Kevin Owens shocks WWE Universe with NXT return: TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive) -

Kevin Owens shocks WWE Universe with NXT return: TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive)

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Kevin Owens makes his jaw-dropping return to the NXT ring in an attempt to tip the scales in favor of Team Ciampa during the WarGames battle against Undisputed ERA.
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  1. If KO ever went back I’d lose any reason to follow smack down and raw

  2. did Owens show up again at NXT afterwards? was it ever truely explained why it happened?

  3. I’m sure all the people there where like: WHATTT HES BACK!!!!

  4. Bruh Adam Cole be havin Nam flashbacks

  5. Tfw its your first day going outside after getting grounded

  6. I'd like to see KO go back to NXT and compete there, it just seems better there.

  7. This the Real Kevin Owens from all time he had this in him all those years this was homecoming especially wrestling with his old buddies from the indies roh etc. Who still watching this in 2021

  8. 0:16 When u did something bad and ur dad goes and gets the belt

  9. I just watching this to see Owens screaming hard ❤️

  10. Kevin Owens is one of my favorite wrestlers

  11. Wwe Kevin owens you are Mass ♥️♥️😍♥️♥️

  12. I love NXT fans…so far beyond casuals…respect the wrestlers work…everything you could ask from an audience

  13. KO needs to main event Wrestlemania atleast Once he's worth it🔥

  14. I remember crying at this event because Kevin Owens is an NXT OG.

  15. You know WWE didn’t show the full entrance cause the pop was so massive it embarrassed them so much they haven’t pushed someone who is so dearly loved by the real wrestling fans!

  16. NXT’s crowds should be the Main rosters crowds😂😂

  17. One of the strongest team in NXT got disbanded.

  18. When you return to your high school after many years from passing out😂

  19. I like that they used the Titantrin that he used when he debuted in NXT

  20. My favorite park is when the announcer goes "Holy Bleep"

  21. Mauro is the cringiest commentator ever

  22. Was in the 4th row for this. Drove 13 hours and it did not disappoint! Incredible

  23. Now repicture this but this is Sami zayn instead of Kevin Owens

  24. That pop gives me goosebumps every time.

  25. Some of these WWE videos are cut so badly. The video couldn't have started a few seconds before this to get the full reaction and pop?

  26. The old bully meets the new bullies at the school.

  27. If Kevin shows up, be worried. If he shows up & does his sniff of courage, be afraid

  28. We should not say fight Owens fight we should say diet Owens diet

  29. and they censored the Holy Bleep Holy Bleep in the full upload of thks match just a few months ago lol I guess the censoring guy from this one was fired hahaha

  30. jellal is siegrain is mystogan Jellal Fernandes says:

    Shock the system

  31. At That Moment, Kevin Realized He Was FREE.

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