Isonzo Gameplay and Impressions ( New WW1 FPS ) -

Isonzo Gameplay and Impressions ( New WW1 FPS )

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Isonzo is a new World War 1 FPS game by the makers of Verdun with classes and teamplay. Let’s play and check it out today, pretty fun! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. This was great to watch ! Very funny commentary and the games big map with need for long range push makes it seem more realistic to me. Along with the trumpet which my grandfather played in WW1 the explosions were unique as well. This was a fun watch for sure Jack.

  2. I've been playing this more than the mw2 beta Ive thoroughly enjoyed it

  3. a game not for gaming illiterates lmao game is thriving on PC

  4. Jackfrags: I don't know if this hills worth dying over. ENEMY: YES it is! proceed to headshot.

  5. If there's a mode where you only have one life, I'd buy it.

  6. That's not a pirate hat, it's a lucerna worn by Carabinieri (military police/frontline soldier)

  7. “There’s so much war going on, you can barely hear yourself think.” 😂

  8. a truly terrible game, bf1 came out in 2016, and yet way better than this crap

  9. There's a reason AAA companies make these games.

  10. 3:02 I don't know if I can properly express the extent of how blown-away I was from the feeling of immersion when you used a shovel to dig into rocks and spawned an ammo crate.
    I mean I'm excited for the game; I'm a big fan of hardcore historical shooters that make their way to console so I wish it all of the best.

  11. Looks fun, just gotta hope oce has players ._.

  12. "Why would I give myself a drink " prob thirsty bro haha , love jack

  13. Just play BF1 honestly, lazy devs just pasted every bit of code from verdun and added it to this game. Embarrasing

  14. 12:30 ahahaha it's not "war machine" it's "muoversi" in italian, you can translate it in "let's move" but i think in this situation it's better to translate it with "keep pushing". nice game, i'm quite not sure if i'm going to buy it since i already have verdun and tannenberg and gameplay it's quite the same.

  15. Jack Frags, those kills are so satisf…., look, CUBE! dead! OMG, did I just die?

  16. They said "Muoversi" that means "let's go"…but somehow It sounds like warmachine lol

  17. Medic class? I saves life's i don't takes thems.
    Unless your a sniper I HATE snipers.

  18. I never knew about that time in ww1 when the Italians fought against an army of people who all sound like bobcat goldthwait

  19. Can they at least try to make a somewhat original UI? This is almost like a exact copy of BF

  20. They says: muoversi!, means keep moving, not war machine 😀

  21. Ahahahah, you cracked me up with this video. By the way, they're screaming MUOVERSI which translates to MOVE, not War Machine.

  22. Games looks great, hopefully it will have a constant and stable playerbase

  23. 2 weeks on, is this worth buying? Is anyone playing it?

  24. The game basically looks much like BF1, from the seems of it (graphically, anyhow). That may be a rather good thing, by the way.

  25. Just bought and cant put the controller down

  26. Artillery needs a buff, I’ve watched people walk straight thru exploding shells and I only get a damage hit like wat

  27. Just for you to know, Isonzo is pronounced as it is written "ysonzo". It's the name of an italian river and in italian the "i" have always a sound like in "bill"

  28. Not Aysonzo but Isonzo is pronunce Ysonzo

  29. "I enjoy the cube… there's something special about it"
    -JackFrags 2022

  30. I'm British Italian, so I understand what the characters are saying, and someone yells every two seconds: "Move, move, move! Move trench rats! Move!". LoL


  31. Ahhhh bf1 the one i enjoy then bf 5 but 2042 make me pull great sigh

  32. Damn, I knew I recognized the Carcano. Beautiful rifle.

  33. i really hope beyond the wire comes to console one day, this series looks epic but beyond the wire is much more populated

  34. if nobody knows this is in Slovenia by GOrizia

  35. "Is that artillery? Am I gonna die?" Welcome on the battlefields of ww1.

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