mean 2,400CM isn't cheap…

    They let you use them for the collection events skins so they should be available as a purchase option for EVERY unique skin that comes out…

    I was pissed to have been saving my materials for Halloween to not be allowed to use them.

  14. Maggie was sooooo cringe… I really hope allow us to turn announcers off.

    Although I doubt it.. Considering they forced a BLM badge onto my account… Absolutely Repugnant…

  15. All these LTMs sound like absolute garbage

    S8 is the worst one they‘ve ever done

  16. So it looks like most of these are them testing future features

  17. If they force these shit ring flare LTMs I'm not playing till season9.

  18. I read the words “War Games” and I heard William Regal shouting in my head

  19. Maggie: “you’re lookin more spry then my eighty year old mum!…that’s a compliment”

    Me every fucking time with that dumb bullshit: 😐😐😐😐😐

  20. They are bringing back ring flares..

  21. Bro I thought I clicked a Water video. When I heard your voice I thought 'bro was he faking that monotone voice???".
    Then it clocked lmfao

  22. When respawn runs out of ideas they just release reskins. Quite sad what it is. I remember every week when they had a new exclusive. Now we barely get one every season

  23. Not going to lie when you told us that The Shield regen mode would automatically recharge your Shield I got pissed off you but then I realized I shouldn't be mad at you I should be mad at the game designers because they've done crap like this before giving away Pathfinders passive to every other Recon character this time in this game mode they're giving Watson passive to every other character so if they're going to take her passive they should also take octane passive and give it to everyone else. I'm honestly sick and tired of The Debs doing crap like this, it's like they don't even play their own game.


  25. Those Chinatown skins were ugly but i think it’s stupid how they decide to rebrand while they were gonna partner with the game.. like come on guys how do you mess that up?

  26. I hope the bundles are cheap. And are long in the shop.

  27. These gamemodes sounds fire can't wait for April 13

  28. I'm so upset they pulled the Chinatown skins I could care less about the recolors. The only good thing about the recolors is that they take less development time so after this there's going to be a wave of new skins.

  29. I have a genuine question
    Do you have to ask the devs permission to data mine
    I feel like they can sue you or at the very least cancel you like they did to @ICCE HOPS

  30. I'm saving the ranked push until Maggie returns then

  31. Ima kill all the wraith recolours while wearing the OG one 🐐

  32. Do you know when the event starts or we do just have to wait and see

  33. Shrugtal "Maggie is returning"
    Me "looks like I'm breaking ranked out again"

  34. I don't know whether this is an April fools joke or if this is serious.

  35. i alredy save money for new wraith boxing skin

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