Kay Lee Ray vs. Dakota Kai – WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 30, 2021 - nzwargamer.net

Kay Lee Ray vs. Dakota Kai – WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 30, 2021

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Kay Lee Ray and Dakota Kai clash in a wild Ladder Match to give their respective teams a crucial advantage in their upcoming NXT WarGames match. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  1. Kay Lee Ray was showing off her assets in this match. You've gotta love it.

  2. Dakota Kai and Kay Lee Ray are both beautiful women.

  3. Please Dakota Kai and toxic attraction are going to win war games

  4. The this is awesome chant is the most over used chant next to you deserve it. Wwe sheep crowds.

  5. Ooou I'm salty I missed this match. Those 2 are the ones I wish become the next champ. Either one is ok for me. Both Kay and Dakota have put in the time. I don't think Raquel or Io will get the belt again. They will probably leave soon.

  6. Kay lee ray will always be one of the best in wrestling. Also dakota always have a chemistry to almost everyone i know its crazy they should put the title on her

  7. Dakota should be teaming with Shayna and going after the tag titles, and Kay Lee Ray is awesome

  8. Normally who won the advantage ladder match, Will be losing at WarGames.

  9. Gigi🥵 how you gonna let that go Darby🤣

  10. The reaction of Lo when Raquel pick her up😂😂😂

  11. Love the red hair of Kay Lee ray just made her more of a badass

  12. Can't wait for this Sunday's who's gonna take in Wargames!😎

    These women will have a future feud

  14. Notice how Dakota's outfit really match the one harley quinn wore at the movie birds of prey

  15. That was weak Dakota had like 5 minutes to take the suitcase off

  16. Team Gonzales is going to be successful at NXT War Games

  17. KLR and Dakota Kai have been having epic matches since The Indies.

  18. KLR and Kai set a very high bar for WarGames

  19. Fingers crossed this does equal a win for Dakota's team.

  20. The powerhouses meet up. The champion and challenger. The former teammates and the young ones. And the foreigners. That was a cool brawl in the beginning.

  21. Don't let this superstars debut at Main Roster, they're so fine here at NXT and comfortable, for sure if they move at Raw or Smackdown they will fade immediately

  22. Honestly Io team not going to win they are too strong and too experienced. Either someone on the team is going to betray them or an unexpected guess is going to show up.

  23. 'Tough babyface' is a great role for KLR! She'll be an amazing addition to the Raw roster!

  24. This was a great match from Kay Lee Ray but it could not match with the Queen of insanity match between her and Viper at icw fear and loathing

  25. I remember before that whoever won the advantage usually ended up losing but after last years war games, I’m genuinely curious who comes out on top

  26. Y’all do realize that whoever wins the advantage, it don’t mean Jack… cause the opposing team usually gets booked to win at the PPV!

  27. From Team SmackDown John Cena Randy Orton Bray Wyatt Dean Ambrose vs From Team Raw Triple H Kurt Angle Kevin Owens Chris Jericho 9Men Elimination Tag Team Match

  28. Dakota Kai will definitely become the MVP of WarGames again just like last year's WarGames!

  29. I Just Hope She Doesn't Backstab Her Own Teammates

  30. Hopefully Io Shirai will win her first War Games this time!

  31. 4:46: don't think Io was expecting that at all and Raquel may have broke character to legit celebrate only for Io to stay in her "introvert Joshi who only likes Kairi and Asuka and no one else" persona.

  32. I Think Team Dakota will win. i guess? Just like Last Year, Shotzi won the advantage and then They lose on war games

  33. That’s such a big spoiler.
    Mandys Team is gonna have the win this Sunday

  34. KayLee Ray was seems like always ready for brutality

  35. This was a great ladder match but had a dumb ending tbh, there were times where Dakota was next to the briefcase all alone and didn’t grab it.

  36. Lo Shirai looked honestly pissed when Raquel did that, lol 4:45

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