Israel, U.S scare Iran with war games; F-35 fighter jets simulate attack on Tehran | Watch -

Israel, U.S scare Iran with war games; F-35 fighter jets simulate attack on Tehran | Watch

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Israel and the U.S held joint aerial exercises, simulating attack on Iran. The Israel Defense Forces said that the drills took place over Israel and the Mediterranean Sea. Four IAF F-35i fighter jets, accompanied four American F-15 aircraft and an American KC-135 aerial refuelling aircraft, refuelled several IAF F-16i fighter jets. “These exercises are a key component of the two militaries’ increasing strategic cooperation in response to shared concerns in the Middle East, particularly those posed by Iran,” the IDF added. Watch this video for more.

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  1. お は よ う ご ざ い ま す

  2. AmeriCa is the real devil 😈 provocateur of war .

  3. Your title is so disrespectful for Iran as Indian friend, why you are so biased against Iran????

  4. The United States gave Israel 3.8 billion dollars for 2022. Israel will run a budget surplus worth more than 4.3 billion dollars for 2022. Israel no longer needs American foreign aid.

  5. Long live Russia 🇷🇺 long live iran 🇮🇷 love from 🇮🇳

  6. Its truth lran has Power god bless you bro Iran 🇮🇷💪👏🥰🙋‍♀️

  7. 🤣 lolipop F-35 that p00p 💩 F-35 took a emergency landing because of 🐦 bird hit that lolipop Toy 🤣, Iran is much stronger than isreal lolipop Toy iron Dome because Iran have hypersonic missile and in this planet it's impossible today to stop such a invincible hypersonic missile 🥱🥱 So puppet isreal got heavy hit if dare to mess with Iran 😏

  8. Hinjoostan times is a terrorist organisation

  9. US invades Iran…all their sanctions against Russia fails…

  10. They have been doing this for last 43 years and still doing…..let them do and time will tell who is the real winner….these two are coward countries and have no guts to face direct military conflict

  11. Israel sollte sehr,sehr vorsichtig sein denn jeder bekommt seine Strafe !!!

  12. Israel is spooked or Iran…I think it's Israel that is scared of Iran… 😀

  13. After Irsns Support to Russia , andcrurlty to women will have little sopport even if attacked🤣🤣

  14. Let them continue to protest then they will face the full taste of freedom and democracy what happened in libya wil happen soon in iran they they will start to blame themselves for the arrogance that they made

  15. Next battle ground location of US and Russia: Iran😅😅

  16. Human kind suffers from bad ways and bad decisions. All we know to do is make guns and ammunitions. Never yet to ever make any good decision, and the people in the streets they suffer by that. – Joseph Hill – Culture

  17. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. These things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains..

  18. Mericans couldn't beat afghans. Nothing to be spooked about. Merican puccies

  19. The mullahs of Iran used to spew BS hot air….They used to just fart and waste, now, with fear, they have started to Burp and taste the might of US-Israel military power!

  20. Those two countries always want to dominate the world, whatever the price for the others.
    Grabbing lands and stealing resources, making wars all over the world, assassination and murder of people of those countries, violating the international laws and the UN resolutions.

  21. Empty treaths..

    Israel and us Will be the only loser.

    Straith of homuz would be closed killing Oil prices.

    Israel would get hit by 1000s of missiles.

    And us bases in middel east would get destroyed…

  22. Israeli only can fight defenseless Palestinian people that is it. For years try their best to push American to war with Iran through their lap dogs senators in house and senat no success yet.

  23. USA want to end this world as soon as possible beacuse you can see US in Ukraine, Taiwan and now in Iran

  24. Iran will have joint execerse with Russia and china using Russian S-500 missle defence system and fighter jet Su-57 , then u see tables will be turned…

  25. Any US president that have arrived till now are almost done same activities killing innocents and behind one religion
    And also Israel
    USA -Father
    Israel – is his child 😂

  26. LOL… hardly 'scares' Iran —- Iran has top-notch air defense systems — and fahclst amerika and it's stooge zioterrorists know it.

  27. Iran is enough strong to defend itself…
    That is why US and allies are only threatening them..
    In 2000 US attacked Afghan
    In 2003-04 US alliance attacked Iraq..
    From 1979 this alliance can't dare to attack Iran because Iran is stronger..

  28. HD stop your fake propaganda of US Israel nato agenda they can't even dare shoot a bullet , they HIT and RUN worse than skunks
    Iran for 40 Years of embargo are doing better than European countries and others .

  29. Iran has the right to develop any weapons they can so to stand against these satanic bully boys

  30. The devil US regime just wanted to save their master lsrael in the mid east and they are just trying to pretend to save the whole mid east

  31. "Imperialist countries and occupiers never scare Iranians. Iran would have been wiped out from the map by now if the USA and Israel were not scared of Iran.

  32. Your mom is scared you clown network. Iran isn’t scared

  33. America just causing troubles around the world…. what a devilish nation

  34. Apparently Iran didn't learn their lesson from ww2. They are just asking to be occupied again by neighboring powers. They were sympathetic towards nazi germany and still today they are sympathetic torwards fascist russia

  35. Thank you America for giving some hope to the Jews and helping them get a few hours of sleep at night .

  36. Excuses, excuses. We are not counting on human intervention…Iranian people want freedom from islam.

  37. Fake news. I know for a fact that everything is fake. Russia Ukraine did say if not Russia and China did say on the news that they would be banning or blocking what's actually going on in war. So its not really clear what is actually happening. Whether Russia really is attacking Ukraine and is losing or if its just the beginning. Russia on the other hand secretly is not really attacking maybe. I'm thinking Russia is playing and only attacking Ukraine just to attack Zelensky and then they can win. But maybe on the other side Russia is pushing Ukraine by a little making Ukraine think it's wining but the truth maybe is Russia actually is trying just testing its weapons. So when a real out war comes. Russia can now fight the real war. It's just pretending war on war.

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