Johnny Gargano vs. Bron Breakker – WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 30, 2021 -

Johnny Gargano vs. Bron Breakker – WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 30, 2021

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Selected by the WWE Universe, Johnny Gargano and Bron Breakker square off for the first time to give their NXT WarGames teams an edge heading into Sunday’s clash. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  1. Hearing the barks man brings me back to the ol days

  2. I can't wait for NXT Wargames this Sunday night

  3. Bron has been looking great. Hope he continues to do great because he can be a big name like his uncle.

  4. Bron Breakker is so main roster ready already its crazy

  5. I think Johnny Gargano is leaving. He’s been putting everyone over lately.

  6. Lol wow Bron Breakker definitely needs to work on his mic game. I'm sure it will come tho, Scott and Rick weren't really known for their mic game early on, but they both became decent

  7. Can i just say the announcer never fails to look stunning

  8. Wrestling is Wrestling and that's all that truly matters Period!

  9. el equipo de bron braker es una cagada

  10. Johnny Gargano brining back his old attire from 2018-2019, knowing he might not be able to use it ever again after WarGames and making the old NXT fans remember what Johnny Wrestling really was.

  11. Ahhh. Mojo Rawley 2.0. I could never unsee Mojo here.

  12. That was one hell of a match, but given how they "killed" off Nxt Black and Gold is there any doubt as to the outcome of the War Games match? I mean why would WWE want to make their shiney new colourful show look bad against the old dingy version of it? This is also not my opinion on the shows I loved the old Black and Gold NxT under Trips and really wish it hadn't changed. Bron Breakker does look like a complete beast!!!

  13. Bron is just like his uncle with the straight up energy and raw strength just like his pops too

  14. Bron Breakker remembered the old Batista or Scott Steiner… I hope he's gonna be a great wrestler.

  15. It's not the same with all the bright colors

  16. Johnny gargano vs bron breaker War games Advantage ladder match

  17. Bron is WAY better than someone with his experience should be tbh.

  18. Bron's the best of Nxt 2.0 because he could have easily been in og Nxt.

  19. Bron Breakker is going to be a big star in a few years. That guy has it.

  20. The smile in Gargano's face when Bron flashes his middle finger 😂

  21. Am i the only one to think that Bron Breakker has nothing ? No charisma, just another big man for me.. i hate this guy

  22. Johnny's Old Gear back ! and one more… Rebel Heart at NXT WarGames

  23. Bron breaker you are so small for gargano career.. 😂😂😂 gargano will break you in half!!

  24. That flip off before the super kick made the kick 100x more sweeter

  25. Wow Gargano is the one ☝️☝️☝️☝️👏👏👏✊

  26. Bron Breaker is awesome! I’m waiting for that “Holla! If ya hear me!” catchphrase. 🙏

  27. We haven't seen this gear from Johnny for a while now

  28. Gargano & breaker can build dynasty in wrestling. They are both incredible ❤️

  29. NXT is dead and hope Johnny find the right place, but Bron is something, though.

  30. Make Raw & Smackdown just like NXT please

  31. Bron Breaker looks like a legit monster my guy is swole

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