Large-Scale Shooter Games that do Battlefield but BETTER! -

Large-Scale Shooter Games that do Battlefield but BETTER!

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  1. Getting this recommended now after the launch of 2042. Shit your video is still true and they have now officially ruined the game completely

  2. SWBF2 is now dead ..been getting matches with only 2-4 player

  3. Do you remember a game like battlefield free on ps3 it might be been battle field there was a collisium on right with sniper towers and grass everywhere old guns

  4. Squad is not an fps game, it's a walking simulator.

  5. I hope consoles adopt these games because enlisted was amazing 🤩

  6. Be advised:Incoming triggered BF fanboy in located in the comment section.
    I repeat,we have incoming triggered BF fanboy located in the comment section.

  7. Planetside 2 has never had that many players, and struggles to support 100 players fighting in the same "hex" or section of the map. You were right to call it a mindless spam fest.

  8. Insurgency was by far one of the worst shooters I ever played. Every movement was clunky and at the end of the day its just another shooter that did nothing to separate itself from anything else.

  9. damn this has aged better than ever with the new battlefield

  10. Dice and EA destroyed Battlefield with greed. Denying modders the ability to make their game better, and cashing in on providing substandard alternatives seems to be their motivation. For me, Battlefield 2 is the king of all, imagine, you could actually get into a plane from the ground (rather than spawning mid-air). The accuracy of the weapons seemed more fluid, with solid coding. I had hours of fun on a local network and the net. The biggest of all is they took away the modding community, which meant no bots for local network and single player games. Now, you have to be connected to internet and comply to their rigid (less fun) system. Sounds like the team at Dice are a shambles and denied us all of what made BF2 so enjoyable.

  11. No Battlefront 2005?It's so much better than Battlefront 2017. 🙁

  12. BF4 is completely dead, please dont advise ppl to buy that, because it's dead af

  13. All great games but Star Wars is by far the only one I'd recommend to your average Battlefield player.

  14. i enjoy battlefield V, how is it bad?

  15. Agree, more people would diversify. But need more key point to capcha so people would not gather in one spot. 120 or 140 would be great 63vs63

  16. 2022 and planetside 2 still getting new content 🙂

  17. when you live in argentina:
    Steam: 😊
    Economy: ↘️

  18. Remember the pc bf 1942 moded désert combat… What a great game back then 💪🏻

  19. when you use words like diverse.. i stop watching … also… beta male

  20. None of these games are anything like battlefield.

  21. Battlefield 2 was my most favourite game I’ve ever played no battlefield has been as good

  22. a very good one is ravenfeild its ai only but its fun as hell

  23. Battlefield V is a good shooter and its really fun to play

  24. insurgency sandstorm doesn’t have the biggest maps in the slightest but that game masters the atmosphere, it’s gritty and every bullet hurts and hurts bad, every bullet that nearly misses you makes your heart skip a beat. it’s just such a good game for us console plebs.

  25. My way to play planetside 2 is to gear out the stealth class for as much invisibility as possible, change keybinds so lm is knife and sneak around enemy bases shanking people. Had some crazy cinematic moments sneaking through enemy convoys planting explosives and such

  26. its sad that i cant even come close to running planetside 2 at 5 FPS

  27. Putting Battlefront 2017 but not putting Battlefront 2005,shame.That game defeated Battlefield 2 (2005).

  28. One-Shot games are in a very different niche than battlefield.

  29. The only good BF that people still play are BF1 and BF4

  30. BF3 is better than 4 their still is a lot of people who don't hack bf I've had a couple work together

  31. Which ones of these are actually playable on Xbox One?

  32. Hazard zone is like that on bf2042 tarkov bf

  33. Please try driving a tank on Hell Let Loose lol

  34. Honestly I agree with your opinion with squad in regards to player count it kinda feels empty without being in the very front line of the battles

  35. The problem with most of the games discussed in this video is that they all are too realistic. Battlefield was always an arcade shooter. If anyone knows a game that actually resembles battlefield, please let me know

  36. Give me a game I can play as a German soldier rather than always having to kill them.

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