Kevin Owens shocks WWE Universe with NXT return: TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive) -

Kevin Owens shocks WWE Universe with NXT return: TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive)

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Kevin Owens makes his jaw-dropping return to the NXT ring in an attempt to tip the scales in favor of Team Ciampa during the WarGames battle against Undisputed ERA.
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  1. He crushed roderick, he killed kyle , he drops bomb away bobby and but first shock the adam cole 's system

  2. I know his booking is pretty bad, but this guys a future Hall of Famer, if only they give him another universal title reign or a wwe title reign or even a tag team champ reign, him and sami were a very underrated tag team

  3. Another title could be called KO shocks the system shockers

  4. Can KO just go back to being a heel he’s just so much better as a heel

  5. Idc what anyone says kevin owens theme is hard

  6. I just realised, the men's Wargames match isn't gonna have Undesputed Era anymore for the first time.

  7. K.o. has the most lit entrance theme ever

  8. I love this memorable moment Survivor Series also shew infront of the stage

  9. Only thing good about getting the wwe network is watching the attitude ear

  10. Kevin Owens deserves more in the wwe but wwe never give him a chance 😕

  11. This is like me going to my friends house after 1 year and the undisputed era is his new toxic friends

  12. I can feel that energy through the freaking screen

  13. When you join your friends lobby after not playing with them for years

  14. You know he won 1 Universal Title, 2 Intercontinetal Titles, and 3 US Titles so let's send him back down to NXT

    here in 2021

  16. I swear he needs to go back to the pop up powerbomb cuz it was just so badass… doing it to guys WAY bigger than him looked so amazing… god I miss it.

  17. Mauro is the modern day JR. Can't convince me otherwise

  18. 0:25 That’s what I said when John Cena returned at Money in the Bank 2021!

  19. They cut out the crowd pop when his music hit!!

  20. Every time I rewatch this I’m absolutely stunned by Cole’s reaction; the man’s facial expressions are better than most actors’!

  21. That’s genuinely one of the loudest pops I’ve heard.

  22. KO wearing his original NXT gear is an amazing touch

  23. Mauro Ranallo is so cool that he censored himself lol

  24. A proof that Owen's is more than just a prize fighter. He is the face of WWE

  25. He should’ve stinkfaced everybody in the cage

  26. 0:25 That’s exactly what I said during SummerSlam 2021 when Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar made their respective returns!

  27. We'll never get a moment like this ever again now that Vince kicked HHH off…

  28. Watch as AEW does this exact debut with Kevin Steen in 2022 when he joins AEW.

  29. I absolutely loved the old school attire and the entrance .

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