Johnny Gargano has a message for NXT Tuesday night: NXT WarGames Exclusive, Dec. 5, 2021 -

Johnny Gargano has a message for NXT Tuesday night: NXT WarGames Exclusive, Dec. 5, 2021

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Johnny Gargano will always be open and honest, that’s why this Tuesday he has something he needs to tell the NXT Universe. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  1. He’s leaving wwe bc of contract situation I bet

  2. This guy rose from a tag team wrestler to being in the Top 5 Greatest NXT Stars Ever

  3. Nxt 2.0 is garbage. The black and gold was way better. Way to screw up your own product wwe.
    "OH this is actually good? Let's light it on fire and make it horrible"
    Wwe logic….

  4. Honestly forget AEW what brought back this 35 year old into wrestling was Gargano vs Ciampa feud it was legendary

  5. This man is the reason I got into NXT in the first place. Because of him, Andrade, Ciampa, Cole, Black, Moon, Baszler, Undisputed ERA, and countless others, I fell in love with this brand, and it truly showed me what wrestling could be. NXT was truly the alternative before AEW came along, and it’s really because of performers like Gargano that I realized that wrestling was so much more than just WWE. Thank you for everything Johnny, I cannot wait for what the future will hold.

  6. This dude is main roster quality, I hope Vince sees that

  7. Is he leaving for good? Is he going to AEW? Is he dying? Retiring?

  8. On Tuesday, it turns out, that he also is Kurt Angles son.

  9. It's time to get out of Nickelodeon.
    See you on Primetime Professional Wrestling TV soon.

  10. its a swerve he ain't leaving just taking a paternity break

  11. Thank you for the unforgettable matches and memories Johnny! The heart and soul of NXT! DIY forever 🙌❤️

  12. The face of NXT.Please don't leave Johny.😔😔

  13. I bet triple h not happy seeing what has happened to his baby nxt. Bye Kyle later Johnny see ya in a see ya in aew

  14. Now Johnny wrestling will be on Raw , Smackdown or AEW

  15. Well looks like another might show up in AEW to lose to people like derby and Sammy

  16. This man made my husband, my die hard wrestling 10 year old child, and myself watch NXT and I really hope the best for this man as well. Thank You Johnny 🥲

  17. This is a swerve Johnny re-signs with WWE. Main roster.

  18. Some guy in the background when he told them to comeback Tuesday "But I work!!"

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