Jey Uso Msg To Sami Zayn After WWE War Games...Kevin Owens Leaked Footage...Logan Paul Vs John Cena -

Jey Uso Msg To Sami Zayn After WWE War Games…Kevin Owens Leaked Footage…Logan Paul Vs John Cena

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  1. Austin Theory vs Johnny Gargano at Royal Rumble should be the next feud

  2. First off its stands to reason that Cena's next match should be Austin Theory for the united states championship ! Cena should not face Logan paul it least not yet maybe after Wrestle mania but not at WM!

  3. Theory needs to hang it up already. Cena is gonna throw Paul on that damn shelf permanently for good. they sayin don't fight Cena I say go do it oh an better yet go fight Omas so he can really get the job done. An there's plenty more ppl I can name.

  4. You suck auston..everything giving to you


  6. This guy is an idiot learn how to say Seth Rollins name dumbass

  7. You speak as WWE is real and the outcome is not staged by WWE Officials Wrestlers are manipulated to win or lose

  8. Yay John Cena!!! Fellow New Englander ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Sami should go independent and than team up with Kevin.

  10. Are you purposely botching names

  11. I believe sammy should hold a title for the bloodline and somewhere down the road its solo that goes after sammy’s title therefore the bloodline turning on sammy due to sammy not wanting to drop his coveted title to solo for the bloodline in turn leading sammy and owens to take the tag titles making sammy a double title holder

  12. Expecting the bloodline to turn of Sami this Friday night on Smackdown in a huge swerve where they have a Sami Uso celebration night only to gang up on him and give him a beatdown which will lead to Sami and KO to team up and beat the Uso's for the belt's in the near future

  13. I think jey use should take on Sami Zane one on one to take advantage on roman reigns for his undisputed universal title reign

  14. I know the whole family of the bloodline Sami Zane is not one of them so why keep if he isn't not one of the bloodline in the first place

  15. I'm so glad Austin switched and he's more ruthless

  16. Theory deserve that title it was bad mind stop him when him cash in his money in the bank.well sami Zayn is a lick pat

  17. Not many superstars can win a match solo, no help from anyone….I,be not seen anything to disprove that!

  18. Whoever this narrator is should have to learn how to pronounce names properly. I like the information that is given here but cannot handle listening to this guy rip names apart! Either teach him how to pronounce names properly or fire him and find someone else!!!!

  19. I don't want to see John Cena or The Rock wrestle anybody

  20. Really surprised that Austin Theory sets his sights so low as to not take advantage of the opportunity to win the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. I do like his new aggressive demeanor. No more playing around. He should be taken seriously now.

  21. "Lost in Leory" is a lost cause,he reminds me of a former Cena or aj,of their old cocky days,and now he thinks he can go with "hustle, loyalty,and respect". Y don't he go against "grogan law",there's a dream match,"sike", 😂 lol I can't stand him either.

  22. Seth Rollins will get his United States Championship Back

  23. Lol, can someone please pronounce names and words correctly. Not trying to be a critic, but honestly that's the only thing that stood out and me cracking up through this video. Lol

  24. Logan Paul should start at the bottom of the ladder and work the way up like everybody else. But Triple H doing the same stupid shit Vince did. Putting idiots in high caliber matches without working for it. Rousey and Logan two cunts that didn't have to work to get where they are at in WWE.

  25. Sami Zayne has done wonders in bringing out Jays character. Glad to see this good development.

  26. I can't watch this crap. Learn how to speak jackass

  27. It was in the script for the match he would lose he stayed in character for the interview for all the marks out there we know it's fake but we love ❤ wrestling I just 😆 at this interview

  28. How the fuck are you running a wrestling channel and can't pronounce Ted dibiase name….

  29. This is a bot channel the way you read and the description not making any sense your 100 percent a bot…

  30. Idk why but in in wrestling including the video game it's funny when a wrestler does a finisher and somebody sneaks up and pins akd wins off somebody else's finisher..
    He didn't sneak on this one but still funny cuz Bobby hit his spear and Austin won the US title off of Bobby's spear 😁🤣🤣🤣
    Imagine u just hit your finisher, u know it's over now but then somebody else gets the pin and wins the gold off YOUR finisher 🤣🤣🤣

  31. I say that the Bloodline and solo and Sami And Roman is going to run wwe for long time ⌛

  32. They need Austin to be the next level, the future, since Vince McMahon in build any stars, since Roman reigns

  33. Theory ever become NXT Champion? If not, send him over here or pair him up with somebody quick!! Or move him to Smackdown! He doesn’t fit on Raw right now unless he joins the Miz and Champa! Then we have something potentially amazing right there!! 😎🔥💰💯💯🌎📱💻

  34. That was a joke who ever wrote that in was crazy that kid has the belt triple H what was you thinking made them look weak because he has so many botched move that you should have him practice the match allot more you could see it was fake bad for business

  35. Don't want to be that guy but why can the automated voice pronounce phenomenal correctly but not phenom 🤔

  36. Theory thinks he's all that the next wrestler to face theory should be Brock lesnor

  37. Solo should become" UNITED STATE'S " Champion. Make it happen WWE.

  38. Logan Paul should stay as a YouTuber and austin should be built up he still needs work

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