LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - Before You Buy -

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Before You Buy

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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, Nintendo Switch) is a comprehensive LEGO game covering all of the main SW movies. How is it? Let’s talk.
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  1. Dispite having a few bugs, its amazing everything you can do and discover. Just love it

  2. Are there a lot of enemies on free roam on the worlds or are the worlds empty with very few enemies ? Pls asnwer honestly bc im thinking og getting the game

  3. is this game same as complete saga but newer?

  4. Lego marvel with this treatment would be gorgeous

  5. "The AI barely doing anything." Reminds me of the good old days with the first two Lego star wars game on the GameCube xD

    I was honestly hesitant cause I loved the GameCube games but the moment I played the Complete Saga on the DS… really hurt my love for the franchise. But seeing this really makes me think to give it a try and it being a big improvement.

  6. Anyone played it on the steam deck if so hows it run? Been looking for a couple more games to get for the deck. Steam summer sale is nice but cdkeys has much better deals most of the time. I almost picked the game up on steam but it was $7 cheaper on cdkeys. $30

  7. I want a lord of the rings new Lego game so so bad

  8. is it compatible with pc and ps4 controllers?

  9. Plz somebody confirm whether there is a Character creater or not

  10. Game was beautiful, but it kinda sucked ngl😂

  11. Super fun Game, I'm surprised how many times it got me to laugh. However, on switch at least, we've ran into A LOT Of glitches, game crashes and the game getting super slow while someone is in the character menu.

  12. I'm 10 years old I love this game but I never played it I want it

  13. The Game IS amazing: And Greater with the potential, AND even went to the Edge of the Universe to Order 666. What else Does an I.C.Weiner Want?

  14. I remember playing the old Lego games, I haven’t looked into them since I was 12-13 and WOW the graphics and everything got so much better

  15. Ordered this for the switch today, looking forward to playing it

  16. I played the original lego star wars games, and this one completely misunderstood everything that was great about the original games. Everything feels like a failed attempt at "expanding" all the originals ideas. Everything feels like thoughtless fluff with no reson to exist, and all the unique ideas have either been tweaked for the worse or "improved" with the dullest puzzle. The only exception is the main quests and cutscenes that follow the plot, which have the worst treatment! All the original games paced themselves as if they were perfectly proportionate to the movies, and there was no joke or gag that undermined how you were supposed to feel at that point in the story. It gave the feeling that you are watching the extra action between the scenes of the original movies. This game just puts you in an uninteresting "open world" map with substandard NPCs, waypoints, and nothing inbetween. Not only that, but because they reuse these small and cramped maps, it doesnt feel like an integalactic opera, it feels like a poorly rushed play by schoolchildren. The dialogue is so simple the only things you will even recognize are simple one liner memes that would make people upset with their absence. The original games had well animated silent cutscenes oozing with character. All that was lost in this game. It just doesn't feel like a lego star wars game, it feels like bog standard licensed children's shovelware.

  17. I am honestly beyond surprised at the ambition of this game. This is by far the best Lego Star Wars game to date and the funny thing is, it's not even for the campaign. Well, at least not for me. Even the main campaign is seriously impressive though! They managed to fit all nine films into one package! Sure, the story levels tend to be relatively short, but some are longer than others. Even more impressive, however, is how they approached the planets! You have a galaxy full of explorable hub worlds, and they're all shockingly massive in size! Even the smaller ones are still packed with stuff to do and find! I honestly enjoy exploring these places more than the story campaigns! Comfort food, indeed! Fully explorable planets is one of the things I absolutely loved about Jedi Fallen Order, and I'm very happy to see it in a Lego Star Wars game! THE Lego Star Wars game! This was the first game I bought for Switch, and it's still giving me hours of content! I've fully explored all the planets up to Takodana, (I'm going in order of chronological appearence in the films…) which is the next one on the chopping block! Now they just need to do Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars Saga! Or even Lego Star Trek! Seriously, Lego Star Trek should absolutely be a thing!

  18. I love that, how in this and other newer lego titles, the world is more than just Lego. The characters and interacteble objects are of course, but the world has a sense of realism and it strikes a amazing balance.

  19. To quote IGN “it has a little something for everyone”

  20. I like how he says you know that forest place that Qui Gonn and Jar Jar are in for 3 seconds yeah you can go there. That’s Naboo bro

  21. * Cough Cough * Imagine being in 2022 with no online co-op * Cough Cough * oh sorry forgot about halo🙃🤯

  22. Before you buy season one it’s over how about you say season two is called Everything you need to know before you buy a game

  23. Guys its free online I don’t recommend wasting money on it. Its a good game but not worth that amount

  24. I'm installing now. I'm excited. Thanks for the video

  25. My son is almost already through all the movies in the game. I played the old school Lego Star Wars games and I agree they got boring after a while. It was very repetitive and the issue is that the difficulty doesn't get any harder as you progress.

  26. Just bought on my ps5 for my nieces and nephews to play……..looks that good I’ll probably play it myself as well 🙈😂

  27. I’ve finally watched one of these before I buy

  28. Now, if only they can make a non-Lego: Star Wars game that’s this good.

  29. For an Aristicrate General Grevious Sure likes Thermal Detonators, Id Belive he truly is Into throwing down on all 4s with the Mon Perri Hat and Mustache

  30. On iPhone and other phones every level costs money. It ridiculous! Hope it doesn’t do that on steam version

  31. Been trying to get into this especially Star Wars as a whole is this a good way to start?

  32. Am I the only one who thinks this game has completely lost all the charm of the earlier Lego games? It looks like they've completely over complicated the mechanics and gameplay to the point where it's not a Lego game anymore

  33. yeah, but Di$ney gets your money..phuc those a$$holes

  34. I bought it yesterday but the motion sickness i get from this game makes it unplayable. 5-10 min of playing, I'm already feeling nauseous

  35. should i get dying light or this game on nintendo?

  36. lwgo star wars 3 still beein the best lego star wars game for me

  37. The deluxe edition on switch was on sale (for less than the actual game!) and I was debating on whether or not I should get it. Thank you for helping me make my decision

  38. I really love this game but I just think that it would be cool if it had a rouge one level

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