Kiss of War game ads '4' Save the Lady in Jungle -

Kiss of War game ads ‘4’ Save the Lady in Jungle

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  2. Why does mobile ads how to take it that far

  3. Man, is that hentai game or a zombie game?

  4. This ad making me wanna bear trap my foot so I can't move and grab any electronic device so I can stay away from these shitty mobile ads 💀

  5. I don't play the gane bc it linda looks cringe

  6. Just take the saw cut her legs off and ease her pain

  7. 📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸

  8. Wtf her leg would have to be amputated cause it will get infected.

  9. It suddenly reminded me off dora the explorer 🙂🙂 she just used to ask and they just used to pick but in both the ways they are showing of their blindness🙂

  10. Am here just to see how he saves a poor girl , trust me vro 🥺🤣 yehh noughty noughty!!

  11. Bro this fool first thought was “Let me water your leg first bro”

  12. her crying and moaning made me shower with bleach

  13. Oh u thought I was here to save u nahh…

  14. The water can sort of work, it just takes a bit of time for the trap to rust.

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