Lieutenant General John Frewen attends Australia's COVID-19 war game meeting | 7NEWS -

Lieutenant General John Frewen attends Australia’s COVID-19 war game meeting | 7NEWS

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The military commander in charge of Australia’s coronavirus vaccine rollout insists aged care workers remain a priority.

Only one in three aged care staff have been vaccinated despite becoming eligible in the first phase of the program, which started in late February.

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  1. Still the same nazi filth families pushing the same agenda.

  2. I cant believe this is happening. Our forces and government turning against its own people. You have no right to do this. Its our choice, our bodies. We have the right to choose.

  3. Come on people who are in the army, you're doing this to your own family,friends and countrymen.
    Burn your uniform, this is not what you're about

  4. It's sad when China is our only hope that's the feeling I get when your military threatens it's own people

  5. This guy brings zilch to the table. Useless and incompetent

  6. If people want an injection they will go to the doctor and get it . This is not lawful. This is communism

  7. get your Vax and you be happy, leave me alone

  8. Here we go
    Now, War Games and next chapter is Hunger Games and so on
    Just like some people said it would happen

  9. So what happens if you refuse? A bit of reeducation conducted in the new camps built from tax payers dollars…. these people are criminals. If people want the poison they will get it. No amount of war gaming will change my mind when the propaganda and brain washing hasn't worked on me!! Stay away from me and my kids!!!!

  10. The reason why they have taken the guns off the people…

  11. This is not a game.. we don't want your vaccine. Why is the defence force getting involved to force that poison into our body. You should be there to protect the people not force and take our freedom of choice from us.. Bloody war games is a worry. We are not safe in Australia.

  12. Are they trying to copy Stalin?🤣😂😅 How about protecting our Australian border and Bio Security? Turning your own military and police, medics, scientists and all media on your own people instead of preventing infiltration into our borders. How bad can you make leadership fall lower than the ground and deep into a black hole and all our authorities just let our Australia crumble. Look at this Australia. Look at it!

  13. people are taking the phrase War Gaming way too literal… these officers are SF, bout time we give rollouts into competent hands and using our military for Australian needs. More info and honesty was said during this than our PM has in his entire posting…"I dont have a firm opinion on this yet, we have had set backs, worse case scenarios, this was not discussed"

  14. Um excuse me….. maybe you should read the legislation before you start planning to force any of this bs upon us.
    Human Rights Act 2019 Queensland – Reprint current from 25 May 2020 to date

    Part 2 Division 2 Section 17


    Protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment

    A person must not be—

    (c) subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or (medical or scientific) treatment WITHOUT THE PERSON'S FULL, FREE AND INFORMED CONSENT.

    COVID-19 Emergency Response Act 2020 Qld

    Part 1 Section 4

    Application of Act

    (1) This Act applies despite any other Act or law OTHER THAN the Human Rights Act 2019.

    In case you dont understand what that means, it means every forced test, vaccination, quarantine and lockdown is unlawful under queensland law

  15. war games tell us who is the enemy the people of the commonwealth ?

  16. The Key word is War Games < The so called Military ' Australian Commonwealth ' Maybe they should change uniforms because they will be breaking the laws under the Commonwealth .

  17. Obviously these gentlemen have not been given the most up to date advise. We the public now understand that there are therapeutics that can greatly reduce the risk of death and major organ damage when used as part of a treatment protocol.
    Someone needs to also advise them in regards to the current vaccine side effect statistics.

  18. Shove your vaccine where the sun don't shine! You can not force us to have it, what are you going to do..force your way into our homes and hold us down?

  19. This is disgusting. What does the army have to do with the people of Australia ?


  21. this is insanely irresponsible use of language .

  22. At 20 minutes he talks about "policy incentives" for those who won't take the vaccine…unless you have your head buried in the sand

  23. Guaranteed freemason war panel. AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC ARE THE TARGET!
    I call on the UN to call out Australian on its use of its militairy against its own people.

    WHEN MILITAIRY IS USED ON THE PUBLIC, THEY ARE AN INVADING FORCE, we the people give the army their power not the government.

  24. "War Games", what a bizarre name for a supposed health problem.

  25. I’m ex-Army and this makes me sick. The military is being mis-used to terrify the people they should be protecting. War games against the Australian people – terrible.

  26. Only thing missing is a Black uniform with SS

  27. War against your own citizens

  28. Remember all these tyrants names. nuremberg trials need to happen they all need to be held accountable for crimes against humanity

  29. These shots are a trail, so the ADF are attempting to enforce a trial shot? I will wait until the trial ends, my body, my choice. The Military is there to protect the people from tyrannical Government. This guy is a sell out. He needs to be held accountable for crimes against we the people. Encouraging us with a gun against our heads? Not shot, no work, no travel, no food. Nazi Germany.

  30. Really? New World Order in Australia brought by military!!! Wake up Australians!!!

  31. All the military involved in this terrorism, genocide & 2nd holocaust deserve the same fate as those at the Nuremberg trials. ZERO TOLERANCE. Evil psychopaths.
    WE THE PEOPLE are under direct & sustained unprovoked attack by the state (poly-LIE-TIC-ians, civil SERVANTS & their backstage lobbyists & masters) & their enforcers (including police, military, councils & healthcare) & their collaborators (including old media). Accordingly, common law SELF-DEFENCE of life, liberty & property is lawfully engaged (& is our moral & legal DUTY), to the max & INCLUDING (where non-violent means fail) using ALL necessary reasonable force (with weapons if necessary) proportionate to the actual or perceived risk / threat / harm.

  32. Since when did HEALTH become a military event you EVIL MONSTERS

  33. A broader sense of co- ordination ?
    Yeah no yeah no…

  34. Policies put in place to help “ them “?
    What about Our Australian people… ?
    Help us.. Lieutenant General.. cos we pay your wages.

  35. So WHO is this army representing, not we the people , and none of these jabs have worked in the world , and there is no science to back any claims these work,

  36. So what, our own army is now attacking Australian people. Wtf.

  37. Don’t be a bunch of Nazis, defend the people against the tyranny of the government!!!!! No forced, or coerced experimental medical treatments!!!!!

  38. He can go to h ell. It has been proven beyond a doubt that these are NOT vac cines..and they will cause d eath. He has no rights to say anything about pushing them onto anyone. He is stepping outside his military duty. This is fearmongering! The poison is in the jab. He does not research and is being paid highly by the deep state and needs to go just like Gladys!! We don't need this dictatorship in Australia.

  39. So… people should be finally waking up that this has nothing to do with health. The magic juice is just the excuse for the globalist plans to disintegrate western countries via medical rule tyranny loophole

  40. War game? Really. Can we get these people prosecuted, please, for crime against humanity?

  41. Ohhhhh so it's GOOSESTEPPING I hear off in the distance I was wondering what that was

  42. These turd burglars ought to put on their previous uniforms; brown and black shirts of Hitler's regime…

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